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Resep Coffee Bun – I guess I’m not the only one who fell in love with them. Everyone seems to have fallen in love with them.

Well, how can you not be in love? Still about 5 feet from the outlet, the distinctive aroma already hit his nose to make him salivate. But not only does it smell, the taste is also very good.

Resep Coffee Bun

Resep Coffee Bun

Ehh yes, when I was in elementary school, Roti’O didn’t exist yet. But now that Roti’O exists, I’ve become a big fan of both at the same time.

Buat Coffee Bun/roti Boy Super Enak Di Rumah Yukk

It’s just a matter of taste that it’s a little different in my case. The bottom line is that they’re both delicious when you put them in your mouth, especially when you do

These uncles. Because the closest stores to where I live are only in shopping centers. Due to the epidemic situation, these shopping centers were also temporarily closed.

But it’s normal that I don’t make it perfect right away, it’s also called baking bread, especially for a beginner like me. That’s easy enough.

When the dough is smooth, try holding it first to see if it still sticks to your hand or if it can be shaped. If it’s still sticky, add more flour until it no longer sticks to your hands. But don’t use too much, you’re afraid the bread will dry out and become hard.

Masih Diminati, Yuk Intip Peluang Cuan Dari Roti Kopi

Then, shape the dough filled with frozen butter into a circle. Let the whole dough rest for 40 minutes while covering it with a cloth. And of course the post is late again because I’m currently baking, hehee… This was made sometime ago. I just feel like baking bread, I’m usually a bit lazy to bake bread. This is mainly because the process takes quite a long time (waiting for the mock test process).

This bread is basically a sweet, coffee flavored bread. The filling is usually melted butter. But it can be adjusted according to taste, if with chocolate, cheese, sarikaya, etc. if you want to charge, that’s fine too. This time I just used melted butter. The basic recipe for the bread uses the NCC soft bread recipe, which I slightly modified with flour (mixed with medium protein flour) and added milk powder to the recipe. I made only 1/2 of the recipe, which uses 250 grams of flour as a base, because it is meant to be eaten on its own. The result is not bad: 11 pieces, each weighing about 40 grams, or 9 pieces if the weight is 50 grams.

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I made the topping myself using coffee water and coffee mocha paste. Actually, there is an essence that makes the scent even better, I tried it once a while ago. But after I understood that the essence contains alcohol as a solvent (isopropanol/isopropyl alcohol), I never used it again. Halal ingredients are the first 🙂

Resep Coffee Bun

3. Add butter and salt. Knead again until smooth and elastic. The dough is smooth, slippery, and does not tear easily when stretched thin. Round the dough. Place in a lightly oiled bowl/container. Cover with plastic wrap or a damp cloth. Let it stand for about 45-60 minutes for the fermentation process (trial 1) until it has doubled in size.

Stop Beli! Mari Buat Roti Kopi Gembul Dengan Langkah Sederhana, Gak Nyangka Enak Dan Lembut Begini

4. Roll out the dough. Knead some more. Divide the dough into 9-11 equal parts (40-50 grams). Let it stand for another 10 minutes. Smooth the dough, fill it with salted butter (salted butter). Close and round. Arrange in a lightly buttered baking tray. Let stand for 30-40 minutes for the fermentation process (2nd burst) until fluffy.

5. While waiting for the trial inspection process. Prepare the topping dough. Beat the butter and powdered sugar until really soft. Add the egg, beat well. Add the flour and milk powder. Mix well. Add coffee water and coffee-moca paste. Mix well. Put it in a triangular bag / piping bag. Store in the refrigerator until use.

7. After rising 2, sprinkle the circular topping up to 3/4 of the surface of the dough. Bake in a 200-degree oven for 12 minutes, until the surface of the topping is dry. Hoist. It is more delicious served warm.

8. If there is any residue, store the bread in a closed container (the bread is cold). If you are ready to taste it, you can heat it in the oven for another 2-3 minutes.

Resep Roti Boy/coffee Bun/ Mexican Bun Dari @lisasiduppa_

When kneading by hand / by hand. Once the butter and salt are incorporated, knead until well combined. Place the dough on a lightly floured work surface. Knead with movements like a person rubbing clothes on a rolling board. Knead until smooth, smooth and elastic. Of course, this takes longer than kneading with a mixer (you can’t use a normal home mixer).

