Resep Bolu Kojo Bangka

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Resep Bolu Kojo Bangka – Palembang is one of the cities in Indonesia that is famous for its culinary wealth. There are many culinary specialties of Palembang that can spoil the tongue of tourists.

The various culinary tourism destinations that you can find in Palembang are: Pempek, Lenggang, various fish crackers, Kojo cake, Martabak Har, Bak Mie Aloy, Mie Selor and more.

Resep Bolu Kojo Bangka

Resep Bolu Kojo Bangka

As a result, it is still difficult for us to travel to different places for the purpose of tourism. But don’t worry, this time ID invites you to make one of Palembang’s famous culinary delights.

Kue Legendaris Khas Palembang Saat Lebaran, Sekali Coba Pasti Ketagihan

Yes, we can make one of the specialties of Palembang at home with simple ingredients and also in an easy way.

2. To maintain its mild taste, add the prepared flour little by little and stir continuously until the mixture is evenly distributed.

3. Add a little salt and mix again, then add coconut milk, soy water to the mixture and mix again slowly until it is evenly distributed.

5. The kojo cake batter is ready and put it in the baking pan for about 45 minutes and wait for the kojo cake mixture to cook.

Jual Bolu Kojo Khas Palembang Harga Terbaik & Termurah September 2023

How easy and simple is it? You can make this cake to eat at home or when you have an event at your place.

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Your information will be used to verify your account when you need help or when unusual activity appears on your account. [COMMENT] Tembesu Corner, Modern Cafe at the edge of the Palembang Forest Breakfast Hunt at Pindang Umak Palembang Recipe for Pempek Dos without tender Fish directly fried Dadar Jiwo Recipe Palembang Unique and Delicious Cooking House for Rent Vs. Buying a Home, Which is Best?

SOFT AND DELICIOUS COJO RECIPES PALEMBANG – Ijo-Ijo Kojo Sponge. Another authentic Palembang cuisine worth trying. Bolu kojo is a traditional Palembang cake that is green in color and has a soft texture.

Resep Bolu Kojo Bangka

Although it is called sponge cake, the texture is very different from sponge cake in general. Sponge kojo has a dense structure. At first glance, it looks like Manan Sahmin cake, which is also a legendary cake from Palembang. In other areas such as Lampung and Bangka Belitung, it is known that they also know Kojo cake.

Resep Mulok Genap

Another name for sponge cake is sponge cake. Green color is made from suji leaf juice and pandan leaf juice. Although it has pandan flavor, Palembang people also like to add kojo cakes with durian. So we will have another taste of sponge cake sweetness.

Sponge kojo has different forms. Depends on the baking sheet. Some are round like regular pies. There are also those who use the frangipani flower print. That’s why kojo cake is also called frangipani flower cake. This sponge can also be made in a small version like the recipe below.

The sponge recipe below is for using durian. A mini kojo sponge cake recipe that you can try at home. The texture of the kojo cake is soft and worth selling. Durian alias durian in Palembang is an option. If you don’t like it, don’t add it. You can also adjust the amount of sugar yourself. Here is a delicious and soft Palembang kojo cake recipe:

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How are you It’s really easy, isn’t it, to make Kojo Palembang sponge? This kojo cake is a recommended snack if you visit Palembang. If you are far away and live abroad, you can cook it yourself at home. This green cake can be a remedy for home invasion.

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