Resep Es Cincau Dawet

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Resep Es Cincau Dawet – Herbal Jelly Ice is a drink made with natural ingredients, with a chewy and smooth texture. Usually, herbal jelly is served with brown sugar and coconut milk.

However, with the times, there are now different variants of herbal jelly that are refreshing. It’s no wonder that herbal jelly ice is often a delicious takjil dish.

Resep Es Cincau Dawet

Resep Es Cincau Dawet

Besides being able to buy ready-to-eat herbal jelly, you can make your own green herbal jelly at home, you know! However, you need a grass jelly tree, a plant whose leaves can be squeezed. This plant is a species of the cylcea genus.

Resep Frappucino Cincau

Be sure to choose grass jelly leaves that have a wide surface area and a stronger green color. Usually, these leaves are ready to be picked.

The leaves that can be used to make herbal jelly are thin leaves with a grooved base and a tapered tip. Also, make sure the edges of the leaves are wavy and the underside of the leaves is flat.

After picking the herbal jelly leaves, make sure to wash them first. You can soak the herbal jelly leaves in hot water so that the dirt is completely gone.

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To make a glass of herbal jelly you will need 40 leaves for 1 liter of water. Actually, this amount is optional, but to create a smooth and chewy texture, this amount is usually used.

Dinobatkan Jadi Minuman Terpopuler, Ini Kesegaran Dawet Ayu Banjarnegara

Prepare a large bowl. Then add the leaves and water little by little. Do it little by little until it forms a thick gelatinous water.

You can still add water little by little while squeezing! When finished, mix it with the results of the first filter.

To help the herbal jelly harden quickly, it’s a good idea to use a sealed container and put it in the fridge. In addition to preventing contamination with unpleasant odors, this method can speed up the processing process.

Resep Es Cincau Dawet

Tips To prevent the herbal jelly from pouring easily, you do not need to wash and soak the finished herbal jelly in water. This method can make the herbal jelly more durable and not easily out of date.

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However, you can only store herbal jelly for a week and no longer. So make sure you make herbal jelly for a fresh takjil menu, okay?

However, to facilitate the process of making and processing herbal jelly, we recommend using quality cookware, cookware, jars and food containers.

Kawan Lama offers a wide range of household appliances from well-known brands such as ACE, FORMA, SELMA, ATARU, Toys Kingdom and many more.

Advantages and tips of buying a house at a property exhibition, so that you can make a profit Levina – August 25, 2023 0 Instagram photo @mayasari_widodo : Ice Dawet Cincau, one of the practical processed herbal jelly is made to break fast menu at home with the family. —

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Resep Es Dawet Cincau Hitam Enak Dan Mudah

To make the brown sugar syrup, boil all the pre-prepared brown sugar ingredients until boiling and then strain.

After boiling the dawet mixture and brown sugar syrup. Prepare a serving bowl or glass. Then add the ice cubes, pour in the brown sugar syrup, liquid milk, dawet and herbal jelly. Ready to serve It’s hardly the way to do it. Good luck.

To make coconut milk ice jelly, where we prepare the first ingredients, including 20 herbal jelly leaves, 500 ml of boiled water, 500 ml of boiled coconut milk, 200 grams of brown sugar, enough ice cubes and enough water.

Resep Es Cincau Dawet

Next, start making the coconut milk herbal jelly ice. In this way, wash the leaves of the herbal jelly. Then take 2-3 sheets soaked in hot water until wilted and set aside.

Resep Es Cendol, Enak, Segar, Sederhana, Dan Mudah Dibuat

The remaining raw leaves are kneaded with boiled water until they come out or become thick and sticky. Don’t forget to wear plastic gloves if you don’t want to contaminate the liquid herbal jelly.

Then discard the bones of the herb gelatin leaves and strain the herb gelatin water into another bowl to separate it from the rest of the uncrushed leaves.

While waiting for the sugar water, boil 200 ml of water until dissolved. If you want, you can add sugar to make the sugar water thicker.

For the serving stage, take enough of the previously solidified green herb jelly, add enough young coconut, add enough coconut milk and liquid sugar. So young coconut milk herbal jelly ice is ready to serve for iftar menu

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Resep Es Cendol Dawet Yang Enak Dan Segar

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