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Resep Buat Kulit Lumpia – Ever since I posted the Semarang Spring Roll recipe and how to make the skin first when I blogged…it has been a hit as one of the most popular recipes on this blog. It’s just… the spring roll skin which is originally from Semarang, the manufacturing process is really different from the normal spring roll skin which is tortilla. The dough is also not soggy..but like bread dough but stickier..and the way to make it is besetkan..or rubbed/brushed on a hot pan..with your hands holding a bundle of dough like this..continue transferring it to the pan until it is smooth and thin…this way the spring roll skin can be very thin.

Indeed… the way to do it sounds confusing, friends… and you can’t really imagine… if you’ve never seen it… so that’s why and also many tried it but in the end I was even confused about how. .. in the end I just got rid of it for a while… The Semarang version of the spring roll skin recipe… until later I can make this photo step by step , then I will review it again. If there is time, I also want to cover the spring roll skin village in lower Semarang.

Resep Buat Kulit Lumpia

Resep Buat Kulit Lumpia

But..yes, it went wrong..after deleting the end many asked for the recipe again..hihi..but..then I give it..and I try it and it doesn’t work. .during the protests, how is it difficult.. confusing..etc..hihi. So… still… I just removed the Semarang version of the spring roll skin recipe first. Instead… I’m going to give you a spring roll skin recipe that’s even easier, folks… the usual omelette. In fact, the results are not as crispy as if the spring roll skins were made the way they are..but this is no less delicious either..and the spring roll results are not even greasy, you know when they are fried.’s’s the same if you use the original Semarang spring roll skin which is super It’s thin isn’t it..if you fry it it absorbs the oil.

Resep Lumpia Kulit Tahu Goreng Oleh Wanbites

Oh yes…I will just share the spring roll skin recipe…as for the filling…you can see it in my Semarang Spring Roll post that I posted earlier. Click here Turns out, making your own spring roll skin is that easy, you know. To be successful, take a look at how to make spring roll skins in the following Teflon.

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Who doesn’t love spring rolls? There are two types of spring rolls, namely wet spring rolls and fried spring rolls.

As the name suggests, fried spring rolls are spring rolls fried until crispy and dry. While the spring rolls are wet, the skin is like a soft tortilla with a sautéed filling.

The skin used for fried spring rolls is thinner than wet spring rolls. Skin can usually be bought at the market, but actually skin can also be made at home.

Lumpia Sayur Goreng Renyah Lezat Dan Ekonomis

Making fried spring roll skins and wet spring roll skins is very easy. Guaranteed to be successful if you make this spring roll skin.

How to make fried spring roll skin, the key is in the very thin skin. The skin on fried spring rolls is so thin that they tend to leak.

The ideal fried lumpia skin is thin but flexible and does not leak. Come on, let’s take a look at the tips for making fried spring roll skins that are easy to make!

Resep Buat Kulit Lumpia

To make the fried spring roll skin, you need medium protein flour, sago, salt, eggs, liquid milk and melted margarine or oil.

Mudah Dan Enak, Ini 4 Olahan Kulit Lumpia Yang Bisa Untuk Camilan Di Rumah

You have to measure all the ingredients so that the texture is right, the texture of the fried spring roll skin dough must be liquid so that the result is very thin.

Making fried spring roll skins cannot be fried immediately like wet spring roll skins. We have to use a brush to cook the skin of the fried spring roll.

After that, dip your brush into the fried spring roll skin batter and simply rub it into the preheated pan.

Do not let there be holes so that the skin does not have holes and leaks, okay? Wait a few seconds for the spring roll skins to change color, then push the edges of the spring rolls with a wooden spatula and turn the non-stick pan upside down to remove the spring roll skins.

Cara Membuat Kulit Lumpia Anti Sobek Takaran Sendok Makan

The type of lumpia that is no less delicious is the moist spring roll. Because the filling is a moister stir-fry, the skin of the moist spring roll is thicker than the skin of the fried spring roll.

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Making wet lumpia skin is also not very different from risole skin. Come check out the tips for making spring roll wet skins!

The addition of coconut milk adds a savory flavor to the moist spring rolls. The coconut milk that is used is thin coconut milk so that the texture is runny.

