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Resep Bika Ambon Zulaikha – Bika ambon is one of the special delicacies of Medan, North Sumatra, and enjoys a high reputation in Indonesia and even overseas. One of the famous producers of Bika ambon cake is Zulaikha located at Jalan Mojopahit 1. 70 A, Petisah Tengah, Petisah District, Medan, Medan City, North Sumatra.

Speaking of Pika Ambon cake, many people think that this delicacy originated in Ambon. But who would have guessed that this delicacy originally came from Medan. A well-known producer of Bika Ambon in Medan is from Bika Ambon Zulaikha.

Resep Bika Ambon Zulaikha

Resep Bika Ambon Zulaikha

While many Medan-style cake souvenirs have sprung up, Bika Ambon has survived to this day and remains a favorite for tourists to take home. Bika Ambon Zulaikha is characterized by its soft and hollow texture, fragrant aroma and sweet taste.

Jual Bika Ambon Zulaikha Original

Many domestic and foreign tourists take Bika Ambon Zulaiha home as a souvenir. No wonder the bika ambon is the souvenir that airline passengers always bring into the cabin when returning from Medan.

Zulaikha is really different from others when tasting Bika Ambon. It feels soft on the tip of the tongue but has a different taste, sweet and delicious. This Bika Ambon is unique in that it is a cake made from a mixture of sago flour, eggs, sugar and coconut water, mixed and stirred until the mixture is evenly combined.

The dough is then poured into a baking dish and baked in the oven at a high enough temperature. Bika Ambon Zulaikha is different from other areas. The difference lies in the materials used and how they are manufactured.

The basic ingredients of Bika Ambon Zulaikha cake are sago flour and coconut water, while Bika Ambon cakes from other regions may use ingredients such as wheat flour or brown sugar.

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The method of making Bika Ambon Zulaikha cake also has its own technique which gives this cake a soft and hollow texture. The technique involves a fermentation process in which a well-mixed dough is left for several hours to allow a fermentation reaction between the yeast and other ingredients.

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All variants of Bika Ambon Zulaikha cakes have a unique and delicious taste and have a soft and hollow texture that is the hallmark of Bika Ambon cakes. These cookies can be given to family and friends as souvenirs or gifts, or enjoyed as a delicious snack.

Bika Ambon Zulaikha cakes can be found in cake shops in Medan, North Sumatra, and can also be purchased online

Resep Bika Ambon Zulaikha

And sent to all over Indonesia. This cake is perfect as a souvenir or as a snack at home with family and friends. Bika Ambon Zulaikha is one of the most famous and legendary cake shops in Medan city. Located at Jalan Sei Deli, Medan, this shop has been in business for over 50 years since 1967.

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Bika Ambon cake produced by Bika Ambon Zulaikha is a quintessential symbol of Medan city. Bika Ambon is a traditional cake made by mixing glutinous rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, eggs and pandan leaf water until smooth. Then pour the dough into a baking dish and bake on low heat until cooked. The basic ingredients of Bika Ambon Cake are grated coconut and pandan, resulting in a soft, sweet texture and a unique aroma.

Bika Ambon Zulaikha has a secret recipe passed down from generation to generation for making Bika Ambon cakes, which makes it different from other cake shops. In addition, the shop also prioritizes the use of high-quality ingredients to create delicious and high-quality cakes.

This cake shop has loyal customers from various cities in Indonesia and even abroad. Bika Ambon Zulaikha has won various awards and received a lot of media coverage for their delicious Bika Ambon cakes.

Apart from Bika Ambon, Bika Ambon Zulaikha also sells various other types of traditional cakes such as lapis lazuli cake, Bugis cake, putu ayu and many more. The store is open daily from 08:00 to 18:00 WIB and offers cake delivery all over Indonesia. For lovers of traditional food, Bika Ambon Zulaikha is a must-see when visiting Medan city.

Asal Usul Bika Ambon Yang Jadi Makanan Khas Medan

Bika Ambon Zulaikha is a legendary cake shop in Medan City. Since its establishment in 1967, this shop is located in Jalan Sei Deli, Medan, and has many branches in various parts of Indonesia.

*Surabaya Branch: There are several branches in Surabaya, including in Gubeng, Sidosermo area and Taman Flora Culinary Tourism area.

In addition, Bika Ambon Zulaikha also provides cake delivery service all over Indonesia. So, for those who want to enjoy the Bika Ambon Zulaikha cake, you can easily find it in several big cities in Indonesia, or order it directly through the delivery service.

