Resep Es Teh Cincau

Resep Es Teh Cincau – Who doesn’t love a refreshing drink on a hot day? Your drink of choice when the weather is hot is a fire jelly drink. Es herb jelly is a traditional Indonesian drink made from black or green herb jelly mixed with sugar water and ice cubes. Herb jelly ice creams served cold are really good to drink when the weather is hot or to break your fast during Ramadan.

Not only this, there are different variations of fire jelly ice cream that you can customize according to your taste and preferences. You can try anything from milkweed jelly ice cream, fruit jelly ice cream to herb jelly iced tea. Making fire jelly ice cream is so simple and easy that you can easily try it at home.

Resep Es Teh Cincau

Resep Es Teh Cincau

Want to make your own herbal jelly ice cream at home for a snack later? No need to worry because Astro has prepared a variety of fire jelly ice cream recipes and how to make them are easy to follow, check out the recipes below! Also Read: A Few Recipes For Boring Sweet Iced Tea For Fasting

Aneka Es Cincau, Minuman Segar Dan Manis Cocok Untuk Buka Puasa

Milk herb jelly ice cream is one of the most popular types of herb jelly ice cream to try. The sweet and creamy taste of the milk adds a delicious flavor to the herb jelly ice cream. Come check out this quick and easy Milkweed Herb recipe at home! Attachments:

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Ice mixed with herb jelly is a new drink that consists of various ingredients such as nata de cocoa, fruit, wine and of course herb jelly. Below is an easy and delicious recipe for mixed herb jelly ice cream. Attachments:

If you love tea, this variation is definitely for you! Herbal Jelly Iced Tea is really good to enjoy on an empty stomach. Recipe below. Also Read: Refresh Iftar With 8 Unique Ice Cream Flavors The following items:

This type of grass jelly ice cream is delicious to eat during fasting as it tastes sweet and refreshes you after fasting throughout the day.

Resep Es Teh, Segarnya Ga Ketulungan, Recommended Jadi Ide Jualan, Insyaallah Laris Dibeli Para Pemburu Takjil

Herbal Jelly Iced Coffee is a unique drink with a combination of fresh coffee and herbal jelly flavors. Below is an easy and practical herb jelly iced coffee recipe to try at home. Attachments:

These are the different types of fire jelly ice creams you can try. Not only are they refreshing, but jelly ice cream is quick and easy to make at home. You can also adjust the variations of the fire jelly ice according to your taste and preferences. However, if you want to make grass jelly ice cream in practice, you can use the Nutrijell Cincau Sachet.

With Nutrijell Cincau Sachet, you don’t need to worry about making herbal jellies from scratch. Soak a bag of Nutrijell Cincau in boiled sugar water, then add ice cubes and herbal jelly ice cream is ready to enjoy. Practical, right?

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Resep Es Teh Cincau

In addition, Nutrijell Sincau contains high fiber that is beneficial for digestive health and has an authentic taste and aroma. You can easily buy Nutrijell Cincau Sachet 15g in minutes through the Astro app. Come and order through the Astro app.

Resep Es Cincau Hitam Enak Dan Mudah

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