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Resep Burger Discus – Discus fish can be one of the favorites of ornamental fish enthusiasts all over the world, they are beautiful in color and come in many varieties. But many people are afraid to keep it because this fish is known to be difficult to keep, is that right? What is the correct way to raise discus fish?

Discus fish care is essentially the same as any other ornamental fish, namely good food, proper water parameters, and proper disease management. It’s just different, discus fish are more serious in their treatment.

Resep Burger Discus

Resep Burger Discus

Well, intense is what the common people describe as difficult, when compared to keeping betta fish or catfish, keeping discus fish is definitely more difficult, up to heaven and earth…

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Well, before we go into more details on how to catch a good discus fish, let’s first get acquainted with everyone’s favorite fish.

The discus fish is so named because of its body shape which resembles a disk or disk, or flattened round. It’s okay to have a platypus name, but the world will laugh at you for your innocence…

This fish originally comes from the Amazon River and its several tributaries in Brazil, these areas experience great changes in water level due to seasonal flooding, so the discus fish prefers to live close to the trees. Or submerge their roots in water.

Discus fish can live up to 15 years, but their average lifespan is around 10 years. They like to swim in the middle depths, sometimes only rising to the surface of the aquarium or the bottom when looking for food.

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This fish is peaceful and likes to be in groups. But as peaceful as he is, this discus fish belongs to the Chiclids fish group, so yes, there is still some aggression during territory fighting or mating season.

Discus fish can grow very large, reaching a maximum diameter of 12 – 17 cm, so they also need a very large aquarium. The minimum aquarium size for keeping discus fish is length 120 x width 45 x 50 cm.

It should be noted that the height of the aquarium should not be less than 50 cm, because of the round body shape of the disk, it needs more vertical space than fish that are oval or elongated.

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Resep Burger Discus

With the above size, you can keep a maximum of 7 disc fish in it, it may be more, but the risk of failure will also be high.

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There are many questions that appear on the Internet, “Can fish be kept alone”, the answer is yes, you can, but it is not the best because they are basically schools of fish.

To facilitate their group activities, the decoration or habitat in the aquarium should also be supportive, at least as similar as possible to their natural habitat.

You can put driftwood or aquarium wood with broad-leaved aquatic plants to hang them on. If you only put small pebbles in the bottom of the aquarium, you can also use coarse sand, so that it looks like a river or swamp.

If possible, give as much heat as possible. There in its natural habitat, it is in the tropical forest, where it is warm, so discus fish will be more comfortable if they are in water with a temperature of 27-30 degrees Celsius. Don’t forget to provide enough aeration, as hot water reduces the level of dissolved oxygen in the water.

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Seventy, if for example you already have an aquarium of the above size, then you want to keep the disc, take 10-12 small fish as possible, then grow them together. Well, when you are big, you will see which fishes are aggressive and which ones like peace, separate aggressive fishes, sell cakes, and keep calm, leaving only 6 peaceful fishes.

If you want to know how to raise discus fish, we need to know what food discus fish need. Discus fish are primarily omnivores, but are more inclined to eat plants.

Especially for discus burgers, there are many formulas used by discus fish farmers, here is a recipe that you can try.

Resep Burger Discus

Alternate discus feeding, don’t overdo it every day, balance live and frozen feed and dry feed to maximize growth and color of your discus fish.

Beef & Cheese Sandwich

If you want to know how to raise discus fish, then you must know how to keep water for discus fish. Having a filter that works optimally is absolutely essential, and daily and weekly maintenance is also essential.

For daily maintenance, you just need to monitor the feeding, do not overfeed which results in the leftover food turning into ammonia, nor do you underfeed which starves your fish. Also keep an eye on your fish’s movements, if anything unusual, don’t delay…

If weekly maintenance is by water change, 25% WC is sufficient if your filter is working well, emptying the bottom of the aquarium and cleaning the mechanical filter media should be done every week.

