Resep Burgo Dan Lakso Palembang

Resep Burgo Dan Lakso Palembang – PALEMBANG, – Of course, breakfast is a natural necessity every morning. Each region has a different menu, although some are uniform, namely lontong and nasi uduk. If you are in Palembang, try typical dishes like burgo and lakso.

Cek, 55, a typical Palembang breakfast vendor, said he has been selling different typical foods every day for decades. “Please choose burgo, lakso, laksan and celipungan, all dishes made from coconut milk,” he said when met at Pasar 26 Ilir Palembang on Thursday (07/08/2021).

Resep Burgo Dan Lakso Palembang

Resep Burgo Dan Lakso Palembang

Every morning she prepares dozens of portions of different dishes made from coconut milk. The price set by the seller is quite cheap, only IDR 5,000 to 7,000 per serving.

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Dewi, 44, a resident of Palembang, said that nowadays it is not easy to enjoy typical Palembang food such as burgo and lakso. There are not as many vendors as pempek or tekwan and you can find models in almost every corner of the city. If he wants breakfast with a different menu, he usually looks at traditional markets. “It’s only sold in the morning,” he added.

Burgo and lakso dishes are made from processed rice flour that is steamed and then rolled into burgo. Meanwhile, the rice flour lakso, which is shaped like a noodle, is quite large.

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Another difference is that burgo sauce is white and lakso is usually yellow. Meanwhile, celipungan is made from processed fish and tapioca flour, rolled and cooked, served with a yellow coconut milk sauce.

There is also laksan, a fish pempek batter that is sliced ​​and served with a red coconut milk sauce that tends to be spicy. (*)Folded pancake made of rice flour, served in a salty soup based on coconut milk, often flavored with fish, sprinkled with crispy fried shallots

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Burgo is an Indonesian folded rice pancake served in a salty whitish coconut milk based soup, flavored with fish and sprinkled with fried shallots. The dish is one of the regional specialties of Palembang, the capital of South Sumatra, Indonesia.

Burgo is quite similar to lakso, although lakso is thick rice noodles and its soup has a yellowish color obtained from turmeric.

Pancake batter is a mixture of rice, sago or tapioca flour with water. Pancakes are made by frying the batter in a pan in a similar way to thin pancakes and then folding it into rolls. The soup is white in color, made from coconut milk with slices of fish meat. A variety of fish can be used. However, the most common is the snakehead fish. A simpler recipe can use dried shrimp powder instead of fish.

Resep Burgo Dan Lakso Palembang

Coconut milk soup is seasoned with garlic, coriander, galangal, salt and salami leaf (Indonesian bay leaf). Before serving, the folded pancake is cut and poured with coconut milk soup and sprinkled with crispy fried shallots or onions. Sambal chili sauce and squeezed lime juice are often added as condiments for those who prefer spiciness and fresh acidity.

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Cari Sarapan Di Palembang? Yuk, Coba Makan Burgo Dan Lakso

Resep cake keju lembut dan enak, resep marmer cake lembut dan berminyak

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