Resep Es Cincau Hitam

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Resep Es Cincau Hitam – , Jakarta – Speaking of special Ramadan menus, there is one ingredient you cannot miss: black grass jelly. This ingredient is often used as a topping for fresh drinks on the iftar menu.

With its unique taste and texture, black grass jelly can actually be made into a variety of drinks. It is also easy to combine with other ingredients, without losing the uniqueness, both taste and texture.

Resep Es Cincau Hitam

Resep Es Cincau Hitam

From mixing it with sweet brown sugar, to using it as a tea blend, everyone can use black grass jelly. Immediately refer to the following series of recipes for black grass jelly drink, as summarized from

Resep Es Cincau Susu Gula Merah Menu Buka Puasa

This collection of Ramadan prayers contains prayers that we read when we fast in other people’s homes.

Syrup (250 grams sugar + 300 ml water + 3 tablespoons honey + 2 pandan leaves, tie a knot)

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Resep Aneka Es Cincau Hitam, Enak, Simpel, Dan Segar

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Elbowing Borisa Simanic on Kidney Loss at FIBA ​​​​World Cup 2023, South Sudanese Players Receive Racial Attacks from Netizens Grass jelly ice is a drink made from natural ingredients, with a chewy and soft texture. Usually, grass jelly comes with brown sugar and coconut milk.

However, with the times, there are now different types of refreshing herbal gels. No wonder grass jelly ice is often a delicious takjil dish.

Resep Es Cincau Hitam

Besides being able to buy ready-to-eat grass jelly, you can make your own green grass jelly at home, you know! However, you need a grass jelly plant, a plant with leaves that can be squeezed. This plant is a type of cylcea.

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Resep Es Susu Cincau Hitam, Minuman Segar Pelepas Dahaga

Make sure you choose grass jelly leaves that have a wide area and a solid green color. Generally, these leaves are ready to pick.

The leaves that can be used to make grass jelly are small leaves with a curved base and a pointed tip. And make sure that the edges of the leaves are wavy and the bottom of the leaves are low.

After picking the grass jelly leaves, make sure to clean them first. You can soak the grass jelly leaves in hot water so that the dirt is completely gone.

You will need 40 leaves in one liter of water to make a glass of grass jelly. In fact, this value is preferred, but to produce a soft and chewy texture, this size is often used.

Segarnya Es Cincau Serut Gula Merah Teman Menu Berbuka Puasa

Prepare a large bowl. Then add the leaves and water slowly. Do it little by little until you produce a thick liquid jelly.

You can still add water little by little, while squeezing! When you’re done, combine the results of the first filter.

To help the grass jelly harden faster, it’s a good idea to use a sealed container and put it in the fridge. In addition to preventing contamination with unpleasant odors, this method can speed up the processing process.

Resep Es Cincau Hitam

Tips so that the grass jelly does not run easily, you do not need to wash and soak the finished grass jelly in water. This method can make the grass gel last longer and not wear out easily.

Resep Takjil Serba Cincau Hitam Yang Manis Segar

However, you can keep the grass gel only for one week and not more. So, make sure to make grass jelly for the new takjil menu, OK?

However, to simplify the process of making and processing grass gel, we recommend that you use high-quality cookware, kitchen utensils, jars and food containers.

Offers a variety of household goods from well-known Kawan Lama Group companies, namely ACE, INFORMA, SELMA, ATARU, Toys Kingdom, and many others.

Offensive Sports Equipment Save Up To 90% On Ad Week Recreation & Lifestyle! Levina – September 1, 2023 – Grass gel is made from the Mesona Chinensis plant that grows in the highlands. Because it is made from natural ingredients, grass jelly is also healthy. According to a report from, regular consumption of grass jelly can reduce high blood pressure until it is ready to eat.

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Es Cincau Siram Susu, Minuman Segar Untuk Berbuka Puasa

It is wrong, if grass jelly is suitable for eating by people who eat because it can reduce weight. Not only that, the texture of grass jelly is chewy like jelly, making anyone who eats it addicted. Grass gel itself consists of two types, namely black grass gel and green grass gel.

