Resep Empek Empek Palembang Ikan Tenggiri

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Resep Empek Empek Palembang Ikan Tenggiri – Pempek Palembang is soft and not hard, I’m sure many people already know that. Many people like this original Palembang Pempek and become a favorite souvenir when they visit Palembang.

The original feature of Pempek Palembang is that the texture of Pempek is soft and not hard. Well, how to make pempek that is soft and not hard, there is a technique, mommies. Read until it is finished, later I will reveal to you the secret of how to knead pempek so that it is soft and not hard.

Resep Empek Empek Palembang Ikan Tenggiri

Resep Empek Empek Palembang Ikan Tenggiri

In this article I will make pempek from mackerel fish. Now the fish commonly used to make pempek in Palembang here is mackerel or snake fish.

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Pempek prices also vary depending on the type of fish used. Usually, the price of pempek can be higher than mackerel. Usually for large pempek submarines and large langer the price range is 20,000 to 25,000 Rp.

If the pempek is made from snakehead fish, the price may be slightly cheaper. And there is pempek from white fish, the price of pempek from white fish can be higher than pempek from mackerel, but nowadays there is rarely pempek from white fish.

The original Pempek Palembang is a favorite of many people, especially here in Palembang. Although Pempek is served every day, you won’t refuse, mommy heehee.

Well, are you still drooling mommy heehee😆. If you are already drooling, let’s make it yourself, I will give you this recipe… practice it mommies.

Resep Pempek Dos Lembut, Tanpa Ikan, Renyah, Sederhana, Asli Palembang

3) After the water enters and mixes well. Add salt and mushroom soup powder. Mix again until well mixed. Usually, after the salt and mushroom broth are added, the dough will thicken. Continue mixing until evenly mixed.

5) So, mothers, this is the secret of soft pempek, not hard and not heavy. Knead the pempek dough by just turning it over and over until the tapioca flour is well combined. You can’t knead it hard and hard, mommies, because that makes the pempek hard and tough. Gradually add the tapioca flour. The dough will feel sticky and slightly soft. Coat your hands with tapioca flour. Don’t be tempted to add flour, moms.

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6) Next, measure the dough for small submarine pempek weighing @ 20 gm, small langer weighing @ 30 gm and for large submarine pempek and large langer weighing 100 gm.

Resep Empek Empek Palembang Ikan Tenggiri

7) Prepare 2 whole eggs, salt a little, beat until smooth (for filling small pempek submarines)

Pempek Ikan Tenggiri

8) Take the small pempek dough from the submarine, make an oval shape, then make a hole in the middle with your thumb. It is then formed into a bowl filled with beaten eggs. Cover it tightly and place it in the boiling water with the pempek. And so until the beaten eggs run out. For the submarine pempek dough, if it is too soft, hard to form, you can add a little tapioca flour, mommies. If the dough is sticky, rub your hands with tapioca flour, mommies.

9) For pempek langer is very easy, all you have to do is roll it on an oval shaped cutting board. Put it in a pot of boiling water. Cook until pempek floats.

10) Add vegetable oil to the cooking water with pempek so that the pempek does not stick to each other and looks more shiny.

11) Pempek is boiled until it floats and is large. If the pempek floats, it means the pempek is ready. Can you wait a bit and cover the pot first so that the pempek is cooked perfectly.

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So, like this, the way to make authentic palembang pempek is soft, not hard and not hard. We hope this article is useful and can be a reference for those who are looking for the original Palembang pempek recipe. Happy cooking and have a nice day 😘 Traditional pempek snacks never die. Eating a portion of mackerel pempek with delicious tsuko is a pleasure that is second to none. Let’s make pempek mackerel at home. The recipe for delicious mackerel pempek is actually not as difficult as you imagine. It doesn’t even take an hour to make a delicious pempek. Here is the proof!

1. The fish is mixed with garlic, salt, sugar and ground pepper. Mix well, then add cold water little by little while kneading until smooth.

3. Take 200 grams of dough. Flat round shape, then make a bag and put 1 egg in it, close well. Do this until the dough runs out.

Resep Empek Empek Palembang Ikan Tenggiri

6. Tsuko: Cook the chilies and garlic until tender. Add brown sugar, salt, granulated sugar and tamarind water. Cook again until the sauce has reduced and thickened slightly. Serve pempek with tsuko and shrimp and cucumber.

Resep Pempek Dos Tanpa Ikan Anti Gagal!

Making pempek mackerel chewy but not hard is easy and hard. This way you can make pempek that is delicious, chewy, yet soft. You can follow the following trick.

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Always use fresh fish to make your pempek. Besides preventing the pempek from smelling fishy, ​​fresh fish will maintain the quality of the pempek we make. Don’t forget to refrigerate the fresh fish you bought. Because cold fresh fish will make the pempek chewy.

