Resep Bumbu Rujak Natsepa Ambon

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Resep Bumbu Rujak Natsepa Ambon – “You haven’t been to Tanah Ambon if you haven’t been to Natsepa Beach. “You haven’t been to Natsepa Beach if you haven’t tasted the taste of Rujak Natsepa.” This is the sentence that some Malukians in overseas lands usually say to people who want

Or take a trip to Ambon. Rujak and Natsepa Beach are truly two entities that cannot be separated. Rujak Natsepa is one of the reasons why many local and foreign tourists come to this beach, apart from the stunning color of the sea.

Resep Bumbu Rujak Natsepa Ambon

Resep Bumbu Rujak Natsepa Ambon

At the end of March, Daily Voyagers had the opportunity to stop by this beach, famous throughout Indonesia. At that time the Daily Voyagers departed Tulehu Pier after returning from Ora Beach. The trip from Tulehu to Natsepa Beach only takes about 10 minutes by car. If travelers want to go to Nacepa Beach from Ambon city, the journey takes approximately 30 minutes.

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Upon arrival at Natsepa Beach, Daily Voyagers were greeted by an outstanding panoramic view of the beach. In addition, street stalls selling Natsepa fruit salad are neatly lined up on the beach. I have heard that these stalls are provided and arranged by the Culture and Tourism Department of Ambon City to look neat. Nacepa Beach and its typical rujak seem to be an icon of the city of Ambon. Because it’s true, if you visit the land of Ambon Manise, it won’t be complete if you don’t enjoy the panoramic view of Natsepa beach and the peanut sauce salad sold along the beach.

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The ruyak sellers here are women. There are many stalls on this beach and each stall on this beach is named in the format MamaFirst_NameLast_Name. Of the many rujak stalls available, the Daily Voyagers at the time chose to eat at the Mama An Matatula stall. Wasting no time, the Daily Voyagers immediately ordered several servings of rujak. The expanse of the blue sea with the waves that never stopped was the hum that accompanied us until the roujak was ready to be served.

So what makes Rujak Natsepa famous and considered more delicious or special than other rujak? It turns out that the answer lies in the peanut sauce used. This Rujak Natsepa peanut sauce uses palm sugar from Makassar and also nutmeg, a commodity that originates from Maluku. Let’s discuss them one by one.

None of the rusks sold on the island of Java use nutmeg. Well, the presence of nutmeg gives a different taste. According to Daily Voyagers, nutmeg provides flavor

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In this spice rujak. The use of nutmeg is not much. From 1 whole round nutmeg, then grate it into small pieces just a few strands before grinding it in a mortar.

So the palm sugar used is Makassar palm sugar. Makassar palm sugar is said to be stickier or you could say stickier.

The first order to be placed in a small bowl is pineapple. Mama Matatula said the most delicious fruit in Rujak Natsepa is pineapple. So the pineapple should be added first so that the fruit is at the end of the list and can be eaten last. Delicious ones are the most fun to eat last.

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Resep Bumbu Rujak Natsepa Ambon

The price of one serving of this rujak is IDR 15,000. The pleasure of eating it will increase if it is accompanied with Young Coconut Ice. To be able to

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For travelers who are addicted to rujak spices, after eating Rujak Natsepa, you can simply order the rujak spices to take away. This salad dressing can last about a week before it finally goes bad.

Many beach lovers choose this place to play in the sun in addition to eating ruyak. Quite a few visitors swim at Nacepa beach, accompanied by the challenging waves. The sight of the sons and daughters of Maluku playing in the water of this crystal clear beach will add to your joy when you stop by this beach.

A person who continues to learn to write. The reason he wrote was simple because he was “struck” by a sentence from Pramoedya which reads: People can be as smart as the sky, but until they write, they will disappear from society and from history. Writing is a job for eternity Ambon, the largest city in Maluku, has its own peculiarities. Not only because of the enchanting beauty of the beach, you will also be amazed by the underwater panorama. However, you will not enjoy it if you have not tried the culinary delights of this city. One of them that you must try is rujak naseppa. Curious about Ambon’s typical food? Go ahead, check out the full review below.

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There are many typical Ambon culinary delights. There is papeda, colo-colo, ne kasha, wheat dregs and many others. However, exploring this island would not be complete without trying rujak natsepa. Not much different from others, this rujak consists of slices of fresh fruits, such as kedondong, mango, star fruit, water apple, papaya and pineapple. Of course it’s delicious to eat during the day.

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The way to prepare this fruit salad is very simple. First, the salad dressing is split and pounded in a large mortar. The seasoning is special, in the form of fried peanuts crushed with palm sugar, tamarind and salt. Once smooth, then mixed and coarsely ground with slices of fresh fruit. Once distributed evenly, this dish is served on a small plate with a skewer as a spoon.

The interesting thing that makes rujak nasepapa popular among many people is the addition of sweet potato in it. As for the taste, of course it is sweet, spicy and sour which makes it addictive. So, you can find the menu which at the time this article was written was only priced at IDR 15,000 at Natsepa Beach. It is located in the Suli area, Salahutu or about 18 km from the city center. You can imagine how delicious it would be to eat rujak with a spectacular view of the ocean, right?

There are quite a few ruyak sellers on Nacepa beach and they are neatly lined up. This is due to the role of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which has been managing it since 2010. Before that, rujak natsepa was already known to many people. The served taste makes everyone addicted. Not only local tourists, many foreign tourists also fall in love with the culinary delights of this coast.

Resep Bumbu Rujak Natsepa Ambon

The culinary delights of Ambon really make everyone curious. Also, the typical fruit salad known as rujak split above. So have you tried it?

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