Resep Bumbu Sate Kambing Enak

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Resep Bumbu Sate Kambing Enak – – The choice of portion of goat meat determines the taste and texture of the satay dish. If the meat is chosen correctly, the result can be tender, tasty, and the spices are fully absorbed. Generally, the meat used is young goat meat because it is soft and tender.

But you can wrap the goat meat in papaya leaves before processing it into satay. Wait a few hours to get tender meat.

Resep Bumbu Sate Kambing Enak

Resep Bumbu Sate Kambing Enak

Well, goat satay is not only delicious because of the choice of meat. The delicious taste of goat satay also comes from the spices used, you know. You can choose the taste of satay masala according to your taste. You can use soy sauce to add a sweet taste or use garlic, salt and pepper if you want to make satay masala with a dominant savory taste.

Resep Bumbu Sate Kambing Dan Sate Sapi Ungaran

The recipe for making Goat Satay Masala is basically very simple. You can easily make it yourself at home. Check out eleven recipes for Goat Satay Masala summarized from various sources on Thursday (24/3).

1. Pour in the sweet soy sauce and add a little pepper. Stir the meat and soy sauce well, let it sit for 1 hour to infuse.

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2. Thread the meat onto a skewer, grill halfway through, turn the satay onto a soy sauce plate, season again and grill again until cooked through.

1. Mix the spread ingredients together. Insert a skewer of meat into the spread, spread evenly over all the meat, drain, the rest is for the rub.

Cara Membuat Bumbu Sate Yang Enak Dan Mudah

3. Add water, add salt, sugar and stock powder. Cook till the water reduces by half. After that, add thick instant coconut milk

4. Continue to cook until the sauce thickens and the meat is tender. If you find that the meat is still not tender, you can add water and cook again. Cool.

4. Prepare a frying pan, cook the ground ingredients, add enough water, add lemon leaves, soy sauce, brown sugar, salt, stock powder, cook until fragrant.

Resep Bumbu Sate Kambing Enak

2. Cut the meat with satay sticks. Then coat with spices, let stand for 10 minutes to absorb the spices and grill until half done.

Resep Sate Goreng Yang Lezat Dan Menggugah Selera

3. When all the satay is half cooked, add the soy sauce to the rest of the spices then spread the satay out and grill until tender. 30 beef and goat recipes for Eid al-Adha with sweet and savory Javanese soy sauce seasoning.

This soy sauce cooked goat satay is delicious eaten hot. The meat is covered in spices and is tender and juicy with a spicy soy sauce dip. Excellent!

Goat satay is served with typical Javanese soy sauce. Usually served sprinkled with chopped red onion, cabbage, tomato and ground pepper. There is also Madurese style with peanut chutney.

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Some goat satay is left plain without seasoning because it uses goat meat that is less than 3 months old. But there are also things that are washed with spices to make it soft and delicious. This is usually done for the meat of a sacrificial goat.

Resep Dan Bumbu Sate Kambing Gurih Lezat Khas Jawa, Gunakan Cara Ini Bau Prengus Hilang!

If you want to eat goat during Eid al-Adha, you should cut the goat meat very small so that it can cook quickly. The seasons and recipes and tips for making goat satay can be seen in the following recipe.

1. To achieve a soft, juicy satay texture, use the tenderest part of the goat meat. Alternate with pieces of fat so that the delicious goat satay has a juicy flavor.

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Resep Bumbu Sate Kambing Enak

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