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Resep Donat Cair Ncc – Wow…the rainy season is here friends…since morning…it’s cloudy…it’s dark…now it’s raining. You must take care of your health…so that you don’t get sick easily…especially the children. If it’s rainy season like lazy to go out of the’s more comfortable to just stay at home..cook delicious food..for the family..hihi..*’s not’s raining ..too lazy to go out.. if it’s not really important*. It’s like today…you know what, it’s already noon…I’ve been in the kitchen since morning. Morning..usual..after doing their routine work..husband and children..go to work and school. The house is clean and tidy… Mbak helped me… yes… in the end… it’s fun trying new recipes in the kitchen… while preparing snacks for Yodha’s school lunch tomorrow … so are you. don’t have to get up early. Today I made donuts again. Eh .. but the donuts that I made this time .. they are super practical .. no need to knead .. no need to knead the dough hihi .. just like making donuts usually … but .. just stir gently .. and ..bim..salabim..make a soft and delicious doughnut..but you don’t need to use magic..want to know how..let’s see..step by step how to do it.

If you want practical and easier… this donut dough can also be molded using a special donut mold, shaped like this… the resulting donut will be beautiful… a hole in the middle such as a manually shaped doughnut. I sell this special and unique silk… you just have to spray it with a triangular flour bag… then dip it in hot oil. Want to order…email me at…or sms

Resep Donat Cair Ncc

Resep Donat Cair Ncc

089654712500 if you are serious about ordering directly, you can… but for serious buyers only if you send an SMS… order directly how much and tell where to send it. If you want to ask questions first by email…because I have limited time..TqHow are you friend? May you always be blessed by Allah SWT. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the blue blog, I’m sorry I only came now. Hmmm, this is a marathon, a lot of reports to write. Where do you start first?

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Resep Aneka Kue

OK, because I’m still crazy about pastries these days, don’t get bored when I see donuts and donuts again. Yes, I’m serious. Really like to make this kind of ring-shaped fried bread. Besides, my kids love to eat it too.

The hobby of trying different donut recipes, now, the choice falls on this one. Normal… got the recipe from NCC FB Group… Mbak Wiek Jacob shared.

Here’s the recipe: (measure with cups… so don’t ask how many grams, because I don’t weigh with scales anymore… hehehe)

Ingredients: 2/3 cup liquid milk (UHT) 5 tablespoons unsalted butter (unsalted butter) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or vanilla flavored milk 1 packet yeast/instant yeast (10-11 grams) 1/3 cup caster sugar 2 large eggs (beat well) 2 + 1/2 cups flour (multipurpose flour/medium protein) + extra for kneading 1 teaspoon salt (can skip if using salted butter) 1 liter cooking oil to fry donuts

Donat Soft Bread By Anita Rahmanita

How to make: 1. Heat milk + butter and vanilla in a pan, remove from heat, then let sit until warm. 2. Add yeast/yeast and 1 tablespoon of sugar, then stir well, cover with plastic wrap and let sit for 10 minutes. 3. Add the beaten eggs, then mix well. — This process is called making a wet mixture — 4. In a separate bowl, sift 2+1/4 cups of flour, salt and the rest of the sugar, and set aside (the remaining 1/4 cup of the flour and the extra flour used to knead in step 7) 5. Make a hole in the middle of the dough, then pour in the wet mixture, stir using a wooden spoon until evenly mixed. 6. Don’t panic, at this stage the dough will be soft and sticky. 7. Prepare a clean work table, then pour the remaining flour. Pour the flour on it, then knead for just 10 minutes (do not need to make it smooth and elastic). Add extra flour if the dough is still too soft. I got 3/4 cup extra flour if I remember correctly. The main thing is to use your feeling, until the dough can be formed easily, and do not use too much or the dough will dry out, the donuts will be hard. 8. Then cover with plastic wrap, and proof for 2 hours. (I only took half an hour, then weighed the dough @ 40g and rounded it, proofing for another half hour) 9. Roll out the dough 1cm thick, then mold it with a donut ring, let rest for 15 minutes. 10. Heat the oil on low heat, use a flat pan (deep frying system) Add some donuts and fry only 2 times until golden brown. 12. Remove, drain, cool, sprinkle with powdered sugar, or toppings according to taste, ready to serve. Alhamdulillah … it feels good to be healthy again and able to blog again. Three days of fever really knocked me down and I could only rest in bed. Before I got sick, I was very excited. Excited to clean the house. Start from sweeping, vacuum this and that, wipe this and that, and mop a house, wash all kinds of things. After everything was over, I took a sweat bath … just like after exercising or doing aerobics for an hour. But I am satisfied… the house feels brilliant! After showering, I proceeded to make two kinds of donuts to prepare the kids for school. And I took a picture of the donuts.

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The result… that night was fever, chills, body aches and pains, especially the fingers. The head and stomach are also not free from pain. Before that, the children and their father already had cough and cold, but they did not have fever. Maybe because her mother was tired, her immune system was weak and she was directly hit by the virus. But thank God it is better now.

BTW…let’s get on with the donut story, shall we? I saw this tape donut first in Ms. Ana Dina Sakina’s post *tengkyuuuu sis!! It seems the original recipe is from NCC. Ms. Dina’s donuts are nice and nice in size. I’m curious about the taste. I also saw the NCC recipe for potato fritters. I tried other donuts, but I didn’t make the famous potato donuts because they were soft. So that day I did both. For the potato donut recipe, I skipped the baking powder. I do not understand using it in donuts because if you use yeast, God willing, it will be enough to rise.

Resep Donat Cair Ncc

The end result…both of these donuts are soft and light. But it is clear that the potato donuts are softer. Although it is still in the form of flour, it is very soft. Fundamentally different. Even after frying, the shape cannot be nice because it is too soft. It’s like a pillow… one dacron pillow and the other is like a goose feather pillow…*huaaaadoh the analogy*. In terms of aroma, the difference is not significant. Like regular donuts. The aroma of the tape is also only moderate. Meanwhile, when fried potato donuts actually smell like you’re frying French fries. Tuk Miss Fatma, thank you for the recipes that are always good!! Thanks also for the inspiration…

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Resep Donat Panggang Enak Dan Mudah

Assalamualaikum Happy day of sacrifice friends, may Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala accept our acts of worship and sacrifice. …

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