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Resep Barongko Asli – Banana is a fruit that many children like because of its soft flesh and sweet taste. Did you know that this tropical fruit is not only delicious but also rich in nutrients? Bananas are rich in vitamin B6, manganese, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and fiber.

There are many types of bananas that you can find in both supermarkets and traditional markets, such as bananas, bananas, bananas, bananas, bananas, bananas, bananas, bananas or bananas. Each type of banana has a different texture and taste.

Resep Barongko Asli

Resep Barongko Asli

In addition to eating directly, bananas can be processed into various foods with different flavors. So so that your baby can experience the variation of banana eating, mothers can try the following modifications to processed bananas from South Sulawesi.

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3. Pour the mixture into a heat-resistant container or a piece of banana leaf, which is then folded like a pepper.

The Baronco banana recipe does not use carrots and fried flour. In this recipe, I modified it a bit so that your toddler can get more fiber and vitamins from carrots and protein from flaxmeal. Mom can get rid of carrots and flaxmeal if you do not want to.

The sugar in this recipe can be eliminated if it is served to the baby MPASI. To keep it sweet, mothers can choose bananas that are very ripe so that the sweet taste comes from a single banana. This Barongko banana tastes sweet and melts in the mouth, so it is perfect as a snack for small babies. If you use banana leaves as a package, the smell of banana leaves will enhance the taste experience of this traditional meal. Lucky to try to make processed bananas, moms!

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Lebaran Sehat Berserat, Kue Barongko Atau Koktail Buah?

The moderation and editorial process will take 3×24 hours. You can check the status of your writing on ARTICLES HISTORY PageLMAKASSAR – A typical dish from Sulawesi that is very popular with Indonesians is barongko. This typical South Sulawesi dish is not only delicious but also deeply philosophical.

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Reported by Like other tribes in Indonesia, the Bugis people also have traditional food and drink preserved to this day. There are many traditional foods and drinks that the people of Bugis have. In addition to konro and coto Makassar, the Bugis also have a typical peganan, barongko banana.

In ancient times, bananas were considered a delicacy and were served only to the nobility of Bugis. Bugis kings generally prefer this banana-based food as a dessert. This snack is served only occasionally, such as weddings and traditional ceremonies.

Resep Barongko Asli

Barongko is white, yellow, triangular in shape and traditionally packaged with banana leaves. Like the basic ingredient in other dishes in South Sulawesi, the main ingredient in Barongko is banana. The bananas used are generally the type of banana that the Bugis people know as utti loppo, which means big banana.

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The banana is then ground and mixed with other ingredients, including candy, eggs, coconut milk, vanilla, salt and more. Then wrap the banana leaves in a triangular pattern, fasten them to a wooden board and steam. After cooking, wait a moment before serving to cool the cake.

Although it may seem simple and easy, this cake is rare. Barongko appears only at special events such as circumcision, akikah, mappanre temme, or wedding parties. The reason is that in the area of ​​origin, Barongko did not do as he pleased. Barongko must be made by experienced people to maintain the original taste of Barongko.

In addition to these special events, there is a time when Barongko always serves in the Bugis house, that is, when Ramadan arrives. In addition to its sweet and cold sweet taste, baronco is also considered safe for digestion and boosts stamina.

Therefore, it is advisable to serve it as a meal after fasting throughout the day during Ramadan. The sweet taste, soft texture and sour taste make it hard for those who taste this cake to leave and forget the special delicacy of Baronco.

Resep Barongko Pisang Kukus Enak Dan Mudah

In addition, although it looks simple and easy to make, barongko has a high philosophical value. According to most Bugis, bananas are not only handcrafted, skilled and experienced, but also made by heart. This is in line with the high philosophical values ​​contained in it.

Most Bugis call barongko an honest cake. The main ingredient is made from bananas and wrapped again in the same plant, the basic ingredients (banana leaves) represent fidelity.

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This means that what is visible on the outside must be the same as what is stored on the inside. This, of course, teaches us that what is said must be the same as what is done and what is done must be the same as what is felt. Another meaning is that thoughts and feelings must be commensurate with the action taken.

