Resep Beberuk Terong Khas Lombok

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Resep Beberuk Terong Khas Lombok – So far, our knowledge about the typical food of Lombok is limited to taliwang chicken, plecing spinach and beruk eggplant. I’m sorry if the following article does not enrich the discussion about Lombok’s typical food and still focuses on taliwang chicken, spinach plecing and eggplant beruk.

Every time you try taliwang chicken, there are questions that always arise. Could this chicken dish have more flavor? Is there a possibility to interpret taliwang chicken in a newer way? In Jakarta, I tasted taliwang chicken from roadside tent stalls to restaurants located in Tebet and Blok M. Then to Lombok I tasted taliwang chicken at Dua M and Taliwang Irama restaurants on two different occasions; my conclusion is still the same. Like an actor, Ayam Taliwang looks like Demi Moore; It is highly suspected that his acting talent will not win a prestigious award. But, like Demi Moore, because she is famous; Usually, every time a Demi Moore movie comes out, we try to spend (or waste?) time watching it. Like chicken taliwang; can’t help but when we arrive in Lombok; As if our nose is suitable, we will lead our feet to enter a typical Lombok restaurant and eat it.

Resep Beberuk Terong Khas Lombok

Resep Beberuk Terong Khas Lombok

But there is always hope for Lombok food; even for a simple menu like plecing kale and some eggplants. Have you ever thought that boiled water spinach and bean sprouts, tomato paste, refried beans and spiced grated coconut can activate so many sensors in your taste buds? I imagine there are people who hesitate and gather the courage to mix all the ingredients in one dish. There is the crunch of peanuts, the savory grated coconut, the fishy smell of the sea from the shrimp paste, all calmed down by the spinach and bean sprouts stew. It’s not difficult to finish a piece of warm, fluffy rice just by folding spinach. Some people think that the speciality of spinach plecing is in the Lombok spinach type which is big and crunchy; different from the skinny variant like the one in Java. This may be the factor that differentiates kale in Java. The duration of boiling water spinach in Java can be the same, but because the variety of water spinach is large, water absorption is less, so the result is drier when served.

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Kuliner Khas Mataram Kampung Halaman Suharso Monoarfa

Another culinary fire of Lombok is the eggplant beruk. Simply, this dish is eggplant that is roasted and then roughly mashed with tomato sauce and red onion. Here I really like the innovation of someone in Lombok who combines eggplant with chili sauce. Instead of processing eggplant with cooking oil (like in West Sumatra); Lombok cooks choose to fry the eggplant until it is cooked and soft and then mixed with chili sauce. The sweetness of the eggplant provides a backdrop for the fresh and spicy Lombok tomato chili sauce complemented by the tartness of shallots. There are some other variations that use raw eggplant and add long beans, but for me, the main achievement is using grilled eggplant. The real sensation is that by frying the eggplant we complete the sweep of color taste that can be felt by the tongue. Not only does the fresh chili paste, but the subtle sweetness of the grilled eggplant satisfies us when we have a regular plate of rice.

I felt all this at RM Taliwang Irama in Mataram city. The restaurant is similar to a Sundanese restaurant complete with seating. We ordered the honey-grilled gourami as a complement to the taliwang chicken (please note, the free-range chicken in Lombok is very small; it can be the size of two KFC chicken breasts). For me, there is no major difference between taliwang chicken eaten in Jakarta and Mataram apart from the size. But for me this honey grilled gourami is really special; In addition to the absence of the muddy smell that often appears, the effect of using honey as a complementary spice is the typical sweetness of guava, making it different from Central Javanese cuisine which is also sweet. The size of gourami fish when compared to typical Sundanese gourami dishes is much smaller; maybe the size is only 400 grams and there is only one size. The taste of gourami meat is sweeter so I suspect that it is not the result of freshwater farming that uses special fish food but still uses traditional fish food.

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For dessert we ordered the crystal coconut ice which is basically regular coconut ice which uses honey as a sweetener. Again, using honey as a sweetener has a different effect on coconut ice. In addition to that coconut is really young; The aroma of honey that comes out is not as sweet as granulated sugar, so there is a luxurious sensation that comes from the crystal coconut ice.

After eating, eat at RM Taliwang Irama; I wonder what the typical food of Lombok brings to the culinary treasures of Indonesia? Forgive me for using bombastic terms. The main concern is spinach and eggplant peel; Sorry, Taliwang chicken. Many times we have found lalap, gado-gado and all its variations such as lotek, karedok and urap as a complement to protein fish. Everything happens so often, so often that we don’t even blink, eat it (or put it aside for some people) almost without noticing. Interpret spinach and eggplant peels like Tilda Swinton or Bjork.

Beberuk Terong Khas Lombok

Others are crazy but quirky. Although the popularity of Swinton and Bjork does not mean that everyone knows their work; but without them how stupid and routine would be western pop culture. Without plecing spinach and berberku eggplant; how empty and cowardly Indonesian food is.

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