Resep Bistik Ayam Chinese Food

Resep Bistik Ayam Chinese Food – You must try Kang Aji’s fried rice, especially for those of you who live in big rice fields because this fried rice offers something different from the usual fried rice menu. Because this fried rice has a beefsteak topping which is something new when you taste fried rice. . I know about this place because of recommendations from foodvloggers and suggestions from the owner who knows my friend. So without thinking twice, I’m not trying this for the first time, before that I tried steak fried rice for the first time and this time I tried the special fried rice menu which was delicious. Salty, sweet and savory is just right on my tongue, especially when sprinkled with plenty of toppings from omelettes, potato chips and vegetables that can whet and whet your appetite😆😆😆

The place is in a roadside tent. The environment is not comfortable, it is a bit dusty. Here is what I tried:

Resep Bistik Ayam Chinese Food

Resep Bistik Ayam Chinese Food

Chav…hmmm…28K for nasgor…this subscription sounds similar to techtech bro’s nasgor which is only 12K ehh but then again…nasgor is only 15K though?

Fresh Frozen Food Bistik Ayam

Finally, eat well. When I came back it seemed normal. I ordered steak fried rice. Very oily. Chicken steak is also cold. Maybe because it came at night? Price is 27k, ok, portion is big.

Just found out that Kang Aji’s Steak Fried Rice is available. The place is actually on the side of the road, it’s street food. It was very busy when I got there.

Try the signature menu, Nasi Goreng Bistik. It consists of fried rice, battered chicken, vegetables, potato chips and steak sauce. The type of fried rice is not like fried rice in general but like Chinese style fried rice. Fragrant and tasty. The interesting thing is that the potato chips are very thin, which adds a crunchy texture when eaten with rice. I think the rice is tasty but not that salty. But it turned out that after adding the bottled steak sauce at the table, it tasted even better. There are sweet, sour and savory flavors. Oh yeah, because every table has steak sauce in bottles, so we’re free to add as much as we want. Regarding the price, I think it is quite affordable. A portion of beefsteak rice is only Rp. 27,000.

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Don’t ask about the place, it’s a style of street food, no wonder there are so many buskers. I think the service is ok. The food also comes very quickly so you don’t have to wait too long.

Resep Nasi Daun Jeruk, Sambal Korek, Dan Ayam Popcorn, Enak, Aroma Spesial

And ordering back and forth, I now like to order extra chili sauce… matah and rica-rica are all delicious

At first I doubted, that Rika would be really spicy… Ah, but that’s not true.

I’ve been looking for delicious food in Taman Sari area for a long time and I found Nasi Goreng Bistik Kang Aji @nasigorengbistikkangajie but never had a chance to come here. I finally made it here too. Uniquely, the nasi goreng here offers additional toppings in the form of chicken steak or phuyung hai. Continue sending messages.

Resep Bistik Ayam Chinese Food

This package uses the tastiest rice with sambal matah and drizzled chicken steak. Savory rice is actually similar to fried rice, but does not use sweet soy sauce or is commonly called Hong Kong fried rice. The nutty flavor of this rice really comes through and the portion is huge and it has an egg mixture.

Tasty And Easy Chicken Steak Recipe

So, here is the highlight, the Chicken Steak with Sambal Mata. Pieces of chicken steak that are still crispy and coated in batter. Actually, this steak is simply breaded, but if you want to spice it up, you can serve it to the table with a thick, sweet steak sauce. The sambal matah is so much that the steak is covered with sliced ​​red onions and chilies. The ingredients are still fresh and crunchy, and the orange juice gives off a hint of chicken flavor.

Apart from these toppings, there are additional toppings in the form of potato chips, carrot slices and green beans. These potato chips are dry and tasty.

The place is a bit dark and not too big, but we guarantee you won’t regret dining here. Next I want to try the fried rice and Phuyung Hai.

This is my honest review in terms of food taste. I didn’t review the place because I ordered delivery, but I heard that the original place to eat is very dirty, so instead of feeling sick at first, if your house is not far from the place, it’s better to just order delivery.

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Resep Bistik Ayam Ala Rumahan, Empuk Dan Cocok Buat Menu Keluarga

I tried their signature menu, which is fried beef steak with extra rica-rica sauce. Actually, I ordered extra sambal matah, but why rica-rica sauce, maybe because the sambal matah ran out, but never mind, because the rica-rica sauce turned out to be delicious! It’s just a sweet and sour sauce, with hints of freshness, like pineapple flavor (just my guess) and onions and red pepper flakes, which surprisingly goes really well with the steak fried rice I ordered, it’s delicious. Also makes a delicious dip.

Okay, so a portion of beefsteak fried rice consists of fried rice with carrots and green beans instead of pickles, served with batter fried chicken aka beefsteak and a topping of steak sauce. Steak sauce is like English sauce, I don’t know what other mix to use.

Fried rice is honestly my special favorite type of fried rice, not like street food fried rice, but like Chinese food restaurant style fried rice, tasty, fragrant, delicious, with a balance of spices. It is delicious. Fried rice itself is cooked with eggs.

Resep Bistik Ayam Chinese Food

While fried chicken with flour is fairly standard, it becomes sweet and comforting when mixed with steak sauce. Potato chips for extra texture.

Resep Bistik Ayam, Enak, Gurih, Manis, Dan Sederhana

The taste of fried rice is no longer the same, now only soy sauce, soft rice, fried rice waiting 40 minutes for “fruit fried rice”, first order, first come, then those who are there first get it. Cook until the meat is tender, the water has reduced and the sauce has thickened. Adjust the flavor to taste. Can be served with boiled carrots and peas.

Note: For real ingredients you can add oyster sauce, worcestershire sauce, light soy sauce, chili sauce to make it more delicious. But since I have 2, 5 year olds, I skipped everything and just used the above ingredients I wrote, still delicious.

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Resep Bistik Ayam Chinese Food

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Resep Gampang Bistik Ayam Lapis Telur Lezat

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Nasi Goreng Bistik Aa

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