Both types of herbal gel can be made into refreshing ice. You can mix it with various other ingredients like nata de coco or boba. The way to process it is very simple, all you have to do is mix it, then serve it with ice cubes or put it in the refrigerator first so that it is fresh when you drink it.

Come on, quickly pull out 13 delicious and fresh black ice gel recipes, rounded up from various sources on Monday (1/7).

Resep Es Cincau Hitam

2. After that, put the grass jelly and young coconut in a container. Then pour in UHT milk and brown sugar water, stir well, add ice cubes and serve.

File:es Campur In A Glass.jpg

1. Put all the ingredients of the grass jelly in a pan, and cook until cooked. Pour into a 20 cm wet tin

3. Prepare a large bowl, and pour the UHT milk and palm sugar syrup, mix well. Add pieces of grass jelly and ice cubes, ready to serve.

2. Boil coconut milk, add filtered pandan leaves. Then add sugar, vanilla and salt. Once cooked, let it cool and add black grass jelly cut into small squares.

5. Then add chopped or shaved ice cubes and grass jelly. Then add the liquid Javanese sugar that was dissolved earlier.

Variasi Resep Es Cincau, Minuman Enak Dan Menyegarkan

2. Crushed ground grass jelly and put it in a glass, sprinkle brown sugar and pour liquid milk, stir well, add ice cubes, ready to serve. Who doesn’t like a refreshing drink on a hot day? One drink of choice when the weather is hot is grass jelly ice. Grass jelly ice is a typical Indonesian drink made from black or green grass jelly mixed with sugar water and ice cubes. Grass jelly ice served cold is perfect for drinking when the weather is hot or for those of you who will be resting their food during Ramadan.

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Not only that, grass jelly ice also has different variations so that you can adjust it according to your taste and desire. From grass jelly ice, fruit jelly ice, to grass iced tea, you can try. Making jelly ice grass is very simple and easy, so you can try it at home easily.

Interested in making grass jelly ice at home for iftar later? You don’t need to be confused because Astro has prepared various recipes for jelly ice grass and how to make it is very easy to follow, let’s see the recipe below! Also Read: Some Yummy Ice Tea Recipes For Iftar 5 Grass Jelly Food Variations Suitable For Iftar Menu 1. Milk grass jelly ice

Resep Es Cincau Hitam

Ice grass jelly is one of the most popular varieties of grass jelly ice to try. The sweet and creamy taste of milk adds a delicious flavor to the jelly ice cream. Come, see a simple and quick recipe for Es Jelly Jelly that you can make at home! Ingredients:

Resep Olahan Minuman Cincau Yang Praktis, Cocok Jadi Sajian Menu Buka Puasa Untuk Keluarga Di

Ice grass jelly mix is ​​a new drink that combines various ingredients such as nata de coco, fruit, syrup, and grass jelly. The following is a simple and delicious ice mix grass jelly recipe. Ingredients:

If you are a tea lover, this variation is perfect for you! Grass jelly iced tea is definitely worth enjoying on a retreat. Following is the recipe Also Read: Revive iftar with 8 Unique Dishes Here are the ingredients:

This variety of jelly ice grass is really good to eat when you go out to eat because it tastes delicious and makes you fresh again after fasting all day.

Grass jelly ice coffee is a unique drink with a combination of fresh coffee and grass jelly flavors. The following is a simple and effective recipe for grass jelly coffee that you can try at home. Ingredients:

Resep Es Campur Penghilang Dahaga Siang Hari

Those are some varieties of grass jelly that you can try. Not only is it refreshing, jelly ice cream is easy and quick to make at home. You can also adjust the variety of jelly ice straws to your taste and desire. However, if you want to make jelly ice less, you can try using Nutrijell Cincau Sachet.

With the Nutrijell Cincau Sachet, you don’t need to bother making grass jelly from scratch. Simply boil a bag of Nutrijell Cincau in boiling sugar water, then add ice cubes and the grass jelly ice is ready to enjoy. It works, right?

In addition, Nutrijell Cincau also contains high fiber that is beneficial for maintaining digestive health and has an original taste and aroma. You can buy Nutrijell Cincau Sachet 15gr easily through the Astro system in just a few minutes. Come, order now with the Astro app.

Resep Es Cincau Hitam

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