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You are also advised to use a heater for discus fish, hot water keeps the fish healthy and makes the germs unpleasant. Use the size according to your aquarium capacity.

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In order to keep the discus fish’s water parameters as close to their natural habitat as possible, you may want to consider purchasing a water test kit. Look for someone who can test the PH and hardness of the water, there are many available on Tokopedia and online stores.

Knowledge of diseases and their treatment is very important when we talk about how to care for discus fish, these fish suffer from poor water quality, so they can easily get sick if you are careless.

There are so many diseases of discus fish, it would be too long to put them together in one article, we have written an article that specifically discusses the diseases of discus fish to make the discussion more detailed.

Resep Burger Discus

Disc fish are not really for beginner hobbyists, it takes a lot of experience to keep a disc fish. But if you already know the parameters, disc fish are very suitable for keeping.

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For more information on how to raise discus fish that have not yet been fully discussed here, please leave a comment below. Thankfully, a delicious and easy noodle recipe has recently gone viral on social media. It turns out that noodles, which are usually only prepared in soup or boiled, can be made in different ways. With noodle consumption ranking second in the world, making these delicious noodles can also be a business opportunity, you know.

The ingredients of this noodle making recipe are cheap and easy to get, so you can adjust the product prices according to the students’ pockets. You can also create price variations with suitable toppings. The famous and universal flavor of the noodle is definitely loved by many. In addition, this type of noodle making portion is enough for a side dish.

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It’s easy to make noodles like this at home, but we can assume that the student group doesn’t have the perfect cooking utensils. Mark these possibilities.

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Beautiful packaging will be the hallmark of your business. Let’s assume that customers will create statuses on social media, so this can be free promotion for the noodle creations that you make.

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What is the difference between your homemade noodles and homemade noodles? You can solve this question by preparing different toppings. Starting from the standard like chili sauce, mayonnaise to cheese, ring-on, sausage, ground beef, mentai sauce, salted egg sauce. You can also research which additional toppings are currently popular.

Expensive prices do not make sense for making noodles like this. You should provide standard pricing for students and apprentices, two possible categories. But maybe you can set a different price for each topping so it’s not too crazy. Therefore, make a clear price list so that the customer does not have any problem.

Resep Burger Discus

Social media is not only used for posting pictures or videos of food. You can use social media to interact with potential customers. Contemporary dishes such as noodle making will be easily recognized if you use phrases that are currently popular or viral. But don’t forget to take interesting pictures or videos. Social media also places great importance on product visibility.

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Choosing a strategic location will increase your business opportunities that are worth visiting. Therefore, be sure to do your research. The above article has provided an overview of potential consumers, which means that if your business is open near a campus or school, the public interest will also be great.

The above noodle creations are popular on Instagram for the first time. You have to be smart about seeing the business opportunities that are out there, one way is to follow social media trends. The five noodle making recipes above will hopefully help you come up with a cheap and easy business idea. So, do you think this noodle making business is interesting and fun to work? If so, don’t forget to share this article with your friends. To create more and more MSME businesses, yes. – Burgers are synonymous with fast food in the United States. This food has been loved by various groups for a long time. Many burger restaurants are spread around the world, including in Indonesia.

Generally, this dish is made of meat or patty with bread, pickles, vegetables, various sauces and cheese. However, as time goes by, burgers are now made with different ingredients. Starting with chicken, fish, tofu and tempeh.

Here the sauces become more and more varied. Previously, it was only tomato sauce, chili sauce and mayonnaise, now there are many other sauces. Whether it’s salsa, teriyaki, yakiniku, and more. The burgers are then cooked by grilling on a Teflon or flat baking sheet.

Cara Membuat Burger Discus Dengan Mudah

In addition to using meat, burgers can also use other basic ingredients. Starting from rice to other ingredients that are more special, you know. Here are 10 delicious burger recipes made from a variety of ingredients, summarized by Brilleau Food on Tuesday (29/6) from various sources.

5. Arrange the burgers in the following order:

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