Resep Es Degan Gula Jawa

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Resep Es Degan Gula Jawa – One of the drinks that is very effective for quenching thirst is young coconut ice. On this occasion,

It will explain about the brown sugar young coconut ice recipe or the date sugar young coconut ice recipe that can reduce the heat due to the hot weather during the day.

Resep Es Degan Gula Jawa

Resep Es Degan Gula Jawa

The steps and methods of preparing young coconut ice are not so difficult, this type of drink is also often chosen as the main menu for iftar. That’s because this young brown sugar coconut ice recipe can quench your fasting thirst all day long.

Resep Es Degan Susu Mudah Dan Praktis

Sedulur only needs a few ingredients for young coconut ice in this young brown sugar coconut ice recipe. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the recipe discussion and how to make fresh young coconut ice with the addition of sweet and delicious brown sugar below.

Recipes and how to prepare young coconut ice with brown sugar, which is very easy and practical! 1. Required materials

The ingredients needed to make brown sugar coconut ice are not that difficult. The required materials are:

After gathering the ingredients, the next step to making young brown sugar coconut ice is to first clean the coconuts. Clean the coconuts, remove the juice and grate the coconut meat. After that, clean the coconut meat and store it in the refrigerator first.

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Prepare a pot and enough water, boil until the water boils on medium heat. Add sugar and brown sugar that you have combed or thinly sliced. After the sugar has melted and mixed with the water, add the pandan leaves and mix well. Cook until the aroma of pandan leaves comes out and the cooking water thickens a little. After that, turn off the heat and drain.

The last step is to prepare a relatively large glass. First, add ice cubes according to your taste. Then enter the young coconut meat that has been prepared and cleaned. Add the melted brown sugar and granulated sugar. Water to your taste or according to your taste. Add a little water so that the ice is not too sweet. Young coconut ice palm sugar is ready to eat.

By listening to the above description, it is not too difficult to make young coconut ice with brown sugar. As long as Sedulur has the necessary ingredients, Sedulur can easily make coconut ice anytime. For more profit and convenience for Sedulur, Sedulur can buy ingredients in Super Application.

Resep Es Degan Gula Jawa

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