Resep Brownies Kering 1kg

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Resep Brownies Kering 1kg – In this article, we make dry, crunchy brownies that are delicious and really brown. These crunchy dry brownies have been going viral lately, moms. These cookies are inspired by brownies that are delicious and really brown.

The ingredients used are almost the same as the ingredients for brownies, namely using dark cooking chocolate or cooking chocolate, vegetable oil, margarine, eggs and flour topped with chocolate chips or almond slices.

Resep Brownies Kering 1kg

Resep Brownies Kering 1kg

How to do it very easily. We don’t need to use a blender, just stir it with a balloon whisker. And these crunchy dry brownies can be baked with oranges, moms, because I only use low heat when baking.

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The texture of this crunchy dry brownie is of course crispy and crunchy. It’s good, sweet and very chocolatey. For chocolate lovers, you will definitely like this cake. And the kids will love this crunchy dry brownie.

1) First prepare a round shape to use as a mold so that the cake is the same size. Prepare a notebook as a base, ruler, pencil, round cookie cutters and parchment paper.

3) Then after flipping the paper so that the original has ink on the bottom. Place in a baking dish. If you don’t want to do this, print it right away, go ahead, moms.

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4) Then melt the dark matcha paste and margarine by looking for the steam. Add vegetable oil. Stir until well mixed and combined. Allowing it to warm to room temperature is also okay.

Bolu Kering Coklat

16) Wait a minute, moms, if it’s still warm, the dry brownies will still be soft and sticky on the parchment paper.

So how easy it is, moms, how to do it. Good luck. Hope it is useful. Don’t forget to subscribe, moms, to get our latest updates. Happy baking… have a nice day

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