Resep Bolu Marble Cake

Resep Bolu Marble Cake – , Jakarta Classic bolu or old school bolu is very suitable to accompany drinking tea or coffee. The texture and taste of the old sponge cake has its own characteristics. It’s no wonder that a classic sponge cake can be the perfect choice for friends who drink coffee or tea.

There are marble sponge cakes and zebra sponge cakes for you to try. For full details, just check out the recipe collection below.

Resep Bolu Marble Cake

Resep Bolu Marble Cake

3. Add the eggs one at a time to the mixture while continuing to beat the mixture. After all the eggs have been added, beat again for 5 minutes until the mixture is slightly white.

Marble Cake Super Wangiii Bangett Nget Nget!!!

2. Gradually add the coconut milk and flour to the mixture, alternating. Beat with a mixer on low speed until well combined.

5. Pour 1 tablespoon of the white mixture, pour 1 tablespoon of the brown mixture, do this in a different way until the mixture is finished.

1. Mix egg yolks, powdered sugar, sweetened condensed milk, butter and margarine. Beat with a mixer on low speed until well combined. Next, use the mixer on high speed to produce a foamy and white dough.

4. Add the egg white mixture to the egg yolk mixture. Mix well with a spatula. Divide the dough in two: 1/4 part mixed with chocolate powder and the remaining 3/4 part white.

C A M E L I A @ H O M E: Bolu Marmer Jadul

6. Prepare a baking sheet greased with butter and sprinkled with a little flour. Add the white mixture, then cover it with the chocolate mixture, alternating. Make stringy sticks using a stick or fork.

8. Once it is cooked (no dough sticks when poked with a toothpick), remove the cake from the oven. Let it cool, then remove the cake from the pan.

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Resep Bolu Marble Cake

10 Inspirations for Nadine Chandrawinata’s Maternity Shoot Style That’s Respectful and Elegant, Not Just to Show Off Your Wound. Christmas. Although it is similar to certain celebrations, marble cake is also suitable to accompany drinking tea when you gather with the family at the weekend. So you can enjoy it at any time, you must know this easy to use marble cake recipe.

Chef Yongki Ungkap Rahasia Bikin Cake Marmer Yang Lembut Dan Lembap

The marble cake recipe is really easy to make because the ingredients and the recipe are very simple. You can choose between the classic marble cake or variations such as pandan marble cake. Both are equally delicious and the recipe does not take long as long as you have prepared all the necessary ingredients in the beginning.

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Let’s start with a good old marble cake, shall we? A classic marble cake is similar to the pale yellow color of the cake batter. Later, you can add chocolate paint that will be “sculpted” into a simple but artistic marble pattern.

Once all the necessary ingredients are ready, you can start making the classic marble cake using the following method:

Easy, right, how to make a classic marble cake? You can cut the cake into 12 to 16 pieces according to your taste. So that the cake does not crumble, it is better to cut the cake after it has cooled. So, be patient, okay?

Resep Cake Marmer Lembut Enak Dan Mudah

If you are bored with the old taste and appearance, you can also try a new style of marble cake, pandan marble cake. In taste they are not very different. However, in the pandan marble cake you have to add pandan paste which makes the mixture greener with more flavor.

After preparing the various ingredients above, including the pandan paste, you can start making it as follows:

Marble cake, old and pandan, can last 3 days at room temperature. But, make sure you don’t put it in the fridge because the cake will harden and the sweetness will decrease.

Resep Bolu Marble Cake

Finally, there is an interesting recipe that is also fun to try, which is a recipe for a simple 3-flavor marble cake. So easy, this marble cake tastes like a sponge cake that will make you cry. The following are the ingredients and how to make them. It’s easy, really.

Marmer Cake Butter Wisjman / Bolu Marmer Wisjman

Of course, to make this 3 delicious marble cake you need a longer baking time, which is 40 – 50 minutes. But it’s really worth it because the results are satisfying with a simple click of the tongue. Don’t forget to prepare hot tea as a partner to eat this cake, okay?

For those of you who are new to making marble cakes, you may feel scared or insecure, lest the cake will fail and not satisfy. The secret to a foolproof marble cake is to use all the ingredients at room temperature and add them gradually. This means that you have to be patient and patient so that the dough is perfect, sweet and fluffy.

