Resep Bumbu Bali Daging Enak

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Resep Bumbu Bali Daging Enak – I want to tell you a little about the memories behind this dish. It seems that the people of East Java are all familiar with Daging Bumbu Bali. Not only meat can be prepared using Balinese spices, but also chicken, fish (usually milk), eggs or tofu and tempeh.

Well, when I was a child, Mbah Putri, whom I always called Mama, used to sell parboiled rice in her small yard. In the courtyard of the house, Mom put a wooden table as a lamp. At that table, I found a lot of delicious food, especially Surabaya-style rice wraps.

Resep Bumbu Bali Daging Enak

Resep Bumbu Bali Daging Enak

There are meats with bali spices (or milkfish with tofu and tempeh pieces), korek sambal with small bean curds, basil leaf slices with aduhai flavor, fried pan, fried tempeh with soy, or carrot dumplings. and carrots. and yellow. Mom also prepared pincuk to wrap rice. Sometimes there is rawon or lodeh.

Resep Ayam Bumbu Bali Merah

As a child, I always looked at the contents of the table and inhaled the aroma. Later in the morning, Mother must have served different dishes. Yes, because people in Surabaya are hungry, they are already hungry in the morning. Haha.

Ibuk’s cooking is all of course a success. Dry skin is slippery with no preservatives and the taste is good. Especially the Balinese beach. It is very tasty.

When I got married and had children, my husband also loved my mother’s Balinese spices. Every time we go back to Surabaya we let them know that we are going to stop and Mom asks what we want to cook, we will answer Balinese spicy meat. Haha.

Unfortunately, Ibuk passed away. Taka da delicious Balinese spices when you come back to Surabaya. Today, when Mang Syaur brought out the fresh and delicious meat, I immediately remembered Mom and her Balinese spices. Luckily I remembered the recipe my Mom gave me. Yes, this is a recipe handed down from generation to generation 🙂

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Menu Lezat Idul Adha 2023: Resep Oseng Mercon Daging Sapi Yang Enak Bikin Nagih!

I don’t know why it is called bali spice. Perhaps because of the use of special Balinese spices, which are base gede. There are ginger, fennel, taro, red chili, red onion and garlic. It’s complete.

Yes, the traditional Balinese spiced meats are served in the form of delicious beef slices. To reduce the time, this time I reduced the beef. This way, I don’t have to overcook the beef and lose all the juices. This time I used lamosir meat (I don’t know which part of meat it is, my knowledge of beef parts is very poor). To make small pieces, first refrigerate the meat. Let cool half, take and slice. If it is in the fridge for a long time, the meat is hard to break into pieces. Don’t worry about the coconut milk sauce, ketupat is still delicious even if you eat it with Balinese beef. The combination of spicy and sweet entrées and tender meats is sure to please.

You can make this dish easily, it goes well with other rendang recipes. Guaranteed, you can’t get away from the taste and enjoyment. Come on, just check out the delicious Balinese beef below!

Resep Bumbu Bali Daging Enak

Take 500 grams of beef on a cutting board, and cut the meat crosswise with a sharp knife. The size can be according to taste. But it’s good that the pieces are not big and bulky, yes.

Resep Pembaca: Resep Daging Berempah Yang Wangi Gurih Aromanya

Add red chilies, shallots, garlic, ginger, galangal, and hazelnuts to a blender. Then it is processed until smooth. After that.

Put the wok on the stove, pour enough oil. Heat the oil on medium heat, saute the spices and the lemon and lime leaves until fragrant and cooked.

After that, add the meat and coconut milk, cook while frying until cooked. Add salt, brown sugar, tamarind water, and good quality soy sauce. Awaken, the taste of correction.

If it feels done, continue the cooking process until the meat is soft and tender. Grilled, spicy Balinese meats are ready to be served.

Daging Bumbu Bali

You can’t imagine how delicious Balinese meats are when eaten with ketupat on Lebaran. Now, watch and listen to the cooking steps so that later the taste will be delicious. Good cooking!

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IDN Times Community is a social media writing platform. All written work is the full responsibility of the author. This Balinese cooking is not just seafood chicken, you know. Let’s try it with your qurban meat. eat a lot of food 🥰

✅ no need to throw away after washing, you can put it in the pan. On low heat, let the liquid from the meat dry completely before adding the oil. fry until a little heat is obtained on the meat

Resep Bumbu Bali Daging Enak

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Resep Bumbu Bali Daging Enak

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Resep Bumbu Bali Daging Enak

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