Resep Bumbu Kecap Sate Kambing

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Resep Bumbu Kecap Sate Kambing – Goat satay is one of the main menus when Eid al-Adha comes. Besides being delicious, this menu is also very easy to prepare. The key lies in the goat satay seasoning used. In fact, it is also important to consider the meat processing technique. Check out the 5 easy-to-make goat satay spice recipe ideas below.

If you don’t like soy sauce, it’s okay because there is a satay seasoning recipe without the need to use a soy sauce mix. Here are the ingredients and how to make it.

Resep Bumbu Kecap Sate Kambing

Resep Bumbu Kecap Sate Kambing

Those who love sweet goat satay spice should definitely try this recipe. This is the most common seasoning idea used to prepare satay. Here is a recipe for making goat satay soy sauce.

Resep Sate Kambing Ala Madura

If you want to taste the authentic Madurese goat satay, you can try this spice recipe. Here is how to make Madura satay seasoning.

Pour in enough water and add the soy sauce, brown sugar, lemon leaves, stock powder and salt and mix until evenly dispersed.

Next comes the coriander satay spice, which is also suitable for processing goat meat. How to do it is very easy. Here are the ingredients and how to make it.

Which recipe best suits Sayurfriends’ taste for mutton satay seasoning? Be sure to marinate correctly so that the spice fully penetrates the meat. Remember to burn the meat sufficiently, do not overcook it until it burns. Also, top this goat satay dish with fresh pickles. 30 Beef and Goat Eid al-Adha Recipes Delicious Sweet Spicy Goat Sate Recipe with Special Javanese Soy Sauce

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Resep Sate Sapi Bumbu Kecap Untuk Idul Adha, Empuk Banget!

This soy sauce-flavored goat satay is delicious when eaten hot. The meat is covered in spices and is tender, juicy, dipped in legal, spicy soy sauce. Perfect!

Goat satay served with Javanese soy sauce. It is usually accompanied by sliced ​​shallots, cabbage, tomatoes and sprinkled with ground pepper. There is also the Madurese style with peanut sauce as a complement.

Some goat satay meats are left plain without seasoning as young goat meat less than 3 months old is used. Some, however, are seasoned to make them softer and more flavorful. This is usually done for sacrificial goat meat.

Resep Bumbu Kecap Sate Kambing

If you want to slaughter a goat on Eid al-Adha, you should cut the goat meat a little smaller so that it cooks faster. In the recipe below, you can see the spices and recipes, as well as tips for making goat satay.

Resep Sate Kambing, Enak, Empuk, Dan Tidak Prengus

1. Use the softest part of goat meat to get a soft, juicy satay texture. Replace it with a dash of oil for the juicy taste of delicious goat satay.

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