Resep Es Cincau Susu

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Resep Es Cincau Susu – – Looking for an easy and practical brown sugar grass jelly recipe? Yes, you are in the right place.

Es grass jelly is a traditional Indonesian drink made from black grass jelly that is cut into pieces and mixed with sweet and fresh brown sugar water.

Resep Es Cincau Susu

Resep Es Cincau Susu

This drink is usually served with ice cubes and is very suitable for quenching thirst in hot weather.

Resep Es Cincau Gula Merah, Sederhana Dan Praktis

As the title suggests, the method of making brown sugar grass jelly this time is very simple and practical, it can be made anytime.

Are you curious to try making one? Below is a recommendation for a simple and practical brown sugar grass jelly recipe. Listen to the end, okay?

Step 3, Serve: Pour liquid brown sugar, ice cubes, grass jelly, basil into a glass, then top with boiled coconut milk.

1. When using basil seeds, remember to soak them in warm water first. After that it can be used.

Kreasi Resep Es Cincau Untuk Minuman Takjil Buka Puasa

2. Choose high-quality brown sugar Choose high-quality brown sugar so that the taste is better and the aroma is stronger.

Good quality brown sugar also gives a darker and more intense color to the brown sugar water that will be mixed with the grass jelly.

3. Adjust the ratio of grass jelly and brown sugar water Adjust the ratio of grass jelly and brown sugar water to taste.

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Resep Es Cincau Susu

Do not use grass jelly that is too old or dry as it can affect the flavor and quality of the brown sugar grass jelly you will make.

Resep Minuman Es Cincau Untuk Berbuka Puasa

It’s a simple and practical Brown Sugar Grass Jelly recipe. Nothing difficult, right? Let’s make it now. Who doesn’t love a refreshing drink on a hot day? One drink that could be your drink of choice when the weather is hot is grass jelly. Es grass jelly is a typical Indonesian drink made from black or green grass jelly mixed with sugar water and ice cubes. Iced grass jelly served cold is really suitable for drinking when the weather is hot or for those of you who will be breaking your fast during the month of Ramadan.

And not only that, grass jelly also has various varieties, so you can adapt it to your taste and preferences. You can try everything from milkweed ice cream, fruit grass jelly to grass jelly iced tea. Making grass jelly is very simple and easy, so you can easily try it at home.

Interested in making your own grass jelly at home to break the fast later? You don’t need to get confused because Astro has prepared a variety of grass jelly ice cream recipes and how to make them that are very easy to follow, check out the recipes below! Also Read: A Few Sweet Non-Boring Iced Tea Recipes for Breaking the Fast 5 Variations on Iced Grass Jelly Recipes That Are Good for Breaking the Fast 1. Milkweed Jelly Ice

Milkweed ice is one of the most popular varieties of grass jelly to try. The sweet and creamy taste of milk gives an excellent taste to grass jelly. Come on, take a look at the recipe for Grass Milk Ice that is easy and quick to make at home! Ingredients:

Resep Es Cincau Susu Yang Segar Untuk Berbuka

Ice mixed with herbal jelly is a fresh drink consisting of various ingredients such as nata de coco, fruit, syrup and of course herbal jelly. The following is a simple and delicious recipe for mixed grass ice cream.

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If you are a tea lover, this variant is really for you! Grass jelly iced tea is really suitable to enjoy when breaking the fast. The recipe follows. Also read: Refresh iftar with 8 unique ice dishes. Here are the ingredients:

This variety of grass jelly is very tasty to eat when you break your fast because it has a sweet taste and makes you feel fresh after a whole day’s fasting. Ingredients:

Resep Es Cincau Susu

Grass jelly iced coffee is a unique drink with a combination of the taste of fresh coffee and grass jelly. The following is a simple and practical recipe for iced coffee with grass jelly that you can try at home. Ingredients:

Es Cincau Susu By Warung Tekko

These are some varieties of grass jelly that you can try. Not only is it refreshing, grass jelly is quick and easy to make at home. You can also customize the varieties of grass jelly ice according to your taste and preferences. However, if you want to practically make grass jelly, you can try using a Nutrijell Cincau bag.

With the Nutrijell Cincau bag, you don’t have to struggle with making grass jelly from scratch. Simply boil a bag of Nutrijell Cincau in boiled sugar water, then add ice cubes and the grass jelly is ready to enjoy. Practical, right?

In addition, Nutrijell Cincau also contains a high amount of fiber, which is useful for maintaining the health of the digestive system and the authentic taste and smell. You can easily buy Nutrijell Cincau Sachet 15g through the Astro application in just a few minutes. Come on, order now through the application – Grass jelly is made from the Mesona Chinensis plant that grows in mountainous regions. Since it is made from natural ingredients, grass jelly is also healthy. As reported by, regular consumption of grass jelly can reduce high blood pressure so that it is safe to eat.

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It is not wrong, herb jelly is suitable for consumption by people who are on a diet because it can reduce weight. Not only that, the chewy texture of grass jelly is jelly-like and makes anyone who eats it addicted. Grass jelly itself consists of two types, namely black grass jelly and green grass jelly.

Resep Es Cincau Dari @dapur_dyna

You can make refreshing ice from these two types of grass jelly. You can mix it with various other ingredients such as nata de coco or boba. The preparation method is quite simple, you just mix it and serve it with ice cubes or put it in the fridge first so that it is fresher when you drink it.

Go ahead, make 13 recipes for delicious and fresh black grass jelly, compiled from various sources on Monday (7/1).

2. After that, put herb jelly and young coconut in the container. Then pour in UHT milk and water with brown sugar, mix well, add ice cubes and serve.

Resep Es Cincau Susu

1. Put all the ingredients for the grass jelly in a saucepan, then cook until it is cooked. Pour into a moistened 20 cm pan

Menu Takjil: Resep Es Cincau Susu Yang Praktis Dan Segar

3. Prepare a large bowl, then pour in the UHT milk and palm sugar syrup, mix well. Add pieces of grass jelly and ice cubes, ready to serve.

2. Boil coconut milk, add strained pandan leaves. Then add sugar, vanilla salt. When it is cooked, let it cool and add black grass jelly cut into small cubes.

5. Then add ice cubes and grass jelly that have been cut or shaved. Then add the Javanese sugar that you have previously dissolved.

2. Coarsely grate the greens and put it in a glass, add brown sugar and pour in liquid milk, mix well, add ice cubes, ready to serve.

Resep Es Latte Cincau Dan Es Kelapa Muda Yang Praktis

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