Resep Bihun Goreng Telur

Resep Bihun Goreng Telur – Who likes fried noodles? This simple menu is often a favorite home-cooked meal. Also, how to cook restaurant-style fried noodles is quite simple and practical. In fact, you only need half an hour to serve it.

Especially in the month of Ramadan, fried noodles can be a delicious menu idea for sahur and breaking the fast. So, are you interested in making it yourself at home?

Resep Bihun Goreng Telur

Resep Bihun Goreng Telur

If the above ingredients are ready, then you can follow the steps to make fried noodles below.

Cara Memasak Bihun Goreng Kering Spesial

2. While you wait, you can cut the mustard greens and beef meatballs. The size can be as big as a dice to make it more delicious when eaten.

4. When the ingredients are cut, you can start cooking the scrambled eggs. Once cooked, reserve in a container.

6. After that, sauté the shallots and garlic, candlenuts, red chilies (optional) and a pinch of salt until fragrant.

To make it more interesting, you can also add some ingredients on top of the fried noodles, such as boiled quail eggs, sliced ​​tortillas, fried onions, lettuce and tomatoes.

Resep Bihun Goreng Simple Buat Sarapan Weekend Yang Malas!

You can also add chicken or beef as a filling for fried noodles, you know. Just sauté it along with the meatballs and peeled shrimp.

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For frying and mixing ingredients, you’ll also need a large enough pan, along with a strong spatula, like this one.

This online shopping site also sells a variety of quality furniture and homeware from well-known brands belonging to the Kawan Lama Group, such as ACE, Informa, Krisbow, etc. However, here we will share the recipe for white fried noodles without added soy. sauce Although the color looks pale, the taste is very delicious.

Resep Bihun Goreng Telur

And you need to know, this simple process is super easy to do, the important thing is that you have the ingredients available.

Resep Bihun Goreng Jawa Dengan Rasa Yang Memanjakan Lidah

So, it doesn’t take much more, just take a look at the Fried White Noodles recipe summarized on Devina Hermawan’s YouTube channel.

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Resep Bihun Goreng Telur

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