Resep Empal Susur Daging Sapi

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Resep Empal Susur Daging Sapi – Apart from beef, chicken meat can also be processed into empal susur. Watch the fried empal with tender chicken meat recipe below.

– Empal susur can be served as a complement to pecel or rawon garnishes. You can also eat this meat dish with hot white rice.

Resep Empal Susur Daging Sapi

Resep Empal Susur Daging Sapi

Check out all the details about reprocessing chicken meat into fried empal by following the book “Sedep Marem Masakan Cita Rasa Ndeso 110 Hit Recipes on Instagram” (2019) by Dian Ayu Puspitasari, published by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama.

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Dian Ayu Puspitasari’s book “Sedep Marem Ndeso Taste Cooking 110 Hit Recipes on Instagram” (2019), published by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, can be purchased from

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Resep Empal Goreng Daging Ayam, Olahan Istimewa Untuk Lebaran

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Your data will be used to verify your account if you need assistance or if unusual activity is detected on your account. Buy a lot of meat, but don’t want to turn it into rendang? Let’s try turning this into a Beef Empal recipe here. Empal Steak, a Sundanese dish, has a delicious salty and sweet taste. Apart from this, the presence of Empal Et can also make ketupat dishes at home more diverse. Even more delicious, this meat empal is also very tender, perfect to eat with ketupat and other vegetables.

Even one wrong step can cause this meat to become dry, bitter and unable to absorb the spices. Tips for making Meat Empal start with choosing minced meat that contains a lot of fat and tendons. If you cover it, the oil will melt and the delicious empal will emerge. Slice the Empal Meat towards the grain so that it softens easily. Once the meat and spices are ready, simply boil it over low heat for a long time to absorb the spices and soften the meat.

Resep Empal Susur Daging Sapi

The next step in making empal is frying it. Roasting Empal Meat incorrectly can make it dry and tough. Fry the meat empals in slightly hot oil, not in hot oil. Fry for a while, turn over and cook for a minute on each side, then remove. Do not fry empal on high heat or for too long because empal is already cooked. Sweet and salty meat empal fried to give a slightly dry texture is ready to eat. One of Indonesian meat-based dishes is empal gepuk. The word Gepuk itself comes from the way it is made. So before seasoning and frying, the meat is first pounded (pounded).

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The meat usually used in this dish is gandik. Gandik is the part located at the back of the thigh. This part is low-fat and meat-based.

Empal has a combination of salty, sweet and sour flavors. This dish has a soft texture because it is uncovered and pounded.

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Boil the water. Boil the meat and all the stew ingredients until the meat is tender. Remove and drain. Rub the meat and set aside. Take 400ml of the meat’s cooking water (broth) and set aside.

Cara Buat Sayur Lodeh Empal Susur

1. Cut the meat not too thickly so that the spices can penetrate easily. However, do not make it too thin because the meat will fall apart when cooked again (after mashing).

2. Boil the meat, spices, coconut milk and broth in a pressure cooker so that it softens faster. Choose a quality pressure cooker from Vicenza Pressure Cooker VP 308/8L (VIEW IN Lazada SALE). With the steam and heat control system, the meat is guaranteed to soften instantly without losing its flavor.

3. Be careful when frying because gepuk meat darkens quickly due to its brown sugar content. Just roast it for a short time on medium-low heat. – Those who do not have much time to cook definitely prefer long-lasting and stockable foods. You know this method can save more time and money.

Resep Empal Susur Daging Sapi

But this does not mean that you stock up on food carelessly. The taste and freshness of the menu should also be taken into account. Because this does not mean that the taste of the food will necessarily make you want to eat it. Well, one of the delicious menus that you can use as stock is empal gepuk.

Empal Gepuk Praktis Dan Menggugah Selera

Roast and seasoned beef can be stored in the refrigerator for several days. If you want to eat it, all you have to do is fry it in hot oil. Not only is it suitable for stocking up on food, but its taste will not disappoint.

The delicious taste and tender texture of this beef is guaranteed to get you addicted. Enjoy with hot white rice, chili sauce and fresh vegetables. Empal gepuk menu is very suitable as a family side dish.

1. Add all ingredients A and ground spices to a pan, add enough water, cook on low heat until the meat is 1/2 cooked.

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2. Then add the coconut milk, cook again until the meat is tender and the sauce has reduced, then gently mash the meat, do not let it crumble.

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2. Boil water in a pot until it boils, add the meat and spices. Cover the pan, cook until the meat becomes soft and the water reduces slightly.

5. Add coconut milk. Cook over low heat until soft and absorbed. Add some salt and sugar before reducing.

1. Wash the meat thoroughly, you do not need to cut it into pieces. Add coconut milk, meat, ground spices, salami, lemongrass, brown sugar, tamarind juice, salt and sugar to a pan.

Resep Empal Susur Daging Sapi

3. Remove the meat, cut it and pound it until the meat is slightly flattened and falls apart. Ready to fry. It can also be stored in the refrigerator.

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1. Wash the meat thoroughly. Boil the meat for about 5 minutes. Then replace the boiled water with new water. Before boiling in new water, cut the meat into pieces according to your taste.

2. Mix the spices. Mix it with the water in which the meat was boiled. Boil to desired doneness. Do not make the meat too soft so that it does not fall apart when you pound it.

2. In a pan, add coconut milk, meat, ground spices, salami, lemongrass, brown sugar, tamarind juice, salt and sugar.

4. Cook the meat until it is semi-tender and the sauce has reduced. Taste. Remove the meat, cut it and pound it until the meat is slightly flattened.

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1. In a pan, mix water and 1 pack of thick coconut milk, meat, ground spices, bay leaves, lemongrass, brown sugar, tamarind juice, salt and ground powder. Cook until it boils, then reduce the heat.

5. Then add the meat. Mix evenly. Finally add the coconut milk. Mix again. Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally.

6. Once the spicy sauce and meat have softened, remove the meat from the marinade. Then add the remaining spices along with the grated coconut. Mix evenly. Fry until brown.

Resep Empal Susur Daging Sapi

7. Fry the meat until golden brown. Drain well. Arrange on a serving plate, sprinkle with toasted coconut and fried onions. Hard.

Pecel Ponorogo Sate Ayam Ponorogo

1. Put the meat, ground spices, salt, brown sugar, bay leaf, galangal and tamarind juice in a pan, add enough water and stir. Cook until half cooked.

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