Resep Celimpungan Palembang

Resep Celimpungan Palembang – However, not only pempek is a typical Palembang food. There are various typical Palembang foods that are no less delicious, one of which is celimpungan. This food is synonymous with delicious taste because the base of the sauce is thick coconut milk.

Mix all the ingredients, such as ground fish, starch, eggs, salt and seasoning. Then add water little by little until the mixture is evenly mixed and like a meatball dough.

Resep Celimpungan Palembang

Resep Celimpungan Palembang

Shape the dough into balls. Then, cook the mixture little by little in boiling water until the mixture is cooked as indicated by the pasta floating. Finally, lift and drain. Set it aside first.

Resep Celimpungan Khas Palembang, Bakso Ikan Kuah Santan

Grind spices such as shallots, garlic, turmeric, coriander and cloves. Next, heat the oil and saute all the spices that have been ground and crushed.

Then, add the coconut milk and stir continuously so that the coconut milk does not break. Add salt, spice, and sugar to taste. Wait until the coconut milk sauce boils and thickens.

Once the coconut milk sauce thickens, add the cooked dough balls. Stir and wait until the coconut milk sauce is absorbed into the balls. Then, turn off the stove.

Finally, remove from heat and pour enough dillungan and sauce into a serving bowl. Add fried onions and chives to taste on top of the cilantro. to serve

Resep Celimpungan Khas Palembang

So, are you interested in trying to make a target bag? Please try the recipe. Guaranteed that the taste is not inferior to pempek, you know. If you like it spicy, just add ground chili to make it taste even more delicious. Good luck!

IDN Times Community is a media that provides a platform to write. All written works created are the full responsibility of the author. Chef Gerry Rudy shares how to make typical Palembang celipunga in the book “Authentic Recipes for Palembang Pempek & Typical Wong Kito Cooking” published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama below.

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The book “Authentic Palembang Pempek Recipes & Typical Wong Kito Cooking” by Gramedia Pustaka Utama can be purchased at

Resep Celimpungan Palembang

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Celimpungan Bentuk Lain Dari Turunan Pempek

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Your data will be used to monitor your account when you need help or when unusual activity is found on your account. Tasting the Typical Celimpungan Cuisine of Palembang, How to Make It? As the capital of South Sumatra Province, Palembang is famous not only for its enchanting natural beauty, but also for its rich culinary traditions.

Palembang,  – As the capital of South Sumatra Province, Palembang is famous not only for its enchanting natural beauty, but also for its unparalleled traditional culinary riches.

One of the dishes you must try when you visit Palembang is celimpungan, a typical dish that is appetizing and enticing. This dish is made from processed fish with selected herbs and spices.

Resep Celimpungan Palembang

People eat the culinary delights of Palembang every day at breakfast or as a snack. At first glance, celimpungan is similar to pempek, but celimpungan is eaten without using it.

Sarapan Ala Palembang

A delicious coconut milk sauce sprinkled with fried onions makes this dish a delicious meal. For those of you who like spicy food, add fried chili sauce while eating this food.

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Like pempek, celimpungan is also a reference for Palembang residents as a home-cooked food that is often seen when visiting people’s homes. This Palembang dish also seems to increase the closeness of people when they visit each other, and is often a mandatory culinary dish for banquets at some events held in this city.

One of the residents in the Pahlawan area, Yuli (41), admitted that celimpungan is one of the typical culinary delights that are often made. Like on vacation or when there’s a party.

“Celimpungan has a delicious taste. Apart from that, this culinary dish is easy to make and is very popular with adults and children alike,” he said.

Resep Masakan Celimpungan Khas Palembang Yang Enak

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Resep Celimpungan Palembang

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Order Online Celimpungan Ikan Tenggiri

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Resep Celimpungan Palembang

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Resep Celimpungan Khas Palembang

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