Resep Es Sekoteng Bogor Permai

Resep Es Sekoteng Bogor Permai – Sekoteng is no stranger to the Javanese menu. This dish is not only delicious warm, but also special cold. One famous place for this menu is Es Sekoteng Boper in Bogor City. What’s so special about it? Come on, check out the next review.

Bogorites certainly know Es Sekoteng Boper. This culinary delight has been sold since 1998 at Jalan Sawojajar no. 43. The name Boper itself does not come from the owner. But because it is located not far from the legendary Bogor Permai confectionery. Yes, if we shorten it to Boper. Interesting isn’t it?

Resep Es Sekoteng Bogor Permai

Resep Es Sekoteng Bogor Permai

Bogor’s air may be cold, but you’ll be hot when you try this ice cream. No matter what, the Boper stand is full of customers, especially on weekdays during lunch. On weekends, teenagers and even families gather here to enjoy a bowl of iced sekoteng. So, of course you have to be patient to get your dream menu.

Kuliner Bogor Yang Populer, Paling Diburu Wisatawan

Long queues are not a problem when a serving of iced sekoteng arrives. Part of this drink consists of Chinese henna pulp, avocado, young coconut, shaved ice and a dash of sweetened condensed milk. The freshness of ice combined with the sweet taste of milk creates a special taste. The fruit is also fresh in large quantities. Very suitable for enjoying in hot weather.

Besides the iced sekoteng, you can also try other menus. One of them is siomay, which is prepared similarly to Bandung siomay. Of course, the taste is no less delicious than culinary delights in cafes or restaurants. If you want something even more filling, you can order rawon, soto, laksa and meatballs. Unfortunately, the seller is different. However, it is located next to the Sekoteng Boper Ice stall.

The price of a portion of Es Sekoteng Boper is very reasonable. Until this article was written, it was only IDR 15,000 per serving. So, those of you who are curious about this menu, you can try it after exploring Bogor city. Not far from Bogor Palace, you know! Jakarta – Although the name is sekoteng, this ice is not warm and is made without ginger water. It has a refreshingly sweet taste and is filled with pomegranate sago seeds and young coconut.

Es sekoteng is another name for es oyen, which is famous in Bandung. It is said that the name sekoteng is because this ice uses sago pomegranate seeds or sago pearls as one of the fillings.

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Street Food Di Bogor Selain Di Surya Kencana!😍

Meanwhile, the name Oyen is said to be derived from the name of the first ice seller in Bandung. But there are also those who associate oyen with the song of the ice-seller’s pigeon.

Sekoteng ice is legendary in Bandung. At first, this ice was sold only on the roadside, namely on Jl. Bungsu or what is now known as Jl. Bandung Veteran. Usually, Sekoteng ice sellers also sell dumplings as a side dish.

Sekoteng iced brew consists of sago pomegranate, avocado, young coconut and palm fruit. The water is sweetened water with a dash of sweetened condensed milk. Due to the different fillings in the sekoteng, this ice looks attractive due to its bright colors.

Resep Es Sekoteng Bogor Permai

Usually, sekoteng ice is served in a wide bowl with a spoon to eat it. Sekoteng ice is best eaten in hot weather. Sip the cool sweet sauce while you chew on the soft or chewy filling. Wow delicious!

Kuliner Cihuy Di Bogor

Sekoteng ice or oyen ice is often found in Bandung. In Bogor, you can find iced sekoteng in a row of snack vendors next to Bogor Permai. Meanwhile, in Jakarta, Es Oyen is in Cilandak and Kelapa Gading. When you travel to Bogor, don’t forget to try different types of delicious ice cream. There is something called “sekoteng”, although it does not use ginger until the ice “beer” is shaken.

Ice lovers can satisfy their appetite with a visit to Rainy City. The choice of ice is not ordinary ice, but a unique type of ice that will surely refresh your throat. Come, try it!

Restaurant in Jalan Jend area. Sudirman, Sempur is famous for its legendary ice concoction. Yung Bangka is reported to have been selling Es for decades, although he has moved several times.

A bowl of shaved ice contains avocado, grass jelly, cendol, palm fruit, coconut and breadcrumbs. The topping is a sticky rice strip, then topped with liquid sugar and sweetened condensed milk. In addition to shaved ice, many recommend the delicious yamin noodles made by Yung Bangka Es.

Slurpp! Bogor Punya 7 Es Unik Yang Manis Segar

Bogor is also characterized by muscat ice. As the name suggests, this ice is made with nutmeg shavings as the main ingredient. Nutmeg is then mixed with sugar water. Nutmeg ice is sold in several restaurants, one of them is Toge Goreng Pak Gebro, Pasar Anyar. The price is only IDR 6,000.

The famous nutmeg ice concoction is at Gang Aut, Jalan Suryakencana. It is called “Es Pala Pak Ujang” and has been around since the 1950s. When you sip the iced nutmeg, you will taste a unique mixture of sweet, spicy and finally slightly bitter.

Still in the Jalan Suryakencana area, there is an iced beer shake that attracts attention. It is called beer because this drink is brown in appearance like beer. A foam forms when shaken.

