Resep Bika Ambon 6 Telur

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Resep Bika Ambon 6 Telur – Bika Ambon is very famous and has many fans. This cake is a typical food from Medan. Apart from being delicious, this Bika Ambon cake has a beautiful texture and has holes like an ant’s nest. It tastes delicious with a distinctive aroma of turmeric, pandan leaves, lemongrass and lime leaves. The texture of the cake is soft, flexible and chewy. So delicious! 👍

So, today I want to make an economical, delicious, soft and completely nested bika ambon without a mixer and without an oven. The results are good, the Ambon bika has a full nest from top to bottom.

Resep Bika Ambon 6 Telur

Resep Bika Ambon 6 Telur

Yesterday someone asked if this Bika Ambon recipe could be baked. Well, I’ll try. Today I want to make Bika Ambon baked in a pan. Come on, let’s look directly at the recipe and how to make it!

Resep Bika Ambon Mini Mudah Dan Ekonomis, Diajamin Anti Gagal

Tapioca flour 200 gr (-+ 25 tablespoons use a measuring spoon. I use Pak Tani Bogor Liaw Liong Pit brand tapioca flour)

1) The first step is to put granulated sugar into a pan, add turmeric powder, salt, pandan leaves, lime leaves and lemongrass stems. Finally add coconut milk.

4) Let the coconut milk sit until the hot steam dissipates or wait until it is warm (no need to cool it to room temperature). Until it’s hot, mom, open it hot. Hot and hot are different, mom.

6) Now mix together the tapioca flour, glutinous rice flour and yeast. Add hot coconut milk. It’s hot, mom, not hot. We stir until it is evenly mixed, smooth and not lumpy.

Cara Membuat Bika Ambon Khas Medan, Kenyal Dan Bersarang

7) Now, after stirring until smooth, smooth and not lumpy, add the remaining coconut milk. Stir again until evenly mixed and combined.

9) Well, after resting the dough for 20 minutes, Mom. The dough seems to have risen, we stir it. Then we put it aside

10) Put the eggs into a dry and clean bowl. Mix with granulated sugar and vanilla powder. Beat until the sugar dissolves.

Resep Bika Ambon 6 Telur

14) So now let’s prepare a normal pan for cooking, Mom, I use a pan measuring 20 cm in diameter. We brush all parts of the pan with vegetable/cooking oil. You can also brush it with margarine and sprinkle with flour.

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Resep Bika Ambon Dari @evhyhandayani2

15) Turn on the stove fire. Let’s use low heat, mom. Then place the nest on top. If there are 2 stoves, you can stack them, Mom, use 2 stoves so they are not too close to the stove fire. Let’s heat the pan first.

16) Well, after resting for 1 hour, Mom. The dough seems to be rising and there is a lot of foam. Let’s stir, mom, until the foam is evenly mixed with the dough.

19) Well, Mom, you can see a lot of bubbles. This means that the Bika Ambon cake is forming nests and fibers, so don’t cover the pan yet. This aims to nest the cake and form fibers first.

20) Now, after there are many bubbles and if we are piercing the cake with a skewer, when the cake is 3/4 cooked or 3/4 solid, then we cover the pan so that the cake cooks quickly and dry.

Resep Bika Ambon Ini Bisa Dibuat Di Rumah, Ini Triknya Agar Berlubang Sempurna

21) So, after baking for about 50 minutes, let’s try to see if the Bika Ambon cake is cooked and dry on top. Well, it’s dry, Mom, it’s not sticky to your hands anymore. Now we raise the ambon bika cake.

22) Well, here it is, Mom, the end result is that the top looks like there are holes, which means that the cake is completely nested all the way to the top. We wait until n -the hot steam disappears.

23) Now that the hot steam has gone, comb the edges of the cake first. We remove the cake from the pan. The bottom looks a little brown, mom, it’s not burnt yet, it’s still edible, mom.

Resep Bika Ambon 6 Telur

24) Now let’s cut it. It looks really soft, fragrant and very flexible, Mom. Well, here it is, Mom, the end result is very beautiful nested from top to bottom and has a lot of fibers.

Resep Bika Ambon Kukus Praktis Dan Legit

Here, mom, the Bika Ambon fiber is very good from top to bottom and lots of it. The texture is soft, supple and supple for days. This recipe, mom, is recommended for those who want to sell Bika Ambon.

It is very easy, Moms, to make Bika Ambon cake, delicious, soft, chewy and full of nests. Good luck and hopefully useful! 👌Bika ambon mini is one of the traditional Indonesian cakes that sell well and are liked by many people. Bika Ambon cake is very famous all over Indonesia, everyone knows and loves this cake. It tastes delicious, sweet, fragrant, soft and chewy, which makes this cake very popular among our people and always sells well in cake baskets.

So this time I want to make mini bika ambon cakes which are economical and can be sold. Although it is economical, it tastes great. The texture is full and soft and supple. Come on, let’s look directly at the recipe and how to make it below.

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3) Then, let the coconut milk sit until the hot steam disappears or wait until it is hot (don’t let it be hot, if it is hot, the flour will be cooked).

Resep Bika Ambon Mini Ekonomis, Cemilan Legit Dari Bahan Murah Jadi Tak Kalah Mewah

4) Next, put the yeast, sugar and warm water in a glass, then stir until evenly mixed, then cover and rest for 15 minutes.

5) Next, in a fairly large bowl or basin, add the eggs, granulated sugar and melted margarine. Stir until mixed and evenly combined. Put it aside for now.

