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Resep Bakso Telur Goreng – Yodha really likes meatballs..any kind of meatballs..likes..chicken meatballs…beef meatballs..etc. Meatballs are boiled anyway..I rarely do it myself..the problem food processor is’s broken..hihi…other than that if you use a manual meat you have to make a lot of meat as well as the amount of meat, if it’s a little it just sticks to the grinding..hihi. Also, if you make delicious meatballs… you also have to… use quality meat… it’s expensive…! Self-made meatballs… not far from home… hi… so if you ever run out of cooked meatballs… just buy them as you need them.

That’s why I prefer to make fried meatballs… because… fried meatballs are rarely sold. Normally..I like to make fried meatballs that are springy and normal fried meatballs..but yesterday I tried it..I made another version of fried meatballs..which are soft like fried tofu meatballs. The fried meatballs are tender… because I added vermicelli. So that it’s healthier for the kids… I’ll give you carrots too. After the meatballs are fried…served with a clear meatball sauce…bah…the flavor…is delicious…the meatballs are tasty…the broth is very fresh. Then create a new menu for Yodha.

Resep Bakso Telur Goreng

Resep Bakso Telur Goreng

Tips for making these fried meatballs… because they are freshly fried, don’t steam or boil them first… so… you have to soak them in oil, fry them… so they cook inside. After the dough is ready… don’t forget… to taste it first, by the way, get some dough, then fry some. If you like the savory taste, it can be immediately formed into slices and fried. For the meatball sauce…in addition to using beef broth…you can also use chicken broth…it looks like soup but tastes good…if you use chicken broth…but.. .it’s still delicious and fresh.

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Resep Bakso Telur Orek Sambal Jeletot, Simpel Dan Pedasnya Bikin Ketagihan

1000 ml of clear meat broth from beef knuckle/bone stew that is boiled over low heat until the clear broth comes out (or you can use chicken broth)

Serve with fried meatballs, lettuce leaves and a sprinkling of fried shallots, as well as chopped celery leaves, sweet soy sauce and sauce, if desired. So, if you want your fried meatballs to bloom and not wilt, there are a few tricks that you can use below.

But making your own is the wiser choice if you want to serve this snack made with a mixture of ground chicken and seafood to break your fast.

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Resep Bakso Isi Telur Ayam Dan Cara Membuatnya

Typically, the frying process takes 10-20 minutes, depending on the size and amount of meatballs fried in a pan.

Heat a lot of oil, take a tablespoon of dough, round it with two spoons or with your hand as if you were going to make meatballs, fry until half cooked.

Remove the fried meatballs, divide into four parts without breaking, fry again over low heat until swollen and firm.

Resep Bakso Telur Goreng

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Resep Bakso Goreng Sayuran Dari @yscooking

Information about the rapid drag of fortune, Feng Shui experts call abstinence using a single stove at home. Here’s how to overcome it without having to buy a new one.

It turns out that information is not washed off, a blanket with a musty smell can smell forever. It is enough to sprinkle this material, so that the detergent will save!

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Information So that you don’t have to buy new ones often, here’s a trick to keep dishwashing sponges durable and not easily damage them for months

Resep Telur Dadar Bakso Enak Dan Mudah

Lucky Info Every night always put boiled eggs next to the mattress, every morning it’s definitely more difficult to leave the room, why?

#how to make fried cassava #body parts that cannot be shaved #characteristics of women with high sexual desire #used air conditioning #clearing mucus #cooking rice #air conditioning waste #characteristics of #Japanese #fried cassava1. Mix the tapioca flour, eggs and 1 tablespoon of beef broth and knead until smooth. If it is not homogeneous enough, you can add hot water little by little until smooth.

2. Roll up the dough and boil until it floats. Don’t forget to use oil to boil the water so it doesn’t stick

Resep Bakso Telur Goreng

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Resep Bakso Goreng Tepung, Camilan Enak Dan Murah

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Gak Perlu Kepo Sama Pedagang, Cara Membuat Bakso Goreng Mekar Dan Anti Kempes, Pakai Trik Gampang Ini

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Resep Bakso Telur Goreng

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Resep Tumis Bakso Telur, Dijamin Enggak Bakal Kecewain Lidah!

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Resep Bakso Gepeng Ala Bakso Afung, Gampang Dan Enak Banget Lho

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