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Resep Bika Ambon Zulaikha

Bika Ambon Zulaikha is located at Jalan Sei Deli No. 11, Tj. Mulia, Keke. Medan Deli, Medan City, North Sumatra 20227, Indonesia.

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For more information, you can call (+62) 61-6613446 or via WhatsApp (+62) 821-6646-1308.

Bika Ambon Zulaikha is open daily from 08:00 to 18:00 WIB. You can buy cakes directly from the store or order them through their cake delivery service all over Indonesia. But keep in mind that hours are subject to change, so it’s best to check before visiting.

Unfortunately, the secret recipe of Bika Ambon Zulaikha is not known and is closely guarded by the shop owner. In general, though, the basic recipe for making Bika Ambon is as follows:

*Add beaten eggs, egg white water, pandan leaves, salt, vanilla powder, baking powder and baking soda. Stir well until all ingredients are fully combined.

Bika Ambon Zulaikha Mini

*Bake the Bika Ambon over low heat until cooked through, about 30-45 minutes. Make sure it’s not too long so the Bika Ambon doesn’t harden.

Although the secret recipe for Bika Ambon Zulaikha is not known yet, a delicious Bika Ambon can be made with the basic recipe above. Good luck! Don’t be fooled by its name, Bika Ambon hails from Medan in North Sumatra. You know, this yellow cake with nested textures is made with natural ingredients. For your information, the material that causes this nest shape is fermented sap or palm wine. However, these results can also be obtained with instant yeast.

This snack is really suitable for drinking tea and coffee with friends. Its sweet and authentic taste makes it popular with different groups and age groups.

Resep Bika Ambon Zulaikha

Bika Ambon Zulaikha is famous for selling this special food because of its good taste and good quality. Because it is only available in Medan, friends from other places can try to make it at home. According to this recipe, the taste and vision can reach the original 11:12.

Bika Ambon Zulaikha Medan

Bika Ambon is a typical food in North Sumatra province (more precisely Medan). If you buy the box, you get a decent size and it has been cut into pieces. You can eat it straight away, but again you’ll have to struggle to find a knife.

If the standard size is too big, you can also try the mini version, made in a mud pie mold. Can be used for one meal and guaranteed to leave no residue.

The logo of Bika Ambon is remembered by many for its yellow color. If you want to try making it in other colors, you can use pandan to get a natural green color without artificial food coloring. You can also modify its shape to become a mini version, which can be used up at one time.

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You can print Bika Ambon on a large baking sheet or use a mud pie mold to make a miniature version. The key is to go through several steps of fermentation to achieve the texture and softness when cooked.

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To be able to execute and make Bika Ambon at home in no time, complete the ingredients by purchasing them in the Super app. In addition to being complete, you can also enjoy preferential prices for home delivery and a convenient shopping experience. Never worry about leaving home again!

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, until every day with all special discounts. So what are you waiting for, download the super app now and shop for your culinary needs now! Bika Ambon cake is very popular in Medan City and has an appeal that cannot be ignored. Deliciously sweet and fragrant with lime or pandan leaves, this cake is known for its porous shape and yellow color.

Resep Bika Ambon Zulaikha

Each bite develops a chewy center, followed by a distinctive saltiness from the bottom grill. Despite its resemblance to typical Malay cakes like Bika or bingka, Bika Ambon uses a developer made from tree sap during the making process, resulting in a different taste from Bingka Melayu.

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There are several interesting versions about the origin of the name Bika Ambon. The first version states that the name comes from the place where this cake was first sold, the Ambon junction in Sei Kera, Medan.

The second version deals with the history of Ampras, an area in Medan divided into two regions, the west and east of the river. There are latex processing factories in Hexi, and workers’ residences, tobacco and cocoa plantations in Hexi.

An immigrant worker from Java made the cake and managed to attract the attention of the Dutch. Chinese traders saw this opportunity and started marketing. Gradually, the cake business developed and was named Bika Ambon, referring to the word “Amplas-Kebon”.

The final version explained that the Ambon Bika cake got its name from a local language describing the deliciousness of the cake. In the Medan language, the word “ambon” means “soft” because of its very soft texture when eaten.

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Note that if you plan to keep it as a souvenir, this cake will only keep for 3-4 days as it is made without the use of preservatives. For those who want to find the best Bika Ambon in Medan, here it is

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