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Resep Bumbu Bbq Bakar – If you want to order a BBQ party on New Year’s Eve, Korean BBQ can be an option. You can make delicious bulgogi and galbi!

Korean BBQ is a staple of Korean cuisine. It usually uses selected beef that is cooked for a few times and then cooked on a hot plate or iron.

Resep Bumbu Bbq Bakar

Resep Bumbu Bbq Bakar

You don’t have to go to a Korean restaurant, you can prepare it yourself at home. Because he can’t do it.

Resep Barbeque Platter Del Monte Dari @albiyansmom

The important thing is that you have to know the right type of beef for Korean BBQ. You can buy meat from a butcher shop or store.

Bulgogi is a typical Korean meat dish that is sweet and savory. This food is usually cooked by frying. But, it can also be made into delicious Korean BBQ.

The type of meat used also has a tender texture, such as beef sirloin. The sirloin should also be cut into small pieces so that the spices can penetrate easily.

At the meat market, there is a special type of meat for making bulgogi. You can buy it directly in sliced ​​form. The soft texture and fat of the meat will make the bulgogi more delicious.

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Resep Bakso Sosis Bakar Dari @diana_didie_

Galbi is also a Korean specialty of beef ribs that is often prepared on BBQ. Galbi in Indonesian means beef ribs or rib-eye meat.

So, of course the meat used is ribs. This type of meat has a lot of fat, so when it is cooked it is tender and the taste is delicious.

Beef can be bought for galbi which is cut long with the ribs at the end. The tough rib meat is cut lengthwise without interruption so that it becomes a continuous, long-lasting piece of meat. Galbi food is sweet, sweet or spicy, the New Year party is approaching. If you want to make delicious fried meat, try following the recipe from this netizen. It’s delicious, sweet and spicy!

Resep Bumbu Bbq Bakar

Many people prefer to celebrate the New Year at home with a family gathering. In fact, this special time is even perfect for grilling meat events.

Liburan Tahun Baru Di Rumah? Coba Resep Sosis Bakar Enak Dengan Saus Bbq, Simpel, Keluarga Pasti Suka

If you have a product of sliced ​​meat​​​​​​, it is time to prepare the right food or marinade. You can mix it yourself to suit your taste.

A Twitter netizen, through the account @rouryoon, shared his recipe for the stewed meat. This information is published by detik with the permission of the account holder.

At the time of writing, the tweet had received more than 44,000 likes and been retweeted more than 6,800 times. She shared a photo with an easy-to-follow recipe.

This recipe can be used for about 100 grams of sliced ​​meat​​​​. Just mix everything together and use it as a marinade overnight.

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Resep Saus Barbeque Untuk Daging Kurban Idul Adha, Gampang Dibuat Untuk Bakar Bakaran Ala Restoran

Apart from cooking for fried meat, @rouryoon also revealed a recipe for a non-toxic and non-bitter fried garlic to accompany grilled meat. It turns out that it is tricky to cook and fry it.

First, prepare 5 cloves of garlic. Cut short and long. Then add salt and wash well about 3-4 times.

After that, you can add salt if you want. Fry the garlic on low heat. Add it when the oil is still hot. Keep using low heat. Next, continue to fry until it is cooked, but do not let it burn.

Resep Bumbu Bbq Bakar

Good filter response to @rouryoon’s fried chicken. Not a few netizens also share their food.

Tips Iga Babi Panggang Bbq: Favorit Memanggang Musim Panas

One of them is @tidaksukaduren who recommends a combination of oyster sauce, teriyaki sauce, pepper, salt and garlic. Another option is a combination of garlic, chili powder, BBQ sauce, chili sauce, honey, pepper and salt.

So, for those who are ready to welcome the New Year and want to grill meat, let’s try this netizen-style grilled meat recipe! Because it is delicious, juicy and easy to prepare. Here are some tips and recipes for BBQ sauce.

Sausage is a popular type of beef or chicken that is loved by all ages. Aside from being used as a hotdog filling or a fried rice mix, the sausage is also delicious grilled or fried.

For a New Year’s meal, you can make delicious grilled sausages that are delicious and fun to eat. For this reason, you need to prepare food for grilled sausage so that it is more delicious. Here are some tips for making fried sausages and cooking ingredients.

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Resep Sosis Bakar Dan French Fries Saus Barbeque Yang Mudah Dan Lezat

Fresh or raw sausages and cooked sausages can be alternatives to grilled sausages. However, in Indonesia, pre-cooked sausages are more popular, such as beef sausage and chicken sausage.

Choose good sausages, they are expensive but have more meat. Besides frankfurter and bratwurst, there are also those made with cheese, paprika and black pepper.

Although cooked, it is best to cook the sausage briefly in plenty of boiling water. Do not add salt because the sausage is already salty.

Resep Bumbu Bbq Bakar

Remove the sausage from the packaging and cook until it floats. Leave it for a while in the boiling water and then take it out and rinse it until it cools.

Resep Bbq Rumahan Untuk Akhir Pekan Yang Seru

Before you light the coals or the hot pot, press it in several places so that there are a few holes. It is used to make spices absorb.

Some people use a knife to cut the sausage in several places. This can be done, if it is too wide and the water in the sausage will come out and the sausage will be hard or hard in texture.

To serve the grilled sausage, after it has been seasoned with spices, the sausage should be cooked in a flat hot pan and sprinkled with a little oil or butter. Turn it to dry on both sides.

If you are going to smoke over charcoal, make sure the charcoal isn’t too hot or too hot because the sausage will burn easily. Sausage is a cooked product so it needs to dry out a bit.

Resep Bumbu Marinasi Daging Untuk Barbeque Ala Restoran Korea, Dijamin Bumbu Meresap Dan Enak

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