Pay attention to the sago flour you use to make pempek. Are they dull in color and smell musty? Because the sago flour is new and of good quality, it is white in color and not moldy. The new sago flour will also make your homemade pempek chewy.

Always measure the fish you are grinding as ingredients for pempek, to get the right ratio of ingredients. Ideally, the ratio of flour used with fish is 1:1. If you have too much sago, your homemade pempek will be hard.

Pempek Palembang Asli Ikan Tenggiri, Makanan & Minuman, Snek Di Carousell

Add ice water to the mixture of sago flour and ground fish that you use to make pempek. The cool temperature of the ice water will make the flour and fish mixture come together faster.

It is best not to knead/mix the dough too often. All you have to do is mix the mixture normally because if you mix/knead it repeatedly it will make the dough hard and tough. This typical Palembang food is well known throughout Indonesia. The taste is salty and salty combined with sweet and spicy pempek tsuko, the taste is excellent, there is no opponent!

There are many types of palembang fish pempek, there are langer pempek, big and small sea pempek, curly pempek, gun pempek, adaan pempek and also crispy pempek.

Resep Empek Empek Palembang Ikan Tenggiri

So, in the previous article, I shared the original recipe for Palembang mackerel pempek, so what’s the difference from this recipe? There is a slight difference in the previous recipe where there is more tapioca flour than fish meat, but the result is still delicious and still tastes like fish. The first recipe is perfect for those who want to sell pempek because the results are more.

Pempek Palembang, Makanan Representatif Kekayaan Bumi Sriwijaya Bagi Mata Dunia

Meanwhile, in this recipe the fish measurement is more than the flour and I added egg whites to make the pempek results crispier and drier when fried later. Since there is less flour, the result is also less. So, the recipe is different, mothers, if you ask which one is delicious? I think everything is fine. Come on, let’s just see the recipe and how to make it!

While you’ve seen these typical Palembang snacks, let’s also check out the Palembang tekwan recipe and the soup recipe, one of Palembang’s typical snacks that’s also popular!

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1) Now put the mackerel meat in a fairly large bowl and add water. Mix until well mixed. Add the egg whites and mix until smooth.

2) Salt and pepper the mushroom soup and stir until mixed and thickened well. The mackerel meat mixture will thicken after you add salt and mushroom soup powder.

Pempek Palembang Ikan Tenggiri Vacuum, Makanan & Minuman, Makanan Instan Di Carousell

3) Then add the flour and mix gently. Mixing Tips Do not press hard like kneading bread. The mixing method is just to turn it back and forth, then just press it lightly to combine the flour and fish meat and mix the mixture.

5) Then weigh the dough with a weight of 120 g. If the dough is too soft, you can add a little tapioca flour to make it easier to form the dough. First we shape it as a bowl. The method is like this, yes. After that, add 1 whole raw egg. Then, tightly close the top of the pempek so that it does not break when it is placed in the pan.

6) For the small submarine pempek, we first prepare the eggs for the filling. Place eggs and salt in a measuring cup. Mix and shake well, then set aside.

Resep Empek Empek Palembang Ikan Tenggiri

7) Weigh the dough with a weight of 20 grams and then shape it first as a bowl. Then, fill it with beaten eggs. Close the top well like this!

Resep Pempek Adaan Palembang Yang Bentuknya Bulat Seperti Bola Pingpong

8) Boil some water in a pot. Add the pempek and then add enough vegetable oil so that the pempek does not stick and the end result is good.

9) Boil pempek until it floats and looks bigger than before. After it is cooked, take it out and drain it on a napkin.

10) Heat the vegetable oil until really hot, then add the pempek. Fry until cooked and dry. For pempek langer, it is better not to fry too dry, because if it is too dry, pempek langer will usually burst out of the pot, while pempekapal submarine will not.

The taste of this pempek is really good, the taste is delicious in combination with the sweet and spicy pempek vinegar. The texture of Pempek is also not hard and not firm.

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So how to make palembang fish pempek. It takes a lot of practice to be proficient at making pempek, moms, especially wrapping pempek submarines. But once you know how to make it, it will definitely pay off with delicious pempek, hehehe. Good luck and I hope this is helpful!, Jakarta How to make pempek Palembang has different shapes and flavors. Pempek is a typical Palembang food that is so famous. How to make Pempek Palembang is also in high demand.

How to make pempek Palembang is made with a mixture of sago flour, mackerel and other spices. Pempek is usually eaten with Tsuko sauce which has a sweet, sour and spicy taste. Without a doubt, pempek is one of the most sought-after foods among culinary lovers.

How to make Pempek Palembang is not difficult. There are many recipes on how to make palembang pempek that you can try.

Resep Empek Empek Palembang Ikan Tenggiri

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