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Resep Buat Puding – – Pudding is a delicious dessert that also has many health benefits. This snack is suitable to enjoy with the family when you are together. Pudding can be made from powdered seaweed jelly sold on the market such as Nutrijel.

This Nutrijel pudding comes in different flavors, you know. Not to mention the pleasant fruit taste. This Nutrijel fruit flavored pudding gives a fresh taste that comes from fruit. For fruit lovers, you can still add real fruit to the pudding.

Resep Buat Puding

Resep Buat Puding

So, are you interested in how to make Nutrijel fruit flavored pudding? Here are eleven pudding recipes, according to various sources on Tuesday (12/21).

Resep Puding Lapis Buah Dari @elvynnofianti

1. Prepare the pudding I: Mix the dry ingredients, mix well, add water. Bring to a boil over medium heat. Turn off the heat and remove the hot steam.

2. Arrange the cherry blossoms according to the pudding model. Rinse slowly and little by little with clear pudding. Leave until halfway through.

3. Prepare the pudding II: Mix the dry ingredients, mix well. Add yogurt and milk, mix until smooth. Cook until boiling while stirring. Turn off the fire. Leave until the hot steam disappears.

2. Boil the water until it boils, add the mixture of ingredients, stir continuously until it boils again. Turn off the fire. Then add the syrup, melon and basil and mix well.

Resep Puding Chocolatos Susu Dari @desiestapp

3. Place the tumpeng mold on the glass. Pour the pudding mixture into the tumpeng mold, leave it to harden and remove it from the mold.

4. Pour a few layers of banana pudding, then refrigerate. Add the steamed bananas to the edge of the model, using a toothpick to stick the bananas.

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1. Boil one Nutrijel bag with 500 ml of water and 100 g of sugar. Cook until boiling, pour only 1/3 into the mold. Add some mango pieces and let stand until frozen. Add the mango pieces, then pour over the rest of the Nutrijel mixture and let it set.

Resep Buat Puding

2. Boil the second Nutrijell bag with 500 ml of water, sweetened condensed milk, 50 grams of sugar and a pinch of salt. Stir until it boils, then turn off the stove.

Puding Coklat Susu Enak Dan Sederhana

2. Add Nutrijel and granulated sugar to the water of the butterfly pea solution. Then cook over low heat until it boils. Turn off the heat and first add the lime juice (if you want to use the citric acid that comes in the Nutrijel package, use only half).

4. Clear white coating: soak basil seeds in warm water. to put aside. Drain the nata de coco from the juice. Take the water and put it in the pot.

5. Add 300 ml of water and mix it with sugar and regular Nutrijelo. Cook over low heat until boiling. Turn off the stove. Sprinkle the basil into it and add the remaining citric acid.

6. Spread the nata de coco on top of the blue layer and then gently rinse with a clear layer of Nutrijel. Refrigerate until set

Puding Alpukat Lembut Tekstur Enak Segar

1. Red pudding: mix all the ingredients in a pan, cook on medium-low heat, stir occasionally, moss will automatically appear, cook until boiling, turn off the heat, pour into molds, set aside.

3. Pour slowly into the mold just above the moss pudding, making sure the moss pudding is half set before pouring in this white pudding so that it sets completely. Wait for the hot steam to disappear, then place it in the refrigerator.

4. Prepare the model, which we rinsed with boiling water. Pour the basil into the bottom of the mold and then pour the dragon fruit pudding. Let it harden a bit.

Resep Buat Puding

5. Add 100 ml of pudding solution to another pot, add Yakult and sweetened condensed milk to taste, cook until it boils. Pour a little at a time over the dragon fruit pudding.

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Resep Puding Lumut Kelapa Muda Dari @elvynnofianti

3. When Nutrijel boils, set aside. Pour into a mold that already contains nata de coco and basil. When putting the pudding in the mold, the pudding should be warm, not hot. Because later the basil seeds won’t stick to the pudding.

2. Mix the basil and Nutrijel, put it in the mold and spread the basil with a spoon (1-2 spoons), leave it to harden. If it’s hot, sometimes it’s delicious to eat a cold pudding. The pudding has a soft and cool texture, making it the perfect snack for all of us. Instead of ordinary pudding, you can prepare other, more interesting variants of pudding.

Currently there are many pudding recipes that are easy to make and use simple ingredients. But this time we will make a pudding that is suitable for all circles. Below are some pudding recipes that you can make at home.

Cheap ingredients do not mean if they taste ordinary. Of course, you can surprise everyone with the pudding recipe below.

Cara Membuat Puding Susu Super Simpel, Enak Legitnya Bikin Nagih

Making chocolate pudding looks very classic. In any case, not everyone will refuse to eat it. To keep it from being ordinary, you can turn this plain chocolate pudding into a chocolate brownie pudding that is dense but still soft.

The texture of this pudding is similar to a cake because of the addition of white bread. Not only that, but the chocolate flavor is very legit. It sure is delicious. No need to delay, below is how to make chocolate brownie pudding.

Not long ago, royal pudding was a hit among Indonesians. Then almost all bakeries offer this menu and it has become the most popular pudding so far.

Resep Buat Puding

This red pudding takes a little time to make, but the ingredients are easy to find and affordable. Since this recipe is for 1 large pan, you can gift it to your friends.

Cara Membuat Puding Coklat Lembut, Silky, Nyoklat Abis, Buat Orang Tersayang, Simple Dan Dijamin Suka

If you are a mango lover then you must make this mango pudding. This pudding is actually similar to panna cotta, but cheaper and easier to make.

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You can use Nutrisari mango flavor for this recipe. Since the aroma is sweeter and more fragrant, you can reduce it by using only 3 packs. If you are using regular mangoes, it is good to use 2 medium sized mangoes mashed together with 600ml of milk.

So, these are some of the most popular pudding recipes that are simple and easy to make. For those of you who want to try the above recipe, you can shop for pudding ingredients on the Astro app for an easier task, so that your groceries arrive at your home in just a few minutes. Let’s go shopping with the Astro app now! Who prefers to eat pudding with vla? The pudding itself is delicious, especially when topped with a sweet and fragrant Vla sauce. Try making a fruit pudding that looks amazing and tastes even better because it’s topped with a wet sauce. You don’t have to be afraid of failure, just follow the instructions below to do it.

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Resep Puding Labu Kuning Lapis Cokelat Dari @trisulistijani.2908

Layer 1: In a cooking pot agar powder with water, sugar and salt. Cook until all ingredients are dissolved and boiled. Turn off the heat, let the hot steam dissipate. Arrange the sliced ​​fruit according to the model. Then pour slowly without filling.

2nd layer: Color powder with water, sugar and salt in a cooking pot. Add milk and stir until all ingredients are dissolved. Cook until boiling. Let it stand, let the hot steam dissipate, then pour it into the mold over layer 1. Store the pudding in the fridge.

Mix all the ingredients except the egg yolks and cook over low heat until the edges of the pan are bubbling. Be careful not to look fat because as it starts to cool the wool will thicken more.

Resep Buat Puding

Take 1 tablespoon of the vegetable vla dough, beat it with the egg yolk and then gently mix the vla mixture. Cook until it looks slightly thickened. Let stand until the heat is gone. Serve as a splash of pudding.

Resep Puding Coklat Oreo Yang Enak Dan Menggugah Selera

2. Don’t wait too long for the pudding to set or take too long between layers 1 and the next layer to allow the two to mix.

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