6) Place the tapioca flour, wheat flour and activated yeast in a container. After that, add hot coconut milk and filter. Then we stir until evenly mixed.

Resep Bika Ambon 6 Telur

9) Then, cover the pan and set the mixture for 1 hour. Well, after 1 hour, the mixture breathes a lot of foam. Let’s stir it first until it’s smooth again.

Peluang Bisnis Bika Ambon, Resep Dan Analisanya

10) Prepare a thin baking sheet, fill it with sand that has been washed clean and dried. We will use this as a base so that the cake does not burn quickly. Place the mini bike ambo model on a sheet of baking sand. Heat the mold ambon mini-bika.

11) We splash water. So, if the sound is clear, it means that the mold is hot. We dry it first and then spread it with margarine or vegetable oil.

12) Now pour the cake mixture until it is only 3/4 full as the mixture will still rise. Let’s wait until it nests first. Don’t close it, okay? We grill Bika Ambon over medium heat.

Well, the Ambon mini bike is nested and soft. The cake is soft and chewy. The texture is delicious, the Bika Ambon is nested and full of fiber. It tasted delicious and just right. That’s how to make mini-bika ambon. Good luck trying it and we hope it is – The name of the Bika Ambon snack is well known as one of the most delicious foods of the archipelago. Although its name is bika ambon, this snack is a traditional cake that comes from the Medan area. Bika Ambon has a delicious, chewy, sticky taste and a soft, hollow texture. This uniqueness makes the Bika Ambon cake a suitable souvenir for the family.

Mudah Dan Praktis! Berikut Resep Bika Ambon Ekonomis, Bisa Jadi Cemilan Saat Santai Di Rumah

This yellow cake with a sweet taste is a shame. The naturally bright yellow color that is so tempting in this cake usually comes from using large amounts of egg yolk. Apart from that, there is a natural pigment obtained from turmeric.

Well, Bika Ambon is usually made from ingredients like eggs, sugar, coconut milk and starch. If Ambon bika is generally sold with the original flavor, now there are many variations of flavors that you can taste. Starting from pandan flavor, cheese flavor, to chocolate and many more, you know.

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You don’t have to go all the way to Medan to enjoy this delicious snack. You can also try it yourself at home. The reason is that the ingredients and the method to make it are not so difficult.

Resep Bika Ambon 6 Telur

So, for those who are curious about how to make it, here has compiled the most delicious, chewy, legit and practical bika ambon recipe from various sources, Tuesday (21/7).

Resep Bika Ambon Mini Oleh Sri Rejeki

9. Pour the mixture into a hot baking pan. Bake at 180°C for 40 minutes. Leave the oven slightly open for the first 30 minutes, then close the oven tightly, bake until cooked.

1. Process the ingredients, mix the dry ingredients well and then pour in the water a little at a time and stir until there are no lumps. Leave it for 15 minutes.

7. Fill a heatproof baking sheet with sand as a base for baking, heat an 18 x 18 cm baking tray on top. Pour the mixture into a buttered baking dish and sprinkle thinly with sago.

200 cc coconut milk boiled with lemongrass, lime leaves and pandan (add 2 drops of egg yolk colouring/turmeric powder)

Pencinta Kuliner Manis? Yuk Intip 4 Resep Bika Ambon Ala Rumahan

2. Then mix the starch, wheat flour, sugar, salt, starter and coconut milk, stir with a whisk until the sugar dissolves and is smooth.

3. Then pour in the remaining eggs and coconut milk, stir well. Add melted margarine, stir again. Leave it for 1 hour.

4. Heat the Teflon, spread margarine in a thin layer until it is really hot over high heat for a while. Line the bottom of the mold with double zinc so it doesn’t burn quickly. Pour the mixture and leave until the bubbles appear.

Resep Bika Ambon 6 Telur

5. If the top starts to dry out, reduce the heat to medium/low. Cover the Teflon for a minute, lift and let cool. Bika Ambon is ready to serve.

Modal Kecil Untung Besar, Coba Tips Bika Ambon Hemat Telur Buat Usaha Rumahan

1. Mix ingredients A, cook and stir gently until it boils, do not let it break. Remove from heat, then filter to make 125 ml and leave at room temperature.

3. Beat the eggs and fine granulated sugar until thick white, add the sago flour and glutinous rice flour while sifting, stir well.

4. Add the starter mixture, pour in the coconut milk little by little and stir the mixture until smooth. Finally add melted margarine, stir well. Leave it for 2-3 hours until the dough rises.

7. Pour the mixture only 3/4 into the pan. Do not stir the dough any further. Bake over low heat until cooked, about 15-20 minutes.

Berikut Ini Resep Bika Ambon Ala Larizo

7. Leave until the dough is slightly dry and has holes. Then cover with a lid for 5 minutes. Rise and serve.

1. Boil all the coconut milk ingredients, stirring constantly so that it does not break, on a low heat until the coconut milk becomes 150 ml. Remove from heat, let cool, then strain.

10. Grease the mud cake mold with cooking oil, then heat over medium heat until really hot.

Resep Bika Ambon 6 Telur

11. When it’s really hot, put almost 3/4 of the mixture (1.5 spoons) into the cake tin. Then reduce the heat to low, leave it until a lot of foam appears on top.

Asal Usul Bika Ambon Yang Jadi Makanan Khas Medan

3. In a bowl, mix the flour, 1 tsp granulated sugar, instant yeast and coconut water, mix well, cover and let rest for 15 minutes.

4. Beat sugar and

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