Resep Bumbu Kerang Rebus

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Resep Bumbu Kerang Rebus – When I first moved to Bogor, I rarely made seafood dishes at home. Baba said, Jakarta’s sea is not good, there is fear of pollution. When we were living in Makassar with fresh and abundant seafood, we often eat seafood. Living in Bogor, which is far from the sea, you really have to ask where the seafood ingredients sold at the greengrocer come from. After finding a vegetable vendor cooking seafood from Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, I no longer hesitate to cook seafood.

Today I was hit with 2 packets of fresh Jiu clams at the vegetable shop near my house. At first, there was no intention to buy. I asked the stall owner to open the plastic containing the live shells. Poor thing, they won’t be able to breathe! Then I helped tear off the plastic. Because the plastic shell is touching, I want the clams boiled right away. Yes, I bought it after being tempted by a stall lady who wanted a discount *you motherfuckers, they love discounts*

Resep Bumbu Kerang Rebus

Resep Bumbu Kerang Rebus

When I got home, I washed all the shells under running water. Then put it in the basin. I let DD Irshad play with the ball. While still looking, fear that there are shells that clamp his hand. But there is no one to press it. Generally these clams are shy animals, when they open their shells they will close quickly when touched. Well, Dd really likes to see these gaping shells. He deliberately hit Minkem one by one. Don’t touch it directly, I usually give it a spoon or iron tongs. Here I give you a toothbrush and Dd wants to help clean the shells. What’s awkward is if the balls are all right when they’re all gone, Dd will mumble asking to hold the balls, hehehe

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Kerang Rebus Medan

Ah, the opening story. When do you cook??? If you want to cook, you have to convince Dd first so I can throw the clams in the pot. The problem is that Dd is playing really good shellfish, so he can’t cook it, hihihi.

As a supplement, it is best to make peanut and pineapple chutney, as is usually served in seafood tent stalls. What power, in the kitchen I am also busy cooking other dishes for the family. Plus babysitting Dd whatever. I can’t resist if I have to be extra generous and make peanut and pineapple chutney too. So, I just got practical, made the Almond-Pineapple Sauce and Chili Sauce as follows:

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