Resep Bolu Panggang Kering

Resep Bolu Panggang Kering – Sponge cake is a cake that is easy to find in shops and has a sweet taste. Unfortunately, a wet sponge cake will only last a maximum of 3 days at room temperature so it cannot be used as an afternoon snack stock.

However, if you want to grab a cake that will last a long time and not be so sweet, let’s make a dry sponge cake! The dry sponge cake recipe below is very easy to follow. Willingness for friends to drink afternoon tea!

Resep Bolu Panggang Kering

Resep Bolu Panggang Kering

This dry sponge cake is also known as old school sponge cake because it has been around for a long time. There are also many creations with the recipe. It has a dry texture, crunchy when bitten, but when dipped in warm tea, it becomes soft like a normal sponge cake. Duh, makes you drool! Come on, prepare the ingredients!

Astin Astanti: Bolu Panggang Tanpa Oven Hasil Berselancar Di Youtube Saat Di Rumah

3. Sift the flour and vanilla powder. When you get a smooth one, mix the salt and ground almonds. Mix well

5. After making sure that the egg and sugar mixture is fluffy, add the flour and mix until it is evenly mixed. After that, put it in a plastic triangle

6. Prepare the mold and then add the mixture until the mold is completely filled. You can use different mold shapes, either round or shell shaped

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Isn’t it very easy to make the dry sponge cake above? You only need 8 steps, you already have a stock of tasty snacks. Bye

Dapur Ziah By Mama’e Zie: Bolu Kering

IDN Times Community is a medium that provides a platform for writing. All written work created is the responsibility of the author.. Good afternoon Moms, how are you today? Some Muslims are already fasting today, those who are fasting will surely be busy preparing a special menu for the first day. For those of you who are still fasting tomorrow, now this means you are hunting for food supplies for tomorrow’s sahur. hehehe… Anyway, today the man who has a blog is getting older, but my husband told me to make tart cakes, I’m lazy, you know, I want to go home today, the cake is miserable if one does not eat it later, it is also impossible to bring it home, his luggage was already scattered. hihihi… From today my husband and I are allowed to make snacks as I like without any demands, I finally implemented a recipe that I have been wanting to make for a long time As a place for a birthday tart cake, that’s the story, I made Bolu dry, hahaha … it doesn’t connect, does it??? It is true that it is not connected so it is strange, the important thing is that I received a gift from my husband. hihihi…

This is my first time making Bolu Dry Cake, but the recipe has been on my list of dishes to make for a long time. Actually, what I read on “Mbah Google” is that the top one uses duck eggs in the dough, but I was too lazy to go out and buy duck eggs, so in the end over there I used chicken eggs, thank God the results were delicious. This recipe makes about 250 grams and it was still warm and half of it was sold out. Zie ate 3 pieces straight away as soon as they came out of the oven. Papap did not forget to join the fight with Zie, as he wanted to make this dry Bolu for the guests for Eid. Hehehe…

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I made this dry sponge cake very small so that I can only eat it once. I use paper cups for the smaller cookies. Besides making it easy to eat, I made it too small so it won’t feel like I’ve eaten a lot, and it’s the only paper cup I have at home. hahaha… Here is the recipe for Dry Sponge Cake, good luck trying it Moms, sure to be addicted.

Resep Bolu Panggang Kering

5. Bake for 30 minutes over low heat, continue baking for another 20 minutes over very low heat like making dry eclairs until the inside of the cake is dry.

Bolu Kering Ala Bu Agus

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