Resep Bakwan Jagung Renyah Tahan Lama

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Resep Bakwan Jagung Renyah Tahan Lama – – Who doesn’t love cornbread? This type of fried food is delicious and you will become addicted. It’s best to try sweet corn with a mixture of flour that’s more crunchy. It is not surprising that many people like to eat bakwan for snacks and side dishes.

Depending on the process, this bakwan is made from corn mixed with wheat flour, water, and various spices. Also, there are people who add some other ingredients to make the bakwan more crunchy, for example rice flour. Using rice flour is believed to make the bakwan texture more crunchy.

Resep Bakwan Jagung Renyah Tahan Lama

Resep Bakwan Jagung Renyah Tahan Lama

In addition to rice flour, some people use eggs. This ingredient can add texture and glue to the dough so it doesn’t become weak. Therefore, many people depend on the products.

Resep Bakwan Jagung Crispy Tanpa Telur Enak Dan Mudah

But did you know that corn flour can be made without the addition of these two ingredients, namely rice flour and seeds. A YouTube user Nuraaini Soewarto shared a tutorial on how to make corn fritters without eggs and rice flour. Although, the results of the bakwan are still crispy and crunchy, you know.

“Bakwan corn is crunchy on the outside and melty on the inside. It’s perfect for everyday menu ideas or just a snack,” said YouTuber Nuraaini Soewarto.

In the presentation from YouTube Nuraaini Soewarto on Wednesday (28/6), what was used was 2 cobs of mixed corn. Put the corn in a bowl with 1/2 of the carrots cut into cubes. Then add 2 bunches of chopped green onions. Stir well.

When done, add 3 cloves of minced garlic, 1 tsp of seasoning, 1 tsp of salt, and 1/4 tsp of ground pepper. For the flour, he uses 1 sachet of 100 grams of wheat flour. Then stir well and add 150 grams of low protein flour.

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Rahasia Super Renyah Dari Bakwan Jagung, Ternyata Begini, Yuk Kepoin!

While stirring, slowly pour in 350 ml of water. Then stir and mix well. After kneading, the texture of the dough is neither dark nor thick. Now this bakwan bread is ready to fry.

Prepare the amount of oil heated in the frying pan. Then pour a little flour. If so, fry on high heat until dry and dry.

If it starts to turn yellow and solid, turn the bakwan. Then fry until cooked. When cooked, remove and drain. Bakwan corn is ready to eat.

Resep Bakwan Jagung Renyah Tahan Lama

Seen more than 173 thousand times, the video immediately caught the attention of netizens. Who would have thought, many YouTube users gave direct answers through the comment column. There are also some netizens who have successfully imitated the corn meal.

Resep Bakwan Dan Tips Membuatnya Agar Renyah Tahan Lama

“Bakwan corn is the main dish on the table, besides tofu and tempeh. Thank you for bakwan food,” said YouTube – Bakwan corn is a type of fried food popular in many people. Apart from being a snack, bakwan corn is also suitable as a side dish to go with a plate of rice. Whatever you do, whether it’s in chili sauce or sweet potato, it should hurt your tongue. Corn chips are more versatile, of course, more flavorful and filling.

Most people when making corn fritters often add tapioca flour to the flour. Alternatively, there are people who add eggs to the flour. Even in this way, the texture of the dough is thick so that the bakwan does not spread out when fried.

But you can imitate Ade Koerniawan’s creation of corn fritters. Through one of his transmissions, he admits that he does not rely on tapioca flour and eggs to make his bakwan bread. However, it remains thick and crispy for a long time.

Shown from YouTube Ade Koerniawan, Sunday (4/6), first peel 2 whole corns. Then put it in a bowl.

Mudah Diolah, Berikut Resep Bakwan Jagung Yang Enak Dan Gurih

Add the chopped green onions, 4 finely chopped chives, 4 finely chopped chives, and 1 spring onion. Stir until all the ingredients are combined.

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After that, add the flour mixture to the bowl. For the flour, he uses 6 tablespoons of wheat flour, 2 tablespoons of rice flour, and 1 tablespoon of baking powder.

To flavor the cornmeal, don’t forget to add different spices. Add 1 tablespoon of stock, 1/4 teaspoon of salt, chili powder, and 300 ml of water in a bowl.