Resep Buat Kulit Lumpia

Teflon is simply spread with a little margarine. Just a little margarine, not too much because it can make the wet spring roll skins crunchy and not pliable.

Cuma Dari Kulit Lumpia, Bisa Jadi Cemilan Enak 😀

After the dough is porous, immediately remove it from the non-stick Teflon. Don’t overcook it because a wet spring roll skin that is too dry will make it stiff and hard to fold.

The wet skin of the spring roll can also be stored. Store in a sealed container and store in the refrigerator can last up to a week.

Those are the tips for making the spring roll skin in non-stick Teflon. The method is very, very simple and the results are guaranteed to be fine and good.

The good thing is that these spring roll skins can be made in large quantities and can be saved to make fried or wet spring rolls another time. Greetings again, Agnia Media friends, I hope you all are always healthy and fit. Like, did you cook today? Which menu do you like the most, so that you never get bored even if you eat the same menu every day. Mimin likes a snack called “Lumpia”, the people around Mimin know it better as “Sausage”. In Indonesia, the most popular snack called Lumpia comes from Semarang or known as “Semarang Lumpia”.

Cara Buat Kulit Lumpia 2 Bahan

Before becoming a special food of Semarang, lumpia is actually a food that comes from China. The name Lumpia comes from the word “Lun Pia”, a word from the Hokkien dialect (which is part of the Han language used by the Chinese) which when translated into Indonesian, “Lun” means soft and “Pia” means Cake. so Lumpia/spring roll can be interpreted as “Soft Cake”. Called Soft Cake because of its origin, this spring roll is served not fried but steamed (which we know as wet spring rolls).

Based on historical records, Lumpia first entered Indonesia around the 19th century. At first there was a person named Tjoa Thay Joe who was born in Fujian who migrated to Indonesia and stopped in Semarang. In that city, he then opened a restaurant that sold typical Chinese food, namely lunpia, but used pork and bamboo shoots as fillings. Then Tjoa Thay Joe met Mbak Wasih (a local resident) who sold food similar to lunpia but tasted sweeter and used shrimp and potato fillings.

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Over time, the two eventually married and merged their food stores into one and combined lumpia specialties into an Indonesian flavor. Lumpia skins used Chinese recipes, while the fillings used Javanese recipes. After experiencing the combination of Chinese and Javanese flavors, spring rolls are also served in two versions, namely wet spring rolls and fried spring rolls (because Javanese people like fried food, for example you). Initially, this snack was sold at Olympia Park, a Dutch night market where the two used to sell before they got married.

Resep Buat Kulit Lumpia

This food is finally popular with the name of spring rolls. This spring roll business is getting bigger and bigger, so now it can be continued by his sons, namely Siem Gwan Sing, Siem Hwa Noi who opened a branch in Mataram and Siem Swie Kiem who continues the business inherited from his father in Gang . Lombok No. 11. The spring rolls they made became prima donna among people of Chinese and indigenous origin. Until now, Semarang spring rolls are well known throughout Indonesia.

Cara Membuat Kulit Lumpia Kering Dan Basah

Lumpia generally consists of thin sheets (spring roll skin) made from the basic ingredients of wheat flour used for wrapping, and then filled with bamboo shoots, eggs, noodles, vegetables, meat, seafood or something else . There are two ways to serve spring rolls, namely fried (dry spring rolls) and steamed (wet spring rolls), both of which have their own distinctive flavors. Currently, the variants of spring rolls are very diverse following the culinary evolutions that are becoming more colorful every day. The lumpia variant is usually more about the type of filling used, while the spring roll skin used remains the same.

So in Mimin’s post this time, Mimin will share recipes for making spring roll skins for various needs, including wet and dry spring roll skins, spring roll skins for martabak or spring roll skins used to wrap processed chocolate bananas . Without further ado, come on… let’s take a look at the review below:

Well, it is not complete, so please friends, just choose according to your needs, whether you want to make moist spring rolls, dry crispy, martabak or chocolate bananas, we all share the skin making. Basically, the ingredients for the dough are almost the same, you just need to add a few ingredients. Try it…

Resep lumpia

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