Resep Es Oyen Asli Bandung

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– When you hear the word Bandung, of course you immediately imagine the city’s cool vibe, popular tourist attractions, fashion mecca and, just as importantly, mouth-watering delicious cuisine. No visit to Bandung would be complete without sampling the various culinary delights of this blossoming city. One of them is a recipe for a special iced oen drink that is unique to Bandung.

Resep Es Oyen Asli Bandung

Resep Es Oyen Asli Bandung

What is oen ice cream? Well, this large circle ice cream is actually not much different from the mixed ice drinks and Terror Ice that we usually drink. However, this Owen Ice contains additional ingredients that enhance its unique taste, namely grass jelly and pearls/Chinese henna, making this drink even more delicious, especially when breaking the fast.

Es Oyen Khas Bandung, Jombang

To summarize, you should know that S-Oen is actually a type of mixed ice cream that is made by adding ice to fresh fruit, milk, and coconut pieces. Why is this drink called Ice Owen? Because this ice is made at Warung Pak Oen 18, one of his famous restaurants in Bandung. Pak Oyen’s restaurant in Jalan Sukajadi Bandung is always crowded with tourists.

There is a story that Park Oen was the first to sell this drink using a cart in 1954. By 1962, Oen Ice became widely known among the people of Bandung. Eventually, Owen decided to open a restaurant offering a variety of processed ice products. One of them is Owen’s Ice.

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If you are interested in the sweet taste of Oyen ice cream, please come to Pak Oyen 18 Restaurant, you can enjoy this ice cream by paying Rupiah, so don’t worry about the price. . Only 8,000 yen per person. It’s very cheap, isn’t it?

For those who are thirsty and want to enjoy a fresh drink. You don’t have to come all the way to Bandung just to buy this drink.

Menu Makanan Saat Lebaran Lengkap Dengan Resepnya

You can get discounts of up to millions of rupiah only at . Go ahead and download it now! How to make Bandung Owen Ice:

Isn’t it easy to make a special Bandung Ice Oyen recipe at home? If you want something special, you can add durian seeds on top. You can also add other fruits to this drink to make it even fresher. Including pineapple, strawberries, berries, mango, mangosteen, etc. Adjust to your own taste.

S-Owen is the perfect takjil menu to break the fast. Best of all, it is easy to make and the ingredients are easily available. Owen Ice is certainly effective in quenching your thirst after fasting. It is fresh, sweet and delicious, which is why people in Bandung and surrounding areas love this ice. Good luck

Resep Es Oyen Asli Bandung

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