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Resep Bogasari Baking Center – Who doesn’t love cakes? either wet or dry? or noodles, bread or other snacks made from wheat flour. Surely everyone has felt the pleasure of eating snacks with the basic ingredients of wheat flour. Wheat flour is the main basic ingredient that is popular with pastry chefs in making delicious and tasty snacks.

PT. Bogasari Flour Mills is a well-known company in Indonesia specializing in the management of wheat flour obtained from wheat. In addition to managing wheat flour, as announced on the official website (, Bogasari mills also offer training in making various types of snacks such as biscuits, bread, cakes, noodles, pasta and other snacks according to Indonesian language. Seeing this opportunity, Inspiration Indonesia Build Foundation uses the social opportunity in empowering the community, especially cake lovers and cake makers who want to learn or even develop their skills as a means to create jobs, but do not have the money to attend training.

Resep Bogasari Baking Center

Resep Bogasari Baking Center

This was also motivated by requests from participants of previous training programs who wanted the snack making training to be held by the Inspiration Indonesia Builds Foundation. That is why, in order to meet the wishes of several parties, we held the Bogasari Training to see how much potential this training and business has in the future as new jobs that are expected by all parties.

Harga Menu Bogasari Baking Center Semarang Terbaru 2022 2023 Di Semarang,semarang

From the first training, the topic of this training was making white bread, sweet bread and doughnuts. From this training, the Bogasari Baking Center (BBC) was taught how to make good and correct bread based on the advice of the head of the Bogasari Baking Center (BBC). The training lasted 6 hours due to the long time out of the toaster. From this training, the participants also received certificates and were allowed to bring home the bread they had made themselves. In addition to making bread, participants also learned how to make noodles, dumplings with chicken seasoning, hakao, dim sum, somai, and also bapao.

This training lasts for 3 (three) consecutive days with different participants each day. From the first to the third day, the number of participants is 59 (fifty nine) people. After completing this training, the future plan is to prepare markets such as bazaars or other events that have the opportunity to market the snacks they have made as well as program evaluation to get a better formula for future programs. They must add new insights. It was decided that this month’s holiday must go to a cooking course. So I started looking for courses closest to home, in cyberspace of course.

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1. Bogasari Bakery Center at Titan Shop, Jl Fatmavati Hospital no. 22A Cilandak barat, phone 021 769 2329.

But the schedule that suits my absence is May 16 (on a tight holiday) with the BBC Bread Course. Wow, I can imagine starting a uniil bakery business with my office market share and surrounding neighbors. Hmmm great.

Kisah Sepotong Kue

On D-Day in the spirit of 2011, I arrived half an hour early, even the instructor didn’t come. After paying IDR 350,000 for the ingredients of a variety of breads, namely milk bread, special sweet bread and unil bread, I went to lt. 2. Unlike the instructor, his mood was less enthusiastic due to the squeeze factor of the day and only 2 participants, although there should have been at least 5 participants. Wow, we have a private course.

For the first few minutes, we first got a glimpse of the theory. In fact, if we really want to be expert, we must attend a minimum 3 day course at a cost of IDR 500,000. So there you will get theory with a long duration plus practice for 2 days, on the third day there will be an exam and you will get a certificate. If it’s only for one day, make the appointment well. But that’s okay, it’s called seeking experience.

At first glance, the theory is that bread is divided into 2 types, international and oriental. An example of international bread is pastry, while oriental bread is divided into 2, namely ordinary bread with sugar content 5%. Sweet bread dough can be cooked in the oven, steamed and fried. There is only 1 recipe, but the ripening method and contents are different. There are 3 things that affect good taste, and they are fat, milk and eggs. And here are 3 recipes for sweet bread:

Resep Bogasari Baking Center

Put all the dry ingredients into the mixer (especially the bread), then run the mixer on low/low speed.

Bogasari Gandeng Kecamatan Jatirogo Adakan Demo Masak Dan Produk

After a few moments, add the water, but not all, so that we can control the wetness of the dough, then mix until the mixture is mixed.

Mix until the dough is smooth, that is, when the dough no longer sticks to the bowl, then if we take a little dough and stretch it slowly, it will stretch and not tear like martabak dough, and if it is rounded, the surface will be smooth. This means that the dough is ready to rise.

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Put the dough on the table (slippery) and round it by pushing the dough towards us with your hands, after rounding the dough rest for 10 minutes, cover with plastic.

Cut the dough and measure 60 grams for regular sweet bread and 10 grams for uniil bread, round again, then rest again for 10 minutes.