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Resep Es Sekoteng Bogor Permai

It was Abah Acep who introduced this unique ice blend in 1965. The beer ice shake consisted of ginger, cinnamon, cloves and palm sugar. In addition to being refreshing, the iced beer shake mix is ​​also good for your health as it can ward off colds and maintain stamina.

Es Sekoteng Boper Minuman Legendaris Khas Bogor

Rahat Cafe at Jalan Malabar 2 is famous for its iced brews. Instead of rice porridge, the ice here has a porridge-like texture because it’s made from yogurt and ice cream mixed together. Available in strawberry and vanilla flavors.

The ice is even more refreshing because there are frozen pieces of fruit inside. In addition to slush ice, Cafe Rahat also offers fake ice called milk nutmeg, which is popular with many visitors.

This ice concoction is none other than Bandung’s famous ice oyen. Sekoteng ice is not warm and is made without ginger water. It looks more like regular blended ice.

The filling contains sago pomegranate seeds, avocado, young coconut and palm fruit. The water is sweetened water with a dash of sweetened condensed milk. You can find delicious sekoteng ice on Jalan Sawojajar, right at the snack bar next to Bogor Permai Bakery.

Rekomendasi Tempat Makan Di Bogor Yang Enak Dan Murah

On top of the nutmeg ice, several vendors also sell mango ice, which is a specialty of the city of Rain. This ice is made from shavings of young mango to which sugar water and ice cubes are added.

The taste is sour and sweet, similar to pickles, so it is suitable for drinking in hot weather. So, if you don’t want to try nutmeg ice or mango ice, you can try a combination of nutmeg ice and mango ice.

Green grass ice jelly is usually sold by carts in several places in Bogor. Like on Jalan Suryakencana where there are green grass and young coconut jelly sellers. The taste is naturally sweet because palm sugar is added.

Resep Es Sekoteng Bogor Permai

Meanwhile, he is a famous green grass jelly seller on Jalan Pajajaran. The seller’s name is Nanang, who went viral because he knows 4 foreign languages, the taste is great, the sweetness is just right, the young coconut is really tender, the avocado is also very delicious. Pearls are chewable. The price is 17 thousand, worth it.

Berkunjung Ke Area Bogor Permai Dan Menemukan Toko Roti Legendaris Dan Makanan Lainnya

It contains 5 pieces, the cabbage is big and just cooked, so it’s worth it, the price is 5 thousand/piece :D. The dumplings are also delicious, meaty flavors and just right.

I haven’t had this breakfast here in a long time, when I arrived I was surprised to see that there were a lot of extra snacks. Take a look at the wealth of typical Bogor snacks. I usually just order Siomay & Es Sekoteng, now try something different.

Soto Mie Bogor & Laksa Bogor, the taste is actually quite ordinary, there are other places that are better. It is just the location for delicious culinary delights, many choices in one place. Suitable for those who want typical Bogor food, but here it is different.

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Es Sekoteng, filled with a mixture of red pearls, avocado and young coconut, sweetened condensed milk and ice cubes. The young coconut is really beautiful, smooth white & clean, the avocado is also really tasty and soft. If you make this flavor, there is no doubt that it is truly legendary, even though it rained here yesterday, you still have to order this.

Wisata Kuliner Bogor, My Personal Preferences

It’s been a while since I stopped here and of the several places here Es Sekoteng is the best, it’s only natural that it’s always packed even though it’s only open until the afternoon. I came here at 5 o’clock in the afternoon when I was waiting for a red light at Sawojajar T-intersection, I finally decided to come here because the red light was so long. Luckily there were still portions left because it was closing…

Here Siomay 23k/portion and Sekoteng Ice 15k/portion. The sekoteng sauce is fresh and has a lot of milk but doesn’t make you bored, the pearls are not bitter, chewy, delicious and the coconut used is young coconut and the avocado is fresh and not bitter. This is really the best ice sekoteng in Bogor…

Sekoteng ice is delicious. It tastes like ice mixed with ruby ​​red, but it’s delicious and the price is 15 grand. Dumplings are also very tasty, not only dumplings, but also many other snacks. Oh yes, the service is really fast

Resep Es Sekoteng Bogor Permai

I can’t count how many times I’ve been here. When I was little, I always wore them here when I went for a walk, the price never changed, it stayed the same. We usually know Sekoteng and always use ginger sauce, but here we use sweetened condensed milk, syrup and shaved ice. The content of this sekoteng ice is coconut, pearls, avocado and then combined with sweetened condensed milk, syrup and shaved ice.

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The identical sekoteng contains ginger and is served warm, but it differs from this sekoteng, which is served cold, as it does not use ginger, rather ruby ​​red ice.

But really, when the weather is hot, you are thirsty, wow, this is really suitable as a friend who can refresh you again! The price is 15,000-/portion, which is pretty cheap, isn’t it, foodies! Come try it, the location is right next to Bogor Permai!

I can’t count how many times I’ve been here. I’ve been stopping by often since I was little and the taste is always great, it never changes, the portions are always smaller. Sekoteng is different here, instead of ginger sauce, it uses sweetened condensed milk sauce with syrup and shaved ice. The filling is also simple, but with time the content is less and less varied. In the past, there were kolang kaling, cingcau, coconut, pearls, avocados, but now there are only pearls and coconuts because the avocados have run out. So where are the other extras? Yes, but I still like it and miss it when I go to Bogor. The city is so small

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