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If you are in a country where it is winter, use plain or slightly warm water, no need for ice water. You may not find today’s Rotiboy – Coffee Bun – Kopi Roti recipe particularly appealing to the eye. And yes, they do. These sweet buns may not boast that they’re eye-catching, but don’t be fooled…. In terms of tasting, they are outstanding not only for their softness, but also for their combination of flavors, aromas and textures. They are absolutely terrifying.

I’ve read a lot about them, and it’s true that their appearance slowed it down a bit more. But I shouldn’t have, because I missed a miracle a long time ago. And as much as I love coffee… I don’t see how I could have gone so long without giving them a chance.

Resep Coffee Bun

The coffee bun is a very, very soft, slightly sweet roll with a very thin and crunchy coffee topping and a meltingly soft, salty butter filling. This filling is the most traditional, and as simple as it may seem, I can assure you that it is ideal. I left you with another chocolate filling, although you can really fill them with whatever you like. You can even leave them uncharged and charge them later.

Resep Roti Bun (mexican Coffee Bun) Dari @jhamila99

These coffee rolls were originally traditional in Singapore and Malaysia, but have spread throughout Asia due to their popularity. And even far beyond.

We are dealing with one of those works in which it is difficult to know for sure where it comes from or how it was created. But due to its appearance and the process of production, it is very possible that it arose due to the fusion of cultures. These coffee buns, also known as Rotiby, Kopi Roti, Paparoti, Mexican Coffee Bun… trace their roots to Mexico, Malaysia and Singapore.

, a Hindi word meaning bread. On the other hand, Kopi is a kind of traditional local coffee from Singapore and Malaysia. It is a variety of black coffee served with milk and sugar.

(Malay word for cafe) began to serve a very demanding clientele. This coffee bun, so popular today, is a far cry from the famous Indian roti. These sweet breads are not Indian or Mexican, they come from a bakery

Resep Coffee Buns (roti Boy)

Roti is a flat bread made without yeast, very traditional in Indian gastronomy. In Southeast Asia, it is a staple food and part of their daily diet, just like bread is for us.

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It is said that in 2000, a mother with a passion for baking found herself in her Malaysian kitchen, her hands eager to challenge the shape and texture of the traditional roti. His goal was to create a completely new version: a bun bun.

In 2002, she gives her son a round bun that resembles the bun. He watched her reaction. After biting into the bun, you find a warm, melting center, a buttery heart, accompanied by a sweet, crunchy, coffee-scented topping. This new creation changed their lives. That’s when PappaRoti was born.

Resep Coffee Bun

In 2003, the first PappaRoti store opened in Malaysia, selling freshly baked roti buns with a signature coffee topping and salted butter. Additionally, these rolls can be enjoyed with a wide variety of teas and coffees. Pappa Roti quickly became very popular and its name spread across the country.

Roti Boy O (mocha Bun) Wangi Istimewa

In fourteen years, more than 400 PappaRoti cafes and coffee shops have opened in Asia, the Middle East, Australia, England and North America.

When I started writing this recipe, I looked at a lot of recipes. A lot of them. And they certainly all followed the same list of ingredients, just varying the quantities. I wanted to achieve a very soft bun, so I decided to make my own recipe, following the traditional elements that make up this coffee bun.

I decided to mix tangzhong into the preparation and thus achieve more fluffiness and shelf life in our breads. In this post, I will tell you what tangzhong is and the benefits of our noodles.

Once I made the formula, I had to adjust and adjust the hydration until I got the paste consistency I had in mind. The result is… Extraordinary. At home, we all fell in love with these sweet little breads. Not attractive, but incredibly delicious.

American Coffee Bun/roti O (hanya 19 Bahan)

If you’re in the mood to bake as the temperature drops, I suggest you try this Coffee Bun – Kopi Roti – Rotiboy recipe. Amazing, but really amazing.

I can say a little more than the above. I hope I’ve convinced you to try them at home. I think it is an ideal addition to our morning coffee or snack. In fact, it’s perfect to enjoy at any time of the day.

A few weeks ago I was watching videos on Youtube and when I finished watching one of the videos, a recommended video about Korean street food came up. Just like you…

Resep Coffee Bun

Today’s recipe is one of those unexpected discoveries that happened when, in reality, you

Popibu Coffee Bun

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