Resep Daun Kelor

Resep Daun Kelor – , Jakarta – Moringa leaves may be small, but their benefits are huge. Easy to find on the side of the road, this food is even classified as a super food because it is a super food.

Mothers often eat to facilitate breast milk. The leaves, known as moringa, contain antioxidants that help protect the body’s cells from damage.

Resep Daun Kelor

Resep Daun Kelor

Reports from WebMD, Moringa leaves can also help reduce inflammation and reduce pain. People often use moringa for asthma, diabetes, breastfeeding, although there is no good scientific evidence to support this use.

Resep Omelet Daun Kelor Dan Keju Yang Sederhana Kaya Nutrisi

“However, preliminary research suggests that consuming three grams of moringa twice a day for three weeks may reduce the severity of asthma symptoms and improve lung function in adults with mild to moderate asthma,” points out Saturday, July 16, 2022.

With such high benefits, there is no harm in adding Moringa to your daily menu. Here are three simple steps you can try at home.

The Governor of NTT, Viktor Laiskodat ordered everyone to plant Moringa at home. Viktor called the moringa or marungga tree a magical plant.

1. Prepare the ingredients. Heat the oil, add pieces of jambal roti salted fish, fry until cooked but don’t make it too dry because it will be hard.

Resep Sayur Bening Oyong Daun Kelor

3. Then, add Moringa leaves, grind well and cook on low heat. If you want soup, you can add water. Add the mushroom stock and a little salt, because the jambal salted fish is too salty. Do not forget to adjust the taste.

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Resep Daun Kelor

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