Resep Daging Burger Ayam

Resep Daging Burger Ayam – Yes..good day, I published it..hihi. I will try to post early in the morning so that I don’t forget and get lost in other tasks. This morning I made a chicken burger for Yodha. Today is the last day to bring in heavy supplies…next week I will get lunch from school again…hihi. So just prepare the food from next week. But after a week I brought my lunch from home and checked and it was fine.

Actually, it’s better to prepare the menu from home… but I can’t bear it, it’s already cold, isn’t it? According to Yodha, it is always hot in the restaurant. So I’ll join you for lunch at school in the cafeteria so the food is still hot like at home…even if the choices are limited. But Yodha also learns not to be picky about food. If you’re hungry, you should feel good at school…lol. If you bring lunch from home, you can choose!

Resep Daging Burger Ayam

Resep Daging Burger Ayam

Today Yodha asked for a burger. but there is no more meat in the fridge, there is chicken… so just make a chicken burger. The method of making it is the same as making the meat burger filling, only the ingredients are replaced with minced chicken. For ready-made bread, just shop at many bakeries. For the sauce, Yodha chose Mayo Sauce and Sambal Sauce mixed together. I also added diced onions to have raisins, I also fried my own potatoes, cut up regular potatoes… fries… since I didn’t have time to make fast food style fries, I had . to freeze them first.

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Resep Beef Burger Homemade: Dagingnya Lebih Banyak, Camilan Untuk Momen Liburan

300 grams of chicken, minced (don’t put it in a blender so that the chicken still has its sauce. choose fresh chicken that is fresh and sweet.

To make it shine, sprinkle some sweet soy sauce mixed with ketchup while cooking (this is Yodha’s style, who likes it a little sweet…hihi…no, ok) it’s one of the Many people like fast food, including children. Usually this food menu is offered by restaurants at very high prices. However, you can still have it with your meal at home. Here is a recipe you can follow:

Chicken is very easy. Where the necessary ingredients are very simple and can be found in minimarkets. Here are the ingredients you need to prepare and how to make it:

Here are a few ways to make your own chicken burgers at home. From the above recipes, it is known that chicken burgers are made at home and their taste is no less delicious than those sold in restaurants. Wondering how it tastes? Just try one of the tips above.

Resep Burger Sosis Bayam

In making chicken burgers, chicken is the main ingredient. Therefore, it is recommended to choose chicken that is still fresh and of good quality. This kind of chicken will definitely make delicious, healthy and tasty burger meat.

You can easily get quality chicken meat just by ordering Meats application. This app sells quality, fresh and cheap chicken meat. Besides chicken meat, chicken eggs, seafood, frozen food, etc.

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Resep Daging Burger Ayam

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