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Resep Cah Sayur – – You feel like something is missing if you eat heavy food without vegetables. However, you will probably be bored if the vegetable menu is not prepared with a variety of delicious flavors. Although vegetables contain many healthy vitamins and are very good for the body.

For example, anemia treatment, eye health, anti-aging and skin care. So, the ease of getting different types of vegetables in Indonesia makes it easy for us to prepare delicious and fresh vegetable menus.

Resep Cah Sayur

Resep Cah Sayur

Yes, you can say that cooking vegetables is not difficult compared to preparing meat or fish. Various vegetables can be processed into vegetable soup by sautéing them. You can also combine the vegetables you like. For example, mushrooms, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, putren and many other vegetables that you can combine according to taste.

Eat, Love And Dream: Cah Sayur

You can also serve this vegetable soup with warm white rice, accompanied by fried fish, chili sauce and crackers, it will be a very tasty dish. Hmmm, who can resist the delight of this simple and healthy dish?

Don’t worry, cooking vegetables is very easy. You can even try cooking it every day with the following recipes for vegetable chop creations. What are you curious about?

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Compiled by from various sources on Saturday (15/2), here are 12 delicious, healthy, simple and easy vegetable soup recipes.

Add the coarse spices to the blender, blend until fragrant. Add the tomatoes and water, mix again for a while until the water reduces.

Resep Tumis Kangkung Bawang Putih

Boil the water, add salt and a little cooking oil, add the kaylan, cook a little so that the texture remains crispy, remove from the heat, drain and arrange on a serving plate.

Wait until the water boils and add the cucumber, add ground pepper, oyster sauce, salt and sugar, boil for a while (until the cucumber is half boiled).

Heat the oil, fry the garlic until fragrant and yellow. Then add the red chilies, stir a bit, add the white mustard greens, mushrooms and parsley, stir until wilted.

Resep Cah Sayur

Add salt, sugar, pepper and oyster sauce, mix. Add water, cook until boiling, add spring onions. Check the taste, serve.

Resep Cah Jamur Tiram Bayam, Bisa Jadi Sayur Pelengkap Lauk Makan Malam

Add water, season with salt, sugar, pepper and oyster sauce, stir well. Cook until well done. Serve sprinkled with fried garlic.

Add the carrots, stir until half pale, add the beans, corn, stir well, add salt, sugar, mushroom seasoning and a little water. Mix well again, taste test.

Cut the broccoli into florets. Soak in salt water until bugs and the like come out. Rinse with running water. Drain well.

Add salt, sugar, baking powder, pepper powder. Stir until evenly mixed. Wait until it is cooked and do not boil it too much. Better to cook on low heat. Check the taste, freeze and serve.

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Resep Sayur Kailan Tumis Praktis Cocok Dengan Ayam Goreng

Then season them with salt, sugar, pepper, oyster sauce, fish sauce and light soy sauce, stir well, add broccoli, mushrooms and quail eggs.

Add a little water, stir until the vegetables are cooked, add the soft onions, add the cornstarch solution, stir until it starts to bubble and thicken, remove from the heat, serve immediately.

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