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Resep Bedak Salicyl – 2 TOWEL POWER Soft Powder is a lightweight skin powder that can be packed in a perforated container for easy skin application. In general, the powder should pass through a 100-mesh sieve to avoid irritation to sensitive parts. (FI IV 1995, p. 15)

Dry (uniformity of weight) FI III 1979, page 24: PULVIS ADSPERSORIUS Loose powder is a powder without wheat grains and is intended for external medicine. Note: Talcum powder used for smoking must be free from Clostridium tetani, Clostridium welchii and Bacillus anthracis bacteria. Powders should not be used on open wounds

Resep Bedak Salicyl

Resep Bedak Salicyl

Dr. Fahmi Alvariza Jl. Mr. H. Juanda No. 19, in Jakarta /SIPD-31.72/1997/1.056 Jakarta, R / Balsam Peru 2% ZnO 4% Sulfur pp 3% Salicylic acid 0.8% Camphor 0.2% Menthol 1.2% Ad. Draw 50 meters f. l. a. p. u. e. Pro: Saffron, 10 SHORT RECIPES

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Dr. Fahmi Alvariza Jl. Mr. H. Juanda No. 19, in Jakarta /SIPD-31.72/1997/1.056 Jakarta, R / Balsam Peru 2% ZnO 4% Sulfur pp 3% Salicylic acid 0.8% Camphor 0.2% Menthol 1.2% Ad. Draw 50 meters f. l. a. p. u. e. Scales: Zafran, 10 Name, Address, City Doctor’s SIP/SIK, Date of Prescription (Inscriptio) Number R/or Prescription (Invocatio) Name and Amount of Medicine (Praescriptio) How to Make/Prepare Medicine (Ordinatio) ) Medicine Patient’s name, age and address Doctor’s initial or signature (Subscriptio)

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. ethanol (90%) Efficacy: Antiseptic Description: Amor powder, very fine, white or yellowish white; odorless; It slowly absorbs carbon dioxide from the air. Solvency: Insoluble in water and ethane Efficacy: Antiseptic

7 Sulfur pp (FI III, 591; FI IV, 771) Salicylic acid (FI III, 56; FI IV, 51) Description: Rock crystal powder; very smooth; light yellow color; Odorless Solvent: Practically insoluble in water, slightly soluble in olive oil, slightly soluble in ethanol Properties: Antiant Description: White crystals, usually fine needles or white fine crystalline powder, odorless Solvent: Soluble in 500 parts water, 4 parts ethanol Properties: Antifungal

Description: Yes, Crystal Age; white or colorless, clear; pungent odor, pungent and pungent taste; evaporate slowly Solubility: in 700 parts water, 1 part ethanol (95%) P, 0.25 part Chloroform P; very soluble in ether; readily soluble in fatty oils (and volatile oils) Properties: Irritant Description: Colorless crystalline powder, usually needle-shaped, with a sweet buttery odor. Oils Benefits: Corigen, Antiirritant

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A very fine, white or grayish-white crystalline powder, easily suspended and devoid of granules, Dissolution: soluble in almost all solvents.

ZnO + Salicylic acid forms zinc salicylate (a cement-like solid). (OTT, pages 58-59) ZnO slowly absorbs CO2 from the air to form zinc carbonate. (FI IV, p. 835) Filtered through sieve number (Talcum) coated with inert materials. 100. If the mixture melts (FI IV, p. 529) A useful eutectic mixture is formed, then the balsam of Peru dried with talc should not be crushed too long, as the volatile matter is lost. Balsam of Peru with leaves. Joined the final round. (Anief, page 48) Sulfur cannot be used with pp silk or metal mesh because it produces electrically charged granules. Sulfur does not pass through the pp filter;

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2 100 X 50g = 1 g 2. ZnO 4 100 X 50g = 2 g 3. Sulfur pp 3 100 X 50g = 1.5 g 4. Salicylic acid 0.8 100 X 50g = 0.4 g 5. Camphor 0. 2 100 X 50g = 0.1 g 6. Menthol 1.2 100 X 50g = 0.6 g 7. Talc 50g – (1 + 2 + 1, 5 + 0, 4 + 0, 1 + 0, 6) g = 44.4 g

Resep Bedak Salicyl

MANUFACTURING PROCEDURE Weigh out 0.4 g of salicylic acid, add to a drop of 96% ethanol, the turpentine ad just dissolves, dry with talc, then remove from mortar (mixture A) Talcum 44.4 g Balance the balance Prepare the instrument

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Mix Camphor + Menthol in a mortar to form a eutectic mixture, then dry using a porcelain spoon Weight of Talc (Mixture B) Menthol 0.6 g (glass hour) Weight of Camphor 0.1 g (glass hour).

Mixture D + Mixture E, ad homogenous mixture (mixture F) Balsam peru 1 g (aluminum glass), place in a drop of 90% ethanol, just dissolve mixture ad and dry immediately with Talc (mixture E) mixture C + ZnO. The same adsorption (compound D) does not occur with ZnO. 100, then the weight of ZnO is 2 g

Measure the final result of the powder mixture, then calculate the percentage of errors/deviations Sulfur pp + mixture F, soluble, uniform weight sulfur pp, deposited on fine soil.

SEXAL PHARMAKI No.A 1st Saffron (10 years) For external use CONTENTS: POWER POT LABEL: Blue NO. R/:1 Date. PRODUCT: PROPERTY NAME: Saffron (10th) NAME: OFF-LABEL USES: – Beginner:

Usulan Resep Upk

19 ANTISEPTICS Antiseptics are chemicals used to reduce various microorganisms by killing or stopping the growth of disease-causing insects (Essential Medicine Dr. Tan Hoan Thai, 242)

Anti-ant: drugs used to treat and reduce itching in diseases caused by parasites (scab mite – Sarcoptis scabei) (Pharmacology X – Sri Riyanti, 53) Anti-fungal: drugs used to eliminate infections caused by fungi. (Pharmacology X – Sri Riyanti, 92)

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Resep Bedak Salicyl

SALICYL TALC is a powder containing salicylic acid and talc. This powder is used to relieve irritation caused by heat and other skin diseases.

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