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Resep Cookies Farah Quinn – In the next few days, all Muslims in different corners of the world will celebrate Victory Day or more commonly called Hari Raya, people in Indonesia often call it Eid as well.

, he is a cookie! It seems that wherever Eid is celebrated, be it in your own home or a relative’s, they will always be in a jar.

Resep Cookies Farah Quinn

Resep Cookies Farah Quinn

. But if it seems that you are bored with this type of cakes, you can really try to “make” this type of dry cake.

Resep: Gurih Dan Nikmatnya Lidah Kucing Keju

So, USS Feeds will provide recommendations and recipes for contemporary “pastries” that could be an option to serve on Victory Day.

Don’t worry, this cake can definitely cure your cravings. In addition to the guaranteed delicious taste, this cake recipe is very easy to make as it requires no molds at all.

This type of cake is definitely loved by everyone, in fact recently there have been many cake sellers who create systems

The unique thing is that cookies can be made to your liking, and if ‘melt in the middle’ is your favorite type, then this recipe is perfect to try and serve during Hari Raya.

Klappertart Kelapa Muda Lezat Ala Farah Quinn

One of the reasons you should try this cat cake is that the main ingredient is egg whites which are usually collected due to being set aside to make “egg yolk” cakes.

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So what recipe will you try to serve when the holiday comes, while there are still a few days left, check the ingredients needed right away. Don’t forget to prepare a jar of cookies.

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