Resep Bakwan Jagung Renyah Tahan Lama

Cook the corn chips until cooked and browned on both sides. If so, remove and drain. After the oil has melted, the corn chips are ready to serve.

Resep Bakwan Jagung Renyah Tahan Lama, Gorengan Spesial Untuk Takjil Buka Puasa

Looking at Ade Koerniawan’s YouTube uploads, many netizens are excited about trying to make corn fritters at home, you see. This upload has been viewed over 2 million times, you know.

“After many full moons, alhamdulillah I found a great recipe for corn fritters. It’s really light and firm.

“Thank you for the recipe for the corn fritter, until I made it, my corn fritters were brown and had different flavors, this is easy and delicious. YouTube account.

“Wow, don’t doubt this kind of food anymore, this is the best, really delicious. I just tried to cook it, thank you chef,” said Nur Siti Holilah YouTube account.

Resep Bakwan Cetak Isi Udang, Krenyes Tidak Berminyak Dan Tidak Lembek

“Alhamdulillah, this is my main recipe when the kids ask to make corn bread, masyaallah it’s delicious and really crunchy chef, thank you in advance chef,” said YouTube account Afnan Azura . One of the most frequently ordered dishes in Manado restaurants is corn fritters. This Manado corn bakwan is different from other corn bakwan.

If the normal corn bakwan is not very tasty, this Manado corn bakwan has a different texture with a punch of corn.

Wheat flour is not used much in the form of flour, but other types of flour are added to make the Manado corn paste last longer.

Resep Bakwan Jagung Renyah Tahan Lama

Making crispy Manadonese bakwan is not only flour and ingredients, but there are also ways to fry bakwan that deserve attention.

Resep Bakwan Sayur Jagung Yang Simpel, Renyah Dan Tahan Lama

So, in order for us to make Manado corn fritters as we intended, let’s first consider the tips for making these sweet and tasty corn fritters.

The instructions are easy to follow and complete, starting from choosing ingredients, how to make good bakwan bread, frying the right corn fritters and draining the bakwan not to get fat.

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Manado corn bakwan is made from sweet corn. So, to make corn chips, choose yellow corn and large corn kernels.

The best thing is that we use small corn, so the seeds are not hard and can be used.

Resep Bakwan Jagung Crispy Pedas Enak Dan Mudah

Unsweetened corn can be used but if fried it will be hard. Therefore, if it is necessary to add unflavored corn, it is best if this corn is chopped and chopped first.

Some use corn mixed in the bakwan mixture as a flavoring. This comes down to individual taste.

Making bakwan bread is no different from other bakwan breads. The way to make the dough is to mix all the ingredients of the corn bakwan in a large container.

Resep Bakwan Jagung Renyah Tahan Lama

In addition to that, it is also important to choose the flour used in the dough. Don’t just use whole wheat flour because it doesn’t taste very good.

Tak Perlu Dihaluskan Dulu, Begini Cara Membuat Bakwan Jagung Renyah Dan Antiambyar Walau Tanpa Tepung

Add the rice flour to the flour. You need a lot of rice flour, yes, if you use too much, the corn fritters will be harder when cold.

The right combination of rice flour and wheat flour produces sweet and long-lasting corn chips.

Also think about the thickness of the corn fritters, right? Don’t make it too thick because it can clump, thick, not thin.

There are instructions for cooking crispy corn fritters, you know. First, we use a deep frying pan because we need to use a lot of oil.

Bakwan Jagung Yang Crispy Dan Renyah🌽🌽

After choosing a frying pan, fill it with plenty of oil. The problem is that if you use too much oil the corn fritters will actually melt.

After the oil heats up, just pour in the flour mixture. So, the corn husks are dressed inside, you can pierce the center of the corn husks with the end of a spoon to get out the mixture of water inside.

Sometimes, the taste of the cornmeal can be reduced because the bakwan has too much oil. Bakwan is so much oil that anyone who eats it will get sick.

Resep Bakwan Jagung Renyah Tahan Lama

So, after the corn is done frying, drain them thoroughly. Prepare a bowl and then line it with kitchen towel or parchment paper.

Cara Mudah Membuat Bakwan Jagung Cakalang Saus Spicymayorasi

It was prepared, all we had to do was build the corn fritters. That’s right, we need to leave the corn husks so that the oil from frying can fall down the prepared bed.

If you’ve spilled it, you don’t have to worry about this fried corn, it goes rancid easily and can hurt your stomach.

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