Resep Ekado Ayam

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Resep Ekado Ayam – Ekado is a simple fried food that you can make at home with a simple recipe. Ekado is a type of fried food that is enjoyed by many other than the crispy texture.

Ekado is a fried food that looks like a knotted knot, the end of which is filled with meat and shrimp, and then quail eggs are added, which have a delicious taste. You don’t need much time to prepare Ekado, you can cook it in about 60 minutes.

Resep Ekado Ayam

Resep Ekado Ayam

In addition, the unique shape and delicious taste can be your little one’s lunch choice.

Resep Ekado Lezat Ala Restoran Jepang Siap Saji

Ekado is made from the skin of tofu or bean curd and then soaked in water until the texture folds easily. after that you tie it with a green onion, you can also use other materials that do not break when shaped into small circles. There are also those who use dumpling skin to make this tofu skin.

A tip for those of you who want to use the tofu skin is to soak it in cold water for about 1 minute first, then it will be easy to shape into balls.

Let’s make our homemade Ekado creations at home with recipes and easy steps for you. Here’s an easy way to make a delicious and easy ekado at home that the whole family can enjoy.

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Read also: Guaranteed authentic and Ekado-friendly, this quintessential Surabaya rujak singura recipe is a dish made from tofu skins stuffed with quail eggs and meat, then deep fried. Ekado is commonly found in Japanese-style fast food restaurants in Indonesia. Hokben style ekado can be made at home. Can be used as a frozen product and is more economical. You can easily try a homemade fast food restaurant style ekado recipe. Let’s try the recipe and steps.

Resep Ekado Ala Hokben Yang Menggugah Selera. Wajib Coba!

3. Wrap tightly into a round bag, then tie a green onion on top. Roll one at a time until you’ve used up all the dough.

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Resep Ekado Ayam

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Resep Ekado Renyah Gurih Ala Hokben

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Resep Ekado Udang, Alternatif Stok Menu Sahur Yang Praktis

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