Resep Cumi Balado

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Resep Cumi Balado – – Balado is a typical Minang condiment that is synonymous with spicy taste. This one spice is really suitable for those who like spicy food. In Padang cuisine, ingredients often prepared with balado spices are eggs, eggplant, chicken and beef jerky.

In fact, almost any cooking ingredient can be prepared with balado spices, including squid. The spicy, sweet and salty taste of the balado seasoning goes very well with the salty taste of the squid and its chewy texture. This homemade dish is sure to get your tongue wagging.

Resep Cumi Balado

Resep Cumi Balado

The octopus used can also be adapted to the stock at home. Can use fresh squid or salted squid. It will taste just as delicious and delicious. Although it is known as a type of seafood with a lot of cholesterol and fat, squid also contains good content for health.

Resep Balado Cumi Asin, Cocok Untuk Menu Makan Siang

Squid contains vitamin A, iron, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. With these ingredients, squid is beneficial for maintaining sac health, reducing joint pain and maintaining pregnancy. The best way to cook squid is by grilling, grilling or sauteing it.

No need to be afraid of cholesterol, this balado squid dish is prepared by sautéing it. Curious about the recipe for making mouth-watering squid Balado? The following has summarized various sources on Thursday (30/9).

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3. Saute the chopped shallots and minced garlic until fragrant, add the ground spices right now, until fragrant, add the salami, lemongrass, lime leaves, ginger, galangal, saute until fragrant.

6. Let the water shrink, cook for about 5 minutes, do not take too long because the squid will be tough or hard Serve.

Resep Masakan Cumi Basah Sederhana Yang Baik Untuk Perkembangan Anak

1. Wash the salted squid, remove all dirt and plastic inside the squid, cut to taste, then boil the squid with the addition of lime juice for about 10 minutes, discard the cooking water, wash the squid and boil again for about 10 minutes until the squid is tender.

2. Fry the young jengkol in hot oil and cover the pan over medium heat, later the jengkol epidermis will come off automatically, remove the skin, fry until the jengkol is cooked, then put the fried jengkol in a bowl, sprinkle with salt, stir until smooth with a spoon.

3. Sauté the sliced ​​shallots until fragrant, add chopped tomatoes and lime leaves, after the tomatoes have wilted, add the squid and all the chillies that have been coarsely ground, cook on a low heat until cooked (oil will come out) then mix with the fried jengkol, finally taste with a little sugar.

Resep Cumi Balado

1. Wash the squid and remove the bones. Then boil for 3-5 minutes, drain or soak the squid in hot water for 15 minutes.

Resep Sambal Cumi Balado Ala Chef Dhevina Hermawan, Bisa Dijadikan Ide Jualan

4. Add salt, sugar and mushroom stock. Stir until everything is well mixed. Stir well again into the squid. Taste correction. Turn off the fire.

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1. Peel the skin off the squid, then wash it clean. Add lime juice and let it rest for about 10 minutes. After that, wash again and drain.

3. Saute the ground spices until fragrant and cook, then add the fried squid, stirring until the spices meld. Check the taste, turn off the heat.

1. First soak the salted squid to be cooked in hot water so that it does not become too salty. Then fry the squid until quite brown, remove and set aside.

Resep Cumi Udang Balado Spesial

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