Www Resep Buavita Com

Www Resep Buavita Com – There is something new from Buavita, this is Bela! The manufacturer of this packaged fruit juice drink has just launched its newest flavor variant, the Korean White Peach. An innovation in juice drinks that is still relatively rare in Indonesia.

“Nowadays, one of the varieties of rainbow that many people like is the white rainbow from Korea because of its unique and delicious taste,”

Www Resep Buavita Com

Www Resep Buavita Com

Rainbow or commonly called rainbow is known as a fruit that contains collagen in it. Collagen plays a very important role in skin health. Recently, the trend of consuming fruits or products containing collagen has become popular among people. Seeing this opportunity, Buavita launched this new variant.

Buavita Guava 250 Ml

In line with Buavita’s commitment to supporting a healthy and modern lifestyle, Korean White Peach is here to naturally supply the body with daily collagen, which of course functions to maintain the health of the body and skin from the inside.

“In one package, this variant also contains 1000 mg of collagen and 100% Vitamin C that can nourish the body and skin,”

Currently, the latest variant of the packaged juice drink is only available in one size, which is the 250 ml size priced at IDR 10,000. As it is known, one package contains 1000 mg of collagen obtained from premium quality peaches.

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In terms of taste, Kristy admits that Buavita Korean White Peach has a delicious and quite unique taste because it is very rare to have a peach flavor in a drink.

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Talking about collagen, what exactly is collagen? Is it true that collagen is so good for human skin? On one occasion, dr. Yessica Tania or often known as dr. Zie, aesthetic doctor and content creator, explains what collagen is and its benefits for the skin of the human body.

According to him, collagen is formed from proteins that come from amino acid chains that form proteins in our body.

“If we imagine that collagen is like glue to bind our whole body into one strong unit, the function of this collagen is very important,”

Www Resep Buavita Com

Our body is capable of producing its own collagen, but its productivity will decrease with age and lifestyle factors. The production will decrease by about 1.5% every year starting from the age of 25 – 30 years, that’s why the skin will lose its elasticity.

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“In addition to the age factor, collagen production in the body can decrease due to several external factors, for example long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays that can speed up the aging process. “With the reduction of collagen content in the body, the same will cause a reduction in skin elasticity, sagging skin, and wrinkles appear,”

After learning about the latest Buavita variant and the benefits of collagen, on the same occasion, Buavita also shared a fresh mocktail recipe guided by Chef Putri Miranti. He said, this fresh menu is suitable for takjil,

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It is about the latest variant of Buavita. If you are curious, the Buavita White Peach Korean variant can be found in the holy month of Ramadan again. Surely mothers at home want to #prepare good things for iftar, right? Time to get creative with fresh and healthy iftar recipes! Cus, please try 10 suitable drink recipes to serve your family at home this month of Ramadan.

This month of fasting is very suitable for mango season. Get Thai style with a twist for fresh and healthy food. The B complex vitamins in mangoes can help provide energy during fasting! Let’s make a recipe!

Resep Udang Merah Putih

What would it taste like if mango meets raspberry? Curious? Try making this recipe. Not only are they fresh, the fiber content in mangoes and raspberries can help your body’s metabolic processes!

This ice is a mixture of various pieces of fruit that combine sweetness with Mango. Aside from the B Vitamins in mangoes that can help you stay energized, the freshness of coconut water can also help you prevent dehydration. Also perfect to serve during Eid. Try out!

This is a classic recipe that appeals to all ages. Very easy to make & instantly refreshing after a day of fasting. Not only are they fresh, mangoes can also maximize detox during fasting! What are you waiting for, let’s try to make it!

Www Resep Buavita Com

Fresh mango fruit combined with basil can accompany you to relax while talking about breaking fast with friends. For those of you who have stomach ulcers, the Vitamin A in mangoes can protect you from bacteria and viruses that cause ulcers. Come on, try it!

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Jual Buavita Apple Rl1 Minuman Jus Instant [21076341/ 1000 Ml] Di Seller The Sweet Recipe

The combination of mango pieces, mango & ice cream can be a cute iftar meal that kids will love. In addition to the recipe, the Vitamin B content in mangoes can help restore energy after fasting. Let’s try!

This recipe is very practical and contains various vitamins in it, such as Vitamins A, B and C which are of course good for your body! Can be created at any time & can be saved as well. It’s also suitable for Eid, try it!

Does the family want to break the fast together? Try this fresh and sweet Mango recipe. Apart from being refreshing, the Vitamin C, pectin and fiber content in mangoes can help you lower your cholesterol levels!

Especially for those who like to maintain a healthy diet, this delicious iftar recipe can be an option. The content of vitamin C in guava can also help protect the body’s immune system during fasting. It’s easy to make. Come on, try it!

Resep Minuman Segar Dengan Berbagai Buah 🍓🍈🥭🍇

Another fresh & chewy pudding recipe that you can serve to break the fast with your family. Vitamins A, B1, B2, and C in oranges are useful for stimulating the body’s immunity and clearing the throat. Serve even more delicious cold. Hmmmm…

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