Resep Bola Bola Ubi Goreng

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Resep Bola Bola Ubi Goreng – Enjoying soft, sweet potato wedges no longer requires buying them from your siblings. Follow below how to make sweet potato dumplings and enjoy the deliciousness

There are many lovers of sweet potato balls. Foods that can make some people nostalgic for their childhood. They are usually sold in front of schools or minimarkets. The easy way to make sweet potato balls is definitely a plus!

Resep Bola Bola Ubi Goreng

Resep Bola Bola Ubi Goreng

This very popular dish from Bandung is round as a ball with the basic ingredients of potato and sweet flour and several versions are filled with various fillings, such as chocolate or brown sugar. The sticky sweet taste of sweet potatoes with a crunchy texture on the outside and soft inside makes people wonder how to make delicious sweet potato dumplings. Come, find out how in this article!

Bola Bola Mie Mudah Dan Lezat

The first recipe includes a recipe for making chocolate filled sweet potato balls for the most chocoholic, you will definitely love this recipe!

So, if the sweet potato balls recipe kopong from sweetripini is an original recipe for Bandung sweet potato balls! Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside is a great combination!

Next, Endeus TV has a recipe for making purple sweet potato balls, because purple sweet potatoes can also be sweet potato balls, you know! The taste is no less delicious than regular sweet potatoes!

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Then, as reported by recipedia, there is an easy way to make sweet potato balls for those who just want to make or are making sweet potato balls for the first time, which is absolutely easy and foolproof!

Bola Bola Ubi Manis Lembut Praktis Ekonomis

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Finally, has a recipe for making brown sugar sweet potato balls that are sure to melt. The sweetness of brown sugar with the soft crunch of sweet potato toppings is a delicious combination that kids love!

Good and you? It’s easy isn’t it? Come learn how to make sweet potato dumplings and enjoy the sweet treat at home with your family! Good luck and hope it works!I was inspired when I made cimplung yesterday.The liquid was so good…finally…I tried using the same technique and recipe…I did it sweet potato wedges. I thought about it…potatoes and sweet potatoes have the same texture, right? .if you steam it…then if you cook it it will definitely be that soft. Finally…I just tried it…and I really could. It’s just… the potato is even cooler… maybe it’s because of the difference in water content… the potato gets mushy the same way… but yesterday’s sweet potatoes were a bit wet. And also because these potato balls are sweet… so they turn a little brown when fried… the color is not as good as my cimplung yesterday… because the simple is delicious. But… it also happens to be sweet potato wedges… and it’s delicious… even if it’s not so hollow inside that you buy it.

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Resep Bola Bola Ubi Goreng

In Bandung, the sweet potato ball is hollow inside… because of the special frying technique… that is, from the puffed dough that is placed with a sotil until it expands and becomes a hollow ball… how did it happen. ‘Just the usual round of yesterday… then pee… practice… lol. I’ve also read that Jakarta has sweet potato balls that they’re famous for… the fried ones are no less unique… so when they’ve risen a bit, remove them from a deep fryer. oil in a pan with less oil… so that they expand perfectly and pierce the inside. Hahaha.. this is even more complicated.

Resep Bola Bola Ubi ✨

So…do these sweet potato blossoms look like cucumbers? and the sweet potato flavor stands out. For these sweet potato balls..because there is a lot of tapioca the outside can be crunchy..but the inside can be soft.

Sweet potato balls Ingredients: 500 grams of yellow sweet potato, boiled, cooked 6 tablespoons of tapioca flour 1 egg white 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar (to taste) 1/4 teaspoon of salt 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract: powdered sugar from sprinkle to taste. Mix the steamed mashed sweet potatoes with all the ingredients except the powdered sugar. Cut into small balls to taste, then fry in hot oil until submerged. After it is slightly fried and the dumplings have a skin, they are also fried…so that they have a crispy and crunchy shape and cook together until they turn brown. Serve warm…dust with powdered sugar if you like.

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