Resep Bolu Klemben

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Resep Bolu Klemben – Indonesia is rich in delicious types of sponge cake, one of which is bolu klemben. This sponge cake is very unique because the way it is made is very different from a normal sponge cake. Bolu klemben is a variant of an old cake that is still often found today.

Bolu Klemben is made using flour that has been baked before. It tastes lighter than a regular sponge cake. In addition, this sponge cake is made in its own mold with a shape that is not too big.

Resep Bolu Klemben

Resep Bolu Klemben

So that you are not even more curious, here is a recipe for making Klemben sponge cake that you can try yourself at home. Served on Eid is even more perfect!

Cara Membuat Bolu Rice Cooker Mudah Dan Mengembang

First, prepare a pan for baking wheat flour. Turn on the stove and reduce the heat. Place the pan and pour the prepared wheat flour into it.

Next, slowly bake the wheat flour, stirring periodically. Bake until the flour feels very light. Then, close the stove, remove the pan and leave until the flour cools.

Next, make the developer material first. The ingredients you will use are eggs and granulated sugar. Prepare a clean and dry container, then put the two ingredients in it.

Use a mixer while beating the ingredients. Set the speed to the highest speed. Shake until the color turns pale white. Add salt and vanilla powder, then beat again until the ingredients are combined.

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Resep Bolu Kering Enak Dan Mudah

Add the flour that has been baked earlier into the mixture. Pour little by little while stirring with a spatula. Do this until desired consistency.

For the klemben sponge cake mix, try not to make it too thick or too runny. Then, if you think it’s enough, you can set it aside first to prepare the next step.

Take a Klemben sponge cake mold, grease it with melted margarine. Just apply it thinly, but evenly on each side. Use a ladle and pour the mixture into it.

Resep Bolu Klemben

Place in a preheated oven. Set the temperature to 160 degrees Celsius. Bake the klemben cake until cooked, then remove it from the heat and let it cool first. Put in an airtight jar, serve during Eid.

Bolu Tape Lembut Spesial Dan Ekonomis

There are many variations of sponge cake including klemben sponge cake which you can still easily find even though it is classified as old school sponge cake. The way to make it is a little different from a normal sponge cake, but in terms of taste, it’s really good. Come on, serve it during Eid.

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