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Resep Balado Ayam – Balado Chicken – This time we will discuss chicken cooked with balado bun spices. But first, let’s discuss Balado chili sauce first. Balado is a typical Minangkabau cooking technique. This chili balado differs from other chili sauces that only use ground chili or crushed chili as an accompaniment to food by dipping it.

Meanwhile, Balado sambal is prepared by sauteing ground chilies with various spices such as shallots, garlic, lime. Balado sambal can be served by cooking it again with other ingredients.

Resep Balado Ayam

Resep Balado Ayam

Like milkfish, beef jerky, anchovies, fried tempeh, boiled egg, fried chicken, fried duck, eggplant and fried fish. Commonly, the act of adding chilies and spices is believed to make food last longer. The chilies often used in cooking balado are curly red chilies.

Resep Masakan Buat Cowok Cowok Nih, Nugget Balado Viral Pedas Menggoda

Balador dishes are often found in simple restaurants such as food stalls, Padang restaurants and restaurants near the house. There are lots of creations of the balado cuisine that awaken the taste buds.

From egg balado, quail egg balado, tofu balado, balado tempeh, balado anchovy, balado jerky, balado fried duck, balado fried chicken, shrimp balado, balado chili petai, jengkol balado, balado tuna, balado fried fish, eggplant balado, sweet spicy balado fish , grunt liver verbalado, spicy chicken balado (chicken balado) and sweet spicy balado chicken whose recipe we are going to share.

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Generally, Balado chili sauce is made on red chili. But now many types of balado chili creations are popping up that use green chilies. Sambal that uses green chilies is known as green chili sauce. This green chili sauce also has as many fans as the red balado chili sauce.

So, that’s a bit about balado chili sauce, from cooking techniques, ingredients, tips, to different types of balado and the differences between balado and other chili sauces. OK, let’s just look at the ingredients of Balado Chicken and how to make it as below.

Resep Masakan Padang Balado Ayam Pandan

To add the delicious aroma, you can add enough basil leaves. All you have to do is add the basil leaves picked from the stems when the balado chili sauce is cooked. You can also add petai, if you want.

Have fun and be creative with Balado Chicken Recipe Don’t miss the various other dishes like Goat Curry Recipe, Delicious Anti-Smell Prengus which are a must try.

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