Kampung Unggulan Dan Sentra » Pelatihan Pembuatan Kue

Take the dough and press it with a grinder to release the air from the dough, to hear a crackling sound, then turn the dough but do not grind it again so that it does not stick and tear.

The dough began to fill and stick again. The basic way is to pull the top and bottom of the dough and glue it, then right to left, then slanted up right down left and vice versa, so that it blinds 8 times, then twist and flatten, that part will turn. down, and the smooth part will face up.

The baking box is where the bread dough is developed, equipped with temperature and humidity control devices, so that the bread spreads properly and does not dry out.

Resep Bogasari Baking Center

Brush the top of the dough with egg yolk mixed with liquid milk so that the result is shiny after cooking.

Inspirasikukeni: Roti In Process

To check if the dough has risen well, first shake the pan with the bread, if the bread also shakes, it means that it has risen well. Or it’s like beriberi, that is, if you just touch the bread dough a little, it will leave a hollow mark, it means that it is completely expanded.

Put the tray in the oven heated to 195 C, until it turns golden brown, it takes a maximum of 10 minutes.

After the course, our work can be brought home, hmm, it’s delicious, soft and warm, fresh from the oven. There are so many results, big sweet buns, uniil buns and sweet buns that look like regular bread. Until the clothes I brought weren’t enough. Then take your lunch, apron and Bogasari calendar. Hooray, lots of souvenirs here.

In conclusion, if we have adequate equipment, bread must be made successfully. The secret to soft bread is that you have to use a bread mixer, because if we just use a regular mixer that we have at home, the mixer is not strong enough to make the bread soft. Instead, we have to beat the bread dough as hard as we can and for a long time. Then we have to have a rinse box, if we don’t have one we have to cover the dough with a wet cloth instead. Old school yes. But if we don’t have an oven, the dough can still be steamed (turned into buns) or fried (turned into donuts).

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Food University Indonesia: Baking Demo Bersama Chef Tamu Dari Bogasari

After completing the course, I became contemplative. There are a few things that seem odd. First, the teacher measured all the ingredients for the bread and placed them neatly in a bowl. Why not learn from weighing ingredients? Are the ingredients that are neat and just put in the mixer the size according to the recipe? Is there an ingredient among the ingredients that is not listed in the recipe? Second, what are the brands of the ingredients? What brand of instant yeast? Brand of bread fixer? Indeed, an example is given, but what brand did he use? Third, is the weirdness above intentional, so that the secret to a successful bread recipe will never leak out, so the courses are still in demand. Or because the teacher wants to go home quickly? I think the first reason is more reasonable.

Why didn’t I ask during the course? Wong, I only realized after I told my mother about the course process, I even got scolded. Ouch. You know, I’m not a chef. Then I got confused myself, I think I took the course material wrong. I was supposed to take a chicken leg dim sum class, but I haven’t found a place yet. Do you know where?

In the end, instead of making the knowledge I gained from the course redundant, it’s better to share it with you. Agree ?

Resep Bogasari Baking Center

The delicacy of this dish has spread everywhere. We just have to try it now. Initially, this dish only used the scraps of the fish bone jambal, but thanks to the expertise of a mother who used spices from family recipes, this fantastic dish was created. Why is it fantastic? Because this dish has skyrocketed and become the target of Bandung City School.

Tempat Kursus Kue Dan Memasak,

It is located on Jl. So Bandung no. 7 Dago, Bandung, phone 022 250 1335. When we visited this restaurant, it was raining heavily in Bandung. Wow, I think it’s perfect for cooling down while enjoying this so-called “super spicy” dish.

The place is simple, in the shape of an ordinary house, where the dining room can be on the front porch, the living room or the back terrace. We decided to sit on the back patio. The waiter immediately handed us the menu list.

Basically, there are only 3 types of side dishes here, which are jambal bones, fried chicken and gepuk. Others are just complementary, namely fried tofu, tempeh, buckwheat and stir-fried vegetables, all cooked and available on the table. I also ordered rice, jambal bones, fried chicken, Mendoan tempeh and puruluk sauce. While my husband prefers the menu package which includes rice, jambal bones, tofu and tempeh. I don’t forget to take a pack of aci bantat crackers to make lunch more delicious.

Oh yeah, actually we were pushed anyway

Tingkatkan Usaha Tefa Cullinary Smkn 3 Sukabumi, Bogasari Terjunkan Baker Senior

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