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Resep Cake Patata – There are now more and more stories about artist cakes. Yes…. Snacks developed by artists or so-called souvenirs. Cakes aren’t really talked about because of the popularity of the business owner, but because of what they made. Of course, if what’s being made has a unique name or an innovative flavor, that’s going to spark curiosity, right? Most of us definitely want to try it. There is no denying that the cake has a unique name, especially if it was made by an artist. You can imagine, “How does it taste?” isn’t it? The souvenir business among artists is currently in vogue. The target of this business development are usually large cities. Don’t miss the city of Surabaya. If we are a little bored with the same cakes over and over again, Surabaya Patata can now be an alternative choice for Surabaya souvenirs.

A cake name used as a souvenir from Surabaya was originated by Ria Ricis and Oki Setiana Dewi. The artist, known for his film When Love is Blessed, is trying to follow in the footsteps of his older brother, Tengku Wisnu, who first established the souvenir shop in Malang. Oky and Ricis themselves started a company in the city of Surabaya for a good reason. Because Surabaya is considered a populous city and is also visited by many local and foreign tourists. Therefore, they immediately seized the great opportunity to set up a typical Surabaya souvenir shop. The name Surabaya Patata itself derives from the term “patata” which comes from Spanish and means potato. So, Surabaya Patata is a cake made with potatoes and other ingredients. Can you imagine how soft and delicious it is?

Resep Cake Patata

Resep Cake Patata

This is my story as I attended the opening: I arrived at exactly 8:15 am. A long line was already forming. It’s really strange because the outlet hasn’t opened yet and the event hasn’t started yet, but the visitors are already in abundance. When examining a calibration, it turns out that there are some that come from 5 in the morning. Wiik… they were so excited that by dawn there were already queues. And … the interesting thing is that they came not only from the city of Surabaya, but from various other cities. There are even those from Palembang, Masyaallah…. I don’t know how the story goes on, how come I can join the queue… Surabaya Patata itself started promoting a long time ago. So don’t be surprised if consumers immediately experience a boom.

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Oleh Oleh Kekinian Di Surabaya Serba Keju, Sudah Coba Belum?

On May 13, 2017, Surabaya Patata was officially opened as Surabaya Souvenirs at No. Jalan Dharmahusada. 187 Mojo Gubeng, Surabaya. Readers may be wondering why her costumes are predominantly yellow? Yes, at the grand opening event, those wearing yellow shirts will receive special prizes. That is why potential customers are eager to wear yellow attributes.

The event started with the welcome by the MC, who was very lively, and continued with the welcome by Ricis, who excited the visitors even more. In fact, Oky Setiana Dewi also attended this event as she was unable to attend and Ria Ricis cut the ribbon as a sign of initiation. Then Ricis served these Surabaya souvenirs directly to the consumers.

The event continued with the reciting of a prayer by Ustad Mustofa for the Surabaya souvenir shop to be a success, which all the attendees in attendance guaranteed.

After that, the branch opens and the consumers are called in stages by five people according to the queue. And the excitement of consumers when Ria Ricis served them proved that nobody failed to take selfies with Ricis as souvenirs.

Produk Kategori Patata Surabaya

In addition, there are Instagram photo spots prepared by the committee. This is to support those who want to take the quiz on Instagram, which the judges believe will compete for 20 nominations in the Best Photo category. In addition, there are also the 3 winners with the most entries who will receive attractive prizes from Surabaya Patata. Since the store opened from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., the line of consumers is never empty. Seats are also made available to customers and cake testers are distributed to try. Ummm…really tasty. which one do you choose

There is also a no less exciting event, namely the flip bottle challenge for selected consumers. Consumers who successfully complete the challenge will receive a prize. After delivering to consumers, Ricis will also hold lunch at a restaurant in Surabaya along with selected fans. The next day, Ricis and his sister Oky Setiana Dewi will again serve consumers directly. On the second day, they also invite selected fans to lunch. What flavors are there in Surabaya Patata? There are 5 flavors of surabaya patata that can overcome boredom with any of the flavors. That is:

Appearance is appealing. Very tempting as a treat. The contrast of green tea and brown makes this cake look very pretty. And that compares to the delicious taste…the softness of the potato cake combined with the melted chocolate in the center make this cake my favorite. The point is that it’s not enough if it’s just one piece, I want it again and again. 💗 Black patata

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Resep Cake Patata

The appearance looks classic. So black. This flavor is my son’s favorite flavor. The softness of the cake meeting the crunchy sprinkles of Oreo powder gives this cake a whole different flavor experience. You know the taste of Oreos is really brown. This flavor is most popular with children. In addition, the chocolate crunches are on the top and bottom, they are delicious. 💗 Cheese Patata

Oleh Oleh Khas Surabaya Wajib Dibawa Pulang

As you can imagine, the cake must be delicious and addictive with a sprinkling of grated cheese. Is not it? Then this potato cake, which tastes soft and delicious when you bite it, makes it even more delicious … because the double cheese tastes really good on top and in the middle. The above feels hearty while the one in the middle feels melted. Really enjoy using it! 💗 Nutella Patata

The layers of chocolate and peanut butter on this cake will please anyone who loves chocolate. But be careful of those of you with weight issues because once you bite, you won’t want to stop. It’s really delicious… curious, right? 💗 Banana Peanut Patata

Although there are some people who don’t really like peanuts, I do like them. I think this cake is best for activity lovers. For example: going for a walk, watching you type, or making school supplies for your child. Because the density of the nuts is soft to the touch, this cake is even higher in protein. So it’s perfect for kids growing up. How much is Surabaya Patata?

The prices usually depend on the material. I think the taste is comparable for the price. Namely: 68,000 IDR for the Black Patata and Cheese Patata. Greentea now costs IDR 67,000. And Nutella Patata and Banana Peanut Patata is IDR 65,000, Address Surabaya Patata Do you want to know the address? It’s not hard to find. Namely at No. 187 Jalan Dharmahusada Mojo-Gubeng, Surabaya. So, if you are from Surabaya or want to take a trip to Surabaya, Surabaya Patata might be your choice for Surabaya souvenirs. Surabaya Patata is a new Surabaya souvenir from the artist industry. It is undeniable that many artists are now opening up businesses everywhere. Especially in small towns. Which, starting with Malang, featured Teuku Wisnu with his company Malang Strudel – a layered cake made of pastries filled with various fruits. It is said that the cake was a popular food in Austria during the Hesburg Empire (1278-1780).

Oleh Oleh Khas Surabaya Yang Terkenal Dan Wajib Dibawa Pulang

Since the artist shop had a focus on souvenirs from a city from the beginning, Surabaya is now the destination, after “Surabaya Snowcake” starring Zaskia Sungkar, my ex’s wife. hatesh. I’ve had enough of snow cakes and I have to try this one, Surabaya Patata from program star Ria Ricis and her sister Oki Setiana Dewi.

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Yes, it is called “businessman”, for me it is legal, yes, everywhere and whatever the company is, what matters is that it is halal. Ohya, why use a souvenir name? For me it’s ok, the important is not typical for Surabaya. Of course, if we resort to typical Surabaya souvenirs, there are Crunchy Almonds, Mrs. Rudy’s Chili Sauce, Pak Rudy’s Chili Sauce and so on.

And I just found out that patata is a potato pie from Spain, which itself means “potato”. Ria Ricis herself explained the recipe from their joint preparations, after all, the cake appeared with a tempting appeal to lovers of potato cake. And each cake has a different flavor too, because there are five flavors viz; Greentea Patata, Black Patata, Cheese Patata, Nutella Patata, and Banana Peanut Patata are the variants that are currently commercially available.

Resep Cake Patata

Now that I’ve tried all the variants, I’ll check them out; My first taste of green tea patata (IDR 67,000). Yes, for green tea lovers, of course, green tea in any packaging and form that you love. Especially in the form of patata green tea. Potato cake with green tea dressing tastes even more delicious when enjoyed with hot tea in the morning.

Surabaya Patata — Steemit

Banana Peanut Patata (IDR 65,000), culinary connoisseurs must have known a lot about what peanuts taste like in pie form. However, this peanut patata is a little different because the peanuts are just the filling for the pie. The peanuts are really awesome, it’s really full for breakfast. Yes, the cake is too heavy for me because I don’t like it that much when nuts are processed into a cake variant. And the bananas help this variant, because I’m a banana holic. However, if the cake contains almonds, for example, then perhaps even those who do not like nuts will fall in love.

Next Nutella Patata (IDR 65,000), wow, for that one pie variant, the taste of potato pie with the Nutella variant everywhere is heaven for the stomach. When we bite into this cake, the taste of Nutella feels like swimming in a Nutella pool, ahsek. It seems that Nutella, also known as chocolate jam, is a variant of millions of people. Because we sometimes eat bread spread with Nutella for breakfast ourselves, it tastes really good, doesn’t it? Well, that one variant really is the Nutella.

Cheese Patata (IDR 68,000), not all cheese is delicious. And vice versa, sometimes we find cheese that is not so tasty. As for the size of the cheese patata, I think cheese lovers are overwhelmed with cheese,

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