Resep Barongko Asli

Due to its cultural value, the traditional barongko was included in the Ministry of Education and Culture as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2017. Therefore, if one day you feel betrayed or feel that the value of honesty is declining, remember that there is still the usual Barongko Pinisi “Si Manis-Tender” which to this day still retains its taste and philosophical value.

Resep Kue Tradisional, Jongkong Manis

Serving this delightful dish from the Bugis is very easy and the ingredients are easy to get. Below summarizes the various sources of ingredients and how to make.

First step: The first step is to prepare the banana leaves first. Wash the banana leaves and cut into 15 × 30 cm.

Step Two: To make it easier, make a mold out of cardboard with a side length of 6 cm and a base of 5 cm. I used cardboard and tied it with rubber to make it more beautiful, I wrapped it with bandage.

Step 3: Apply the old banana leaves as the outer layer and the young banana leaves as the inner layer. The shape of the banana leaves follows the size of the mushroom. To prevent it from exposing, a strip of wood can be inserted into it. Set aside.

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Step 4: Put bananas, milk, coconut, eggs, sugar, salt and milk powder in a blender. Mix it and pour into a container. (The amount of sugar used does not need to be much, because ripe bananas already have their own sweet taste).

Step 5: Take a banana leaf that has been formed and open half of the banana leaf. Add 3 tablespoons of banana mixture. Close it again and attach the stick (you can also use a hekter or use the remaining banana leaves as a rope and hekter on top) Who fasts? For fasting friends, I hope your fasting goes smoothly. For those who are fasting, you are definitely looking for a takji dish that is fresh and sweet. Do not make the wrong menu for a quick break, man. I have a typical Makassar takjil menu that … hey why is it sold in Jakarta hehe. Well, it’s not just a nice tourist spot, but the simple Makasa dish is also no less delicious: p The special thing is that every takjil dish below has bananas as the basic ingredient. Wow! Banana is a fruit that almost everyone loves because it has a sweet taste and the taste is really fresh when mixed with ice and syrup. Wow! In addition, you can make the following dishes at home because it is easy to make and the ingredients needed are also easy to find. While browsing my blog, do not delete too soon, hehe. Let’s see for yourself 😀

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Barongko cake is a simple Bugis cake called Makassar that is not well known. This cake has a sweet taste and a soft texture. The basic ingredient for Barongko cake is banana, which is then wrapped in banana leaves. Bananas are ground and mixed with condensed milk, vanilla, salt, granulated sugar, eggs and other easy-to-find ingredients. To make this cake, the recommended banana is kapok banana. Making this cake is very easy because we meet the ingredients every day.

Resep Barongko Asli

Viney For those who do not know Ijo Banana Ice from Makassar, do not understand, although it is widely sold in Jakarta, this is not a typical Jakarta dish, hehe. Ijo Banana Ice is made from bananas (yaiyalaaah). Bananas are wrapped in a mixture of green flour and the method is steamed, which is why it is called Es Pisang Ijo. Then eat bananas with white juice made from coconut milk and add syrup. Other ingredients that make this dish really delicious are coconut milk, syrup, coconut milk, granulated sugar and so on. The taste is really sweet and very fresh, people!

Barongko Tanpa Daun Pisang

That’s a funny name, hehe Banana Epe is a special snack from Anging Mammiri and a tourist snack. The word “epe” comes from the Makassar language, which means “pin”. So Banana Epe is a grilled banana that needs to be snapped to make it flat. The bananas that are usually used are papayas that are not too ripe and not soft. This Epe banana can be eaten with natural palm sugar juice that is not as sweet as natural. There are different flavors like chocolate bar and chocolate-cheese. Ingredients needed for making it include palm sugar, granulated sugar, liquid coconut water and more.

Palu Butung ice is similar to Ijo Pisang Ice, but still different. The difference is in the green powder dressing. Es Palu Butung is not covered in green flour, but uses a white sauce made from coconut milk and syrup. Another difference is in bananas that use Es Palu Butung using plantains. The ingredients are almost identical to the ingredients used to make Ijo Banana Ice.

Looks really delicious and fresh, I want to break up quickly, hehe. Can you make the above dish at home, buy it yourself or go to Makasa? It’s up to you what matters

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