Resep Crazy Crab Seafood

Resep Crazy Crab Seafood – Surabaya is indeed a place for seafood lovers, every year there are new restaurants offering seafood dishes with different themes. For conventional people like me, standard restaurant models are usually more comfortable, while for those who want a trendy place, you can consider visiting a table-top type of restaurant, just like the Naked Crab I mentioned earlier.

Surabaya is the place for seafood lovers, every year there are new seafood restaurants setting up shop in this beautiful city.

Resep Crazy Crab Seafood

Resep Crazy Crab Seafood

It usually comes in two styles, either it’s a normal casual dining restaurant, or it’s a modern shack like this one, and another one I’ve featured before :Naked Crab What’s the main difference? Crockery & Plating

Aroma Seafood Kuliner Paling Lezat Di Bandar Lampung

The advantage of this place compared to Naked Crab for me is the location and convenience of the place to eat. Although I don’t really like the process of eating ‘mundhut’ or ‘nyawuk’ like the two crab restaurants, I prefer Naked Crab where the room is fully air-conditioned and the parking lot is spacious.

I’m not much of a fan of eating right off the table like this, so my personal experience could be weird. That being said, this place is more comfortable compared to the last similar place I mentioned above. Parking is easier and the dining room is fully air-conditioned and enclosed.

As usual with seafood restaurants, there is live seafood here. What I saw when I visited here was an aquarium for crabs.

As a norm in Surabaya seafood restaurants, there is also a live seafood area, from my visit I can tell that a live crab is served here.

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Ichi Tokyo, Rochester

For the main course this evening, Seafood Combo Bag 1 was served, which contained shellfish, prawns, crab and fries, details can be found on the menu at the bottom of this post. Compared to a similar dish I’ve tried at Naked Crab, the sauce used here is a bit sweeter, because I like the taste, the Naked Crab version for me is more interesting with the sauce. The sauce ordered here is the Singapore sauce, which is similar to the Singapore crab.

We were served Seafood Combo Bag 1 with Singapore Sauce for today’s lunch. It contains clams, prawns, crab and potatoes, the details of which you can use in the menu below this post.

Compared to similar dishes at Naked Crab, I found this a bit bland. I personally liked Naked Crab’s sauce better, although I would choose Crazy Crab over them because of the cozy space.

Resep Crazy Crab Seafood

The other seafood dishes are quite tasty, but for me the favorite is the Gurami fish. It tastes delicious and the appetizers keep you from getting bored. Usually gourami is cooked dry with chili sauce like Flying Gourami, or cooked with sweet and sour sauce. Here, the texture of the fried onions and spices is the attraction of the dish.

Dancing Crab (northshore Plaza Ii)

Their seafood is very nice, but the best thing we tried in this gathering was the fried Guramee carp. Usually Guramee are served fried with chili sauce or with delicious sauces like sweet and sour sauce or lemon sauce. Here they serve it with crispy fried garlic.

The Bingsoo dessert here seems to be an adaptation of the Korean dessert, Pat Bing Soo. The look is unique, with an ice cream cone on top instead of the shaved ice in the usual pat bing soo.

While it’s simply appealing, Crazy Crab adds a syringe filled with syrup so customers can play with this treat.

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It’s an interesting take on dessert, instead of shaved ice they used an ice cream cone complete with a topping. Also adding to the fun and interactive side, there is also a syrup filled syringe. For those of you who like this menu but are confused about how to make it, don’t worry, . Here I will share the recipe and how to make it, ..

Ini Dia 3 Tempat Makan Seafood Di Bogor Yang Terenak, Patut Diacungi Jempol Dan Dijamin Bikin Kenyang

First, heat enough oil, when it is hot, pour in the ground spices. until it looks dry and is no longer watery, so it doesn’t smell bad, pour in all kinds of sauce to taste, then add the crab, shrimp and clams, turn briefly until the spices are evenly distributed, then add enough water.

After the water has reduced a bit, add the corn, taste again. then melt 2 tablespoons of cornmeal with enough water and pour it into the pan with the crabs, mix until it thickens a little..

And if the taste is right and the thickness of the soup is to your liking, . Crab Padang sauce is ready to be removed, put it on a plate when it is hot, suitable to eat with white rice, be sure to add more rice, .. 🥰🥰🥰

Resep Crazy Crab Seafood

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Resep Crazy Crab Seafood

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