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Resep Buat Urap – The must-do Eid menu is chicken opor, rendang, godog vegetables and fried chili sauce. Among all the menus made, don’t forget to serve a vegetable menu to balance taste and nutrition. The reason is that all Eid menus are loaded with coconut milk and strong spices that can stimulate even high cholesterol levels in the blood.

One of the delicious and easy to make vegetable menus is this Urap. The vegetables used are bean sprouts, long beans, kale, cabbage, carrots and basil leaves. Everything can be boiled or steamed. If it is boiled, the vegetables should be boiled individually, but if they are steamed, they can be combined. If it is cooked, it must be drained until it is not watery. If it’s runny, vegetables get old quickly.

Resep Buat Urap

Resep Buat Urap

The spices it makes are the key to Urap’s deliciousness. Fresh seasoning itself is very simple, really. But spices like kencur and turmeric need to be burnt to remove the bitter and unpleasant taste. After it is burnt, just peel it by scraping it with a spoon. After the ingredients are prepared, everything is crushed together with brown sugar and salt.

Resep Trancam Timun, Sayur Khas Jawa Tengah Seperti Urap

Steamed coconut, which is the seasoning for the Urap, must also be steamed before serving. After steaming for a while, mix the grated coconut with the prepared spices. The taste of Urap can also be adjusted, if you want to add a spicy taste, mix cayenne pepper in the marinade. But if you want to serve it as a menu that the family can enjoy, use curly red chilies. If you are tired of cooking vegetables that are cooked in a clear way or fried, it’s time for you vegetables his cooking. into a more delicious dish, namely urap-urap. Usually, yes, this urap-urap dish is served with grilled chicken, lodho chicken, spicy cob or roast duck. There is no doubting the taste. Urap-urap vegetables with young spicy coconut spices are very tasty and make you whole. Talking about vegetable ointment, this time Vemale will provide a recipe for vegetable ointment with spicy coconut sauce. What is the recipe like? Look carefully at the following.

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Ladies, that’s the coconut spice vegetable ointment recipe. How, right very easy recipe? Enjoy trying this recipe and I hope the family at home likes it.

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Resep) Urap Urap Dan Trancam

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