In order to have more skills in making marble cakes and other snacks, you can take a cooking course with a professional trainer. The list can be made later, you know. Find various attractive offers as well as special prices only here. Hurry and register now! Now it doesn’t seem right if I wonder why I haven’t blogged in so long. Am I lazy to bake??? hum…well yeah…hihihihihi…. No, nothing, I’ve been pregnant…oh yes, I haven’t told you, that I’m pregnant??? must be! finally!!! It’s a long story, later I will have my blog that will be linked here… in fact, me and my brother, even our extended family is very happy. Although I found out later that I was pregnant. I was hoping that soon we (Mrs. and I) would be able to have children, I didn’t mind when my period was late (which it usually is )… eeeh … I didn’t know, it was already 12 weeks!!! Anyway, to make a short story, because I didn’t realize that I passed the first trimester (oh my goodness!), I can’t believe that it’s been 5 months, to 6 … according to the doctor. , our little angel will be born at the end of June… I pray that my baby and I are healthy…

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So, I don’t know if it’s because I’m pregnant, or because I’m lazy as usual *haha*, I don’t repent anymore. I have asked to buy eggs many times, and finally they become fried eggs. Plans to make Christmas for my friends were also completely ruined, because I preferred to sleep on pillows and irons. I haven’t gone to college yet, so I go back and forth between Jambi and Jakarta, although in the end, I chose to take a vacation in the middle of the semester… sob… yes, though so, I don’t want to take risks, this time I have to choose only what comes first, and of course, I choose the smooth birth of my child, college can continue at the end of the year.

Resep Bolu Marmer Anti Kempes, Tampilan Cantik Rasa Premium, Kamu Harus Coba!

But… this time I really have to force myself. How can you ignore if on the NCC mailing list, members show an old school marble sponge cake posted by one of the members, Ms. Mia Indriasari. He said, this recipe came from his mother, the measurements were originally based on the size of the glass. So it’s even more fun to see reports from friends who have tried the recipe and they say the cake is easy and tastes good old school because it uses full blueband margarine. If I remember, it’s funny, yes, in those old *really old* days, as far as I remember, cakes were expensive if they wore a full blue band. Now, it has become an economic cake mix option, so don’t use too much butter… hihihihihi… the world of baking is actually not inferior to the world of technology (IT), there is always something new. ..

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Actually, yesterday morning, the plan was not to bake, I wanted to take my brother, father and sister Riri (who was in Jambi) to the supermarket. Eeeh…I forgot it’s Friday, it doesn’t work, because they have to pray on Friday. Finally, instead of staying at home, I decided to make this old school marble cake. Without simple tools, easy to make, I don’t know why I suddenly became an alcoholic! Humm…. this time the appetite of a pregnant woman is unbearable. After the ingredients were measured and the baking pan was prepared, my cousin Tona came home from work and prepared to exchange notes for a free movie at the cinema, as always *hihihihihi* . When I said I was making a classic marble sponge cake, Tona immediately replied “Hey, make Bolu Kik”…ha?? lol). In fact, all cakes are called sponge cake, well “bolu” with butter, it is considered “kik” or cake. So there is no mistake if the Minister says his name is “Bolu Kik”.

Yes, there is one more thing that makes me want to try this cake, because I have been looking for a marble cake recipe that uses melted margarine for a long time. I asked on the mailing list. I was determined to find a recipe like that, because it is the cake that my aunt, Aunt Aini, whom I loved, taught me first. The full story between me and Aunt Aini is here. I still vividly remember my aunt telling me to put a tin bowl with margarine on the hot oven that was built on the stove. I was amazed when I saw the butter melting…hahaha..It really worked…hihihihi…Hummmm…I can imagine, a soft cake with a unique smell of margarine…ha Wait, I have to do it. it!

Resep Bolu Marble Cake

However, because the ingredients are simple, they are also easy to make, mix all the ingredients together. This time I beat it longer (using a regular hand mixer), about 10 minutes longer, because I didn’t use an emulsifier (SP). To make it feel old school, I didn’t add vanilla extract, but I used vanilla powder… Naaaaahh… when I made the marble I missed Auntie Aini’s gentle voice. Because I remember well you said, when the chocolate mixture is poured, it is quick to move it around to make a marble. If it takes too long, the chocolate mixture will sink to the bottom. I completely forgot about this message, I only realized after the frustration when I saw that my chocolate mixture had fallen to the bottom * telmi * … hihihihi … but it’s ok , I still had time to marble it a little. …*just*..hahahaha.. .

Resep Marmer Cake Super Lembut Ala Thomaz Law

Makes sense??? well, that’s great!!!! I will definitely do it again! Tona, Pupun (my cousin’s daughter), my brother Riri and Mas, love cake. According to Tona, its taste is exactly like the one his mother used to make. I really like it, because the sweet and sour taste is perfect, because I use whole margarine, it doesn’t taste because it tastes sweet.

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