Resep Cake Chocolatos Kukus

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Resep Cake Chocolatos Kukus – Steamed Chocolatos Brownies Recipe – It seems that steamed brownies have now become one of the most popular moist cakes. including me! I am also a big fan of steamed brownies. Whether it’s a simple home-made steamed sugar, cheese sugar, chocolate sugar, coffee sugar, palm sugar, cashew sugar, cashew syrup, Nutella, strawberry, tender coconut, almond or premium chocolate steamed sugar. Ms. Liem’s ​​brownie style.

Actually, it goes back to taste, Bun, I really like steamed brownies. Although many still prefer baked brownies prepared by roasting them in the oven. The main reason I like making steamed brownies is that the texture is soft, slightly moist and doesn’t drag when eating it. It is different from baked brownies, which have a slightly hard texture because they look dry. The point is to return to the taste of each other.

Resep Cake Chocolatos Kukus

Resep Cake Chocolatos Kukus

In addition to the seasonings that affect the taste, the main ingredients used in brownie recipes also have a significant effect on the taste. For example, brownies with the main ingredients of potato, purple sweet potato, banana, black sticky rice, milo and steamed chocolatos brownie recipe that I will share this time. What makes steamed chocolatos brownies different from regular chocolate brownies is the distinctive chocolate flavor of chocolatos.

Resep Kue Chocolatos Cocok Untuk Anak Kost

And to add flavor innovation to each piece of brownie cake, many people now add jam in the middle of the brownie cake. Starting from strawberry jam, in addition to pineapple, blueberry jam, chocolate jam, peanut butter, apple jam and even sweet Nutella.

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Now for those of you who want to enjoy chocolate powder in a different way, let’s see the ingredients and how to make brownie chocolatos in a simple brownie recipe that you can make without using a mixer. The oven is as follows.

Who says you can’t make delicious brownies with simple ingredients? Prove it by trying the following Chocolatos brownie recipe. It feels delicious guaranteed!

You don’t need a lot of capital to make the chocolate steamed brownie recipe against failure, because it’s only about 20,000 IDR, – you can do it yourself at home. Although it is a chocolate brownie, in terms of taste, of course, it is delicious, of good quality and not inferior to the famous Amanda Brownie brand.

Brownies Kukus Lembut Dan Nyoklat Khas Amanda

If you see a home business opportunity, you can try your luck with this hot chocolate steamed brownie business. With a capital of only 20,000,000 kip, it can be resold at a price of 35,000 kip. Isn’t that bad?

Come, create your own business opportunity by trying to make a simple recipe for Steamed Chocolatos Brownies without any mixer or oven, which are often called steamed brownies. Or can also be made to drink tea with friends at family gatherings, serve at social gatherings, lectures and